Is homosexuality a choice? Do people choose to be gay?

Asked by: SitaraMusica
  • A subconscious choice.

    I doubt anyone thinks to themselves "Think I will be homosexual." or straight for that matter. Most if not homosexuals claim that they were born that way. This pretty much rules out that it is a conscious choice.

    When I was a kid, growing up in a very rural are of the Midwest in the 70's and 80's, I didn't know anyone who was homosexual. Granted, there may have been some that were in the closet. About the only homosexuals I had heard of were people in far away places like San Francisco. For the most part, being homosexual was something to be looked down upon. During the 80's, GRID (prior name of AIDS) became big news. For the most part, anything that is news, celebrities jump on to keep their face in the public eye. Seeing that one of the main groups affected by it were homosexual, tons of celebs jumped on the gay bandwagon whether they were gay or not. Everywhere you looked, some celebrity was involved with a gay cause. Since then, TV and the movie industry followed suit and produces movies and show featuring openly homosexual characters and it became more and more common to see homosexual character who almost always were the good guy. Basically, being gay became not only acceptable but worth of being the attention of a famous person.
    Another thing that has changed is how people are judged. If a heterosexual person does not accept another heterosexual person, well, that's fine because not everyone will like you, but if a heterosexual person does not accept a homosexual person, even if it has nothing to do with their preference, the heterosexual person is considered prejudice. This pretty much required people to accept someone who is homosexual or else.
    Because of this, kids subconsciously viewed as not only an acceptable lifestyle but one worthy of instant respect by celebrities and the general public, or at least the politically correct. With this, more and more kids made the subconscious choice to be homosexual.
    Today, most if not all people personally know people that are gay. The rise of percentage of people that consider themselves homosexual is undeniable. The fact that the younger you are means your more likely to consider yourself LGBT proves homosexuality is on the rise. If it was something you were born with, i.e. genetically, having this gene would make you less likely to pass it on. If anything, if it was genetic, the percentage should decrease, yet it is on the rise.

    On a different question, someone claimed that almost everyone is bi-curious. They intended to claim that because of this, being homosexual is normal. Problem is, obviously, very few people follow through with this curiosity. With that being the case, it is clear that the more accepting you are to homosexuality, the more likely you will experiment and could consider yourself bi-sexual or even homosexual. Clearly, seeing that your environment is a key factor makes homosexuality a subconscious choice.

  • Actually ... Science isn't too sure anymore:

    I read a recent article that stated a few surprising elements to humanity; first humans are not guaranteed one sexuality all of their lives and secondly humans can and do influence their own sexuality and sexual choices. This comes as a surprise really because it's a very slow change or a very sudden one; for instance the whole "midlife swap" is actually a thing, "turning" gay or straight is also actually a thing, but it cannot forced by external forces over short amounts of time it seems so concepts like gay camps or counseling aren't practical however it is likely somehow possible that some portion of the population can be converted one way or the other through pressure, circumstance, or counseling over a long period of time.

    So the answer is "Maybe". Really fascinating stuff!

  • It all really depends.

    They are most definitely not born gay. Gays choose to be attracted to someone that they are attracted to. It's not a bad thing. I respect all gays because they choose to become open and support each other. But like I said, they weren't born that way. It's like saying you were born a Christian. No one is born a Christian, they don't know any better and they are taught at a very young age to become Christian. Just like regular people are intelligent enough to make their own choices and have their own beliefs.

  • Subconscious or not, they chose.

    You came out of the womb male or female. You did not come out of the womb knowing anything. You did not know what 2+2 was, you did not know what color of hair you thought most attractive, you did not know if you were homosexual or not. As you grew you developed opinions. You decided what you thought the most attractive hair color was, you decided how you felt about homosexuality. It might have been a conscious decision, but most often it is subtle, and very subconscious. You don't realize you've developed that opinion until it has been fully developed.
    Your opinions are not something you come to this life knowing, therefore neither is homosexuality.

