• Yes It's A Choice.

    Do gays have guns to their head making them have intercourse with the opposite sex? No. Aside from the object of attraction, are they any different to pedophiles? No.

    Though I believe it is a result of both nature and nurture, there has been proven methods that help correct this deviancy.

    I am not against gays, I am against homosexuality. I believe all religious people should be welcoming them into their communities to help them with their struggle, and to give them strength to not act on their disease.

  • I'm sorry that your stupid as a sock

    Being gay is a choice and I will never go behind my word if you think your gay well get a hold of yourself like come one if someday there's a disease spreading that if you put on socks without shoes that mean your zexyrecht.

    Oh wait I am so sorry that deice is actually real its called stupidity

  • Gay is a choice

    So basically people say did you choose this as an analogy, but we can all agree there is a right way to do all things in society. To make money it is right to work hard rather than be a prostitute; same principle applies you can have the right relationships or the wrong ones(gay),
    Just want it to be clear i support gays rights as first class citizens I feel as all monotheistic religions believe that homosexuals will go to hell not that I want them to but those are the creators rules, so my philosophy is that since they're gonna go to hell later then we should let them enjoy this life to the fullest potential.

  • Any sexual act is a choice.

    Is same sex attraction a choice ?- Its not clear (Maybe not)
    Is being comfortable and accepting towards same sex attraction a choice- Yes!!.
    I having sex with someone of our own Gender a choice- Yes.
    Hence a person who calls himself Homosexual and commits intercourse with someone of the same Gender does it of his/her own volition. Its a choice.

  • Any sexual act is a choice.

    Attraction need not always lead to action. Even if i had a desire to do something, it is upto me to evaluate the consequences and act on it. After acting on my desires, how can i then say i am not responsible for my actions as i am entirely shaped by my desires? It is required of all human beings to act on desires which are good for himself and society and ultimately honors God.We are not responosivle for evil desires, but we are responsible for choosing to ACT on these desires.Hence, Homosexuality is a choice, just as fornication or adultery is.

  • But it's a very personal one.

    I believe that homosexuality is ultimately something that can be chosen, but not always on a conscious level. It's a deeply personal choice where something can "feel right" and this feeling should be defended. In this way, I look at it much like religion; people can choose their religion, but nobody has the right to impose it on them or force them to change their choice. Because of this, I fully support gay rights.

  • Obama Is Making Kids Gay!

    Homosexuality is a belief, it is not mandatory in a person. No matter what Lady Gaga says. President Obama and Vice President Biden are making kids gay! The reason people are becoming homosexuals, is because they are being encouraged by it. President Obama, Vice President Biden, "it's okay, you were born that way." I do not believe in bullying homosexuals, I believe it is wrong. But not being able to push my beliefs on to others, I have a huge problem with that. I see kids becoming homosexuals at younger and younger ages, and the people I went to school with too. These kids I went to school with knew they weren't gay when they were littler, so that proves it is a choice.

  • The Holy Bible

    It Is true that Jesus Christ gave us the example of having compassion, and showing love towards one another. It is also my God given responsibility to love my fellow brother. It is also true that our Savior came to save us from our sins, seeing as we were full of sin since our birth. (hereditary sin). That being said, we were created in God's image. God doesn't acknowledge sin as acceptable, we, all through history have accepted sin as a quote "norm". Sin to God is an abomination. "What shall we say then? Shall we go on sinning that grace may increase? Romans 6:1. It comes down to whether or not we believe in God's laws and commands. Every decision we make is a choice of ours.

  • Not a choice

    To say homosexuality is not a choice is ridiculous. I will admit that a person may not have control over who they love, but loving or being attracted to someone doesn't mean you are a homosexual. It simply means that you have a deep admiration of feelings for them. What makes a person gay or straight is the conscious choice to engage in sexual relations with the person in question. Make no mistake, being gay or straight is a choice. If it wasn't a choice, we would be able to cure it or at the very least treat it. No one is born gay or straight. Any science that claims otherwise is opinionated a therefore a bunch of bull. Only things that can be proven as 100% fact should be considered science. Babies have no concept of sexually, therefore they can't be born gay.

  • Yes and No

    The assumption that there is a single cause for homosexuality is utterly ridiculous. It can likely be caused by any of a multitude of causes, genetic, developmental, and yes people can choose to be homosexual.

    But wouldyou deny them that choice? Would it being a choice make a difference in how we should treat them? Would it being a choice make homosexuals bad people?

    No, everyone should have a right to make the choice on how to live their life. Whether they are deciding to be gay or gay people deciding to be straight.

    Many of our behavioral aspects are not chosen, but the result of our experiences and not genetic factors. Would you deny a person is homosexual because of these factors?

