• Think about it this way....

    For this argument, I shall cite one concept that I hope those of you who disagree will allow yourselves to consider. Consider a world where all human beings are homosexual. Homosexuality MUST be a disorder, because (as this situation illustrates) it does NOT promote the continuation of the species. If it were a normal condition, it can be assumed that all human beings would be subject to it without consequence. As it happens, this is NOT naturally possible. Therefore, it must be considered a disorder, and as with any other disorder, the behavior stemming from it should NOT be promoted.

  • In The Beginning?

    Think back to when humans were first created/evolved. We created offspring to survive, and we did it with another human of the opposite gender. Being homosexual is an oddity that is weirdly becoming more popular as gay rights and whatnot are being supported. We were not created for this purpose - it is unnatural in every way. Homosexual people do not promote the continuation of humans, they do not add to the population. The only thing they do is decrease the rate of population growth, which is not what is strived for in any species.

  • Yes, but that doesn't make it a sin.

    Believe it