  • It all really depends

    I am not saying homosexuality is not a choice. I will never say that. But in the event that it is not a choice, which is very doubtful, I believe homosexuality should be in the DSM IV as a mental disorder. Transgenderism used to be and then it got taken out for some odd reason. Both should be in, because it is not a normal behavior

  • No, and here's why:

    No person on earth EVER said that they "chose" their sexual orientation. No hetero person has said it, no homosexual person has said it, no bisexual person has ever said it, etc.

    So I'm new here- is there really a post MINIMUM word count? No-brainer facts don't need long explanations...

  • No it is not.

    People do not choose to be gay. No one chooses who they are attracted to. Gays are not hurting anyone any more than straight people. Gays have the right to get married. There is nothing wrong with being gay. If gays choose to be gay, when did straight people choose to be straight?

  • If it was a choice, everything would be different.

    As a gay male myself, if it was a choice, then why would be choose to be gay? Do people think we choose to be looked down upon by many people in the world and deal with extremists shout hurtful things toward us?

    I'm sure for most of us, we would have chosen to be straight a long time ago due to the remaining intolerance. To sum things up, being gay is NOT a choice.

  • Why is this an issue?

    I do not believe being gay is a choice. When did you choose to be straight? When did you choose to have a mental disorder?

    I didn't choose to be autistic.

    But in the end, who cares if being gay is a choice or not?

    Homosexuality harms no one whatsoever.

    I can't believe how moronic people are to think of homosexuality as bestiality or pedophilia. It is a relationship between two human adults! How is that like bestiality or pedophilia?!

  • Homosexuality isn't a choice but at the same time, nobody is born gay

    Homosexuality is something in which is influenced by those around you growing up. As everything, opinions form on things and develop over the years because of the things you see around you. Homosexuality isn't a choice but it may be difficult for some to accept. However, when your feelings of homosexuality have developed for a person, it is very difficult to change them and therefore it is not a choice to go from being gay to straight or straight to gay.

  • Of Course Its Not A Choice!!!!!!!

    Surely no-one would choose to be gay. I am gay and I never chose to be this way. Why would I. Why would I want to be different, why would I want to have to hide who I am from people who will attack me because of it. You dont choose your gender so its clear you dont choose your sexuality!!

  • Do you really need super scientific evidence for this?

    Why would gay people choose to be gay? Why would they want to be hated by many religions, and frowned apon by a lot of society. You cannot help whether you are gay or not you just grow up and develop your sexuality. It's not a choice or a sin. Over religious people need to understand this. And anyone else for that matter

  • Do you really need super scientific evidence for this?

    Why would gay people choose to be gay? Why would they want to be hated by many religions, and frowned apon by a lot of society. You cannot help whether you are gay or not you just grow up and develop your sexuality. It's not a choice or a sin. Over religious people need to understand this. And anyone else for that matter

  • Are you F ing kidding me

    As a child I knew society looked "down" of gays, but I was a;ways interested in the good looking guys and loved to watch men... Instead I got married outside High School and had 2 kids, unfortunately 10 years into being married the urge to be with a man was too great. I met a couple guys and it was a big life changer. I loved my wife and kids, but by suppressing the feelings only made me feel isolated and frustrated I couldn't be with a man, divorced and have had 2 same sex partners, one 10 years and the current 16 years... Do I think its a choice, HELL NO

  • No opinion just fact: There is NO choice.

    Growing up in the traditional family setting, I was always "different" as early as I can remember. Even my mother says that as a baby, I tended to be "boyish". In kindergarten, I liked the girls, chased them even to try and kiss them. In today's world, that would be sexual harassment. I did not know I wasn't suppose to like girls. In junior high I knew I was different. I hung out with the boys, played sports and never wanted a boyfriend. I never heard of gays or lesbians, didn't even understand what homosexuality was. Right after high school, I joined the army and finally found out why I was different. I still fought it, I married and had two children. But I could not live that lie. I prayed and asked God to change me to no avail. I live alone now, society and their sin stalkers make it so.

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BlackOpal97 says2015-06-27T11:16:41.807
I don't believe that people are born with their sexuality or have the feeling at a young