• Most People Say

    That a man is meant to be with a woman, and a woman is meant to be with a man. So, this means that, in our roots, we probably have some feeling of a gay/lesbian person being wrong/unnatural. However, it is their own choice, so even if you have homophobia, you should not try and stop people from choices that are their own. I, personally, have several friends that are gay and lesbian and bi. I feel that it is kind of odd, however, I respect their choices and their opinions and I still wish all the best for them. So, I believe that homophobia is natural, however you shouldn't stop people from being homophobic.

  • If it was, you would simply not be attracted to them.

    I've met my fair share of disgusting people. I don't just mean disgusting to look at, but also lifestyles and values. Its all personal preference and it all does not affect me as long as respective boundaries are drawn. If a person I don't particularly think is attractive were to hit on me, I can always simply say no thank you, and if they persist I can just leave. To have a fear of this kind of scenario seems kind of strange to me as it has no effect to my survivability or quality of life, beyond wishing they were more attractive. It wouldn't matter if she's a hefty hetero, or he's a strapping young gay dude. Neither is my type and that's all there is to it. Good luck to them, because they're gonna need it. It feels weird to suggest the possibility of my being attracted to such types in the first place, but I wouldn't say that is a homophobic, or weightaphobic (yes I made that up) tendency either. Its just not me.

  • For heterosexuals yes it is

    But if one was born homosexual and raised to be heterosexual they find heterosexuality uncomfortable and disgusting to themselves. So yah it's unnatural to us, normal to them, and we should let people do what they want so long as they don't hurt people. The people who are acting a jealous kid protecting their favorite toy need to gtfo.

  • It's somewhat of a cure

    In the nature all living being are created on pairs, each of which will complete one another. Look for a magnet for example, there is the North and the South, they are both only magnetise against their opposite. When there is in balance in the nature there will always be a cure, that's is the natural instinct of human nature. Human like any other being are meant to breed. When there is a disorder in a species, there will be a cure, or that species will not be flourished.

  • Pretty sure it's natural

    I think any straight person is at least freaked out a little when seeing same sex couples kissing,etc,even though homosexuality is not wrong.I'm gay but any straight person I've seen has always gotten uncomfortable when seeing gay people expressing their love,no matter how accepting they are of them.That's just what I've noticed but yeah.

  • Look at other species.

    Personally I do not have distaste for homosexuals, my favorite political speaker Milo Yiannopoulos is homosexual and it only adds to his charisma. There is some natural aspect in homophobia, all you have to do is look at animals. Like animals, people often find mates that produce healthy and fertile offspring. This naturally produces homophobia as the same-sex relationship has no opportunity to produce offspring.

  • Look at other species.

    I do not have much distaste for homosexuals, my favorite political person Milo Yiannopoulos is a homosexual and it only adds to his charisma. But in nature heterosexuality is a means for child birth, usually animals pick mates that will provide healthy and fertile offspring, humans tend to do the same. This makes homosexuality abnormal as the relationship has no ability to form offspring.

  • No, what the hell

    That doesn't even make sense oh my gods it's something lgb folks can't choose and our own species is likely bisexual as a basis so why would it be quote on quote natural to be homophobic. If you think it is then you have to question what freaks you out about non straight love so much

  • No such thing

    There is no such thing as homophobia. People condemn homosexuals but they do not fear them. Are people who condemn pedophilia pedophobes? The problem people have with homosexuality has nothing to do with a phobia, but with the immorality of it. The term "homophobe" is an ad hominem attack by gay supporters who do not want to argue validly.

  • Homophobia isn't natural because Homosexuality is

    Homosexuality is a naturally occurring phenomena, instances of which have been documented in 500 species species. Homosexuality is most likely a product of overpopulation, as well as a solution for it. Forming pairs that are incapable of producing offspring while potentially capable of taking care of orphans is an effective way to deal with overpopulation. It is likely that homosexuality is a counterbalance.

  • It's mostly a product of culture.

    As a straight man, I've never really experienced homophobia myself. When I was a small child, I understood it as two people of the same gender loving and marrying each other- I didn't see a problem with it. Later on I came to realize there was a sexual component to it as well. But I didn't really get a sense that homosexual sex was any more disgusting than straight sex. Both ways you get genital contact, smells, bodily fluids, a body part getting shoved in an orifice. I never saw any difference. And I can only conclude that most people only have homophobic feelings because of cultural conditioning.

  • No how could it be natural?

    How is being scared of what gender a person likes natural in an way? That really doesn't even make sense. Homophobia isn't even real, you're just intolerant and rude and self centered. If it happens in nature, it's natural. And even if you want to say it's unnatural, why do you care? It doesn't hurt you or even affect you.

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