    Whether homosexuality is a choice or not is irrelevant, it should be treated as a choice and people should be taught to respect homosexuals and accept them for making the choice.

    Rather than saying "its not a choice" in a desperate attempt to force people to tolerate homosexuality, rather than trying to help them accept it.

  • It's not a choice.

    For people who think homosexuality is a choice, I'd like to ask them when they chose to be heterosexual. No one ever makes such a choice with regard to their sexuality. We can't help who we're attracted to, we simply are. Trying to make it into a choice issue displays a basic ignorance of human nature.

  • They may not be born that way, but it is not a choice.

    What is your favorite song, food, pizza topping, movie, or book?

    Ok. WHY do you like it? Were you born that way?

    No? Did you choose it?

    No? Exactly. We don't choose our favorite gender (or gender roles) anymore than we choose our favorite song or food.

    Although guys generally prefer Blink 182 while girls prefer 1 Direction, there is nothing wrong with deviating from that norm. Same thing with preferred gender.

    Some say, "That's different, being "straight" helps the species to survive!" Wrong. The world is already overpopulated as it is; unless we have a small population, there is no benefit to every person "continuing the species". There is also much more to life than having kids, and no amount of gay bans will make them straight and get them to have kids.

    There are 51 men for every 50 women. Clearly, the extra men could benefit from it.

  • No,Just no.

    It is influenced by both and even fruit flies can be genetically tweaked to be homosexual.
    A lot of genes are influenced by the environment they're in. Take for instance your skin color. If you stand out in the sun for some time every day eventually your skin will get darker. That is to say - your genes are being expressed differently than they were before because of the environmental impact of the sun's rays on your skin.
    This can be the same with behaviors. The way someone interacts with their environment and the way a child develops isn't completely dependent on genes, but how those genes interact with the world. Our genetic code isn't the limit of what we are but neither is the world around us.

  • Born This Way

    No, homosexuality is not a choice. This is part of what is wrong with the world today. Society believes homosexuality is something that can be turned on and off. They think it is something a person makes a conscious decision to be, and this thinking is wrong. By the time a person reaches their teenage years, they are aware of their sexual orientation and unable to change it. Shame may cause a person to deny their homosexuality for years but that is due to their upbringing and families. It is a shame that so much emphasis is placed on sexual orientation that some people feel forced to actually end their lives over it – this would not happen if homosexuality truly was a choice.

  • It isn't a choice.

    As a homosexual, I don't feel like it is a choice. I didn't just wake up one day and decide to be gay. It is something I have felt since a very early age. I am also a female with a rare form of dwarfism. I wouldn't have "chosen" something else to add to my plate. Things have been difficult enough as it is.

  • Your sexual preferences are not a choice

    You don't choose to be gay,to be bisexual,or to have gender dysphoria...Homosexuality isn't a choice,it's just like heterosexuality.I'm not sure whether or not people are born gay(and I'm bisexual),but for sure I didn't choose to be this way,and my feelings towards women are absolutely natural.Sadly,many think that growing up learning about gender and LGBT issues may cause homosexual feelings in children,but that definitely won't change their sexuality(I unsuccessfully tried to pray the gay away from me,and many can relate).Homosexuality isn't something we learn,it's just innate behavior,and teaching your kids about gays will not turn them gay!

  • Do you choose who makes you aroused?

    No. Of course not. It's a biological thing and it's not just in people. Mammals of all types have been involved in homosexual behaviour and you know that it's not likely that they "chose" to be homosexual. Anyone can be homosexual. Any animal can be homosexual. Do you "choose" to be straight. Oh, and there is a difference between being gay and experimenting or pretending. Then you aren't gay. You are a straight person involved in a homosexual act.

  • Its never a choice

    I am a homosexual but I know in my self that I didn't choose to be a lesbian. The last thing I remember about my sexuality is that since I was a kid, more or less 5 years old, I know in my mind that I'm not a straight Girl but a Bisexual/ Lesbian in people's mind.

  • Yes - The science is in - Homosexuality is NOT A CHOICE

    While there is no gay gene, there is a way that they can be expressed. This is called epigenetics which determines how those genes are expressed. Science has shown that the hormones received during the second trimester of a pregnancy can determine who someone feels attraction to. The only "choice" involved is the label that the person chooses to best describe them. The feeling towards others is not a choice.


    but lets just say that the science is a little shady

    Who are you to say that homosexuals can just "change" their orientation.
    Considering how there is so much abuse directed towards the LGBT+ community why the heck would someone just choose to be bullied?
    Why would someone choose to have family talk down to them and disown them?
    Here is the answer- they don't. You cant just pick and choose who you feel attraction to.
    What about attempting to re-orient them? - Studies have shown that "reparative therapy" has been linked to causing more mental problems for those subjected to it.
    So accept someone for who they are.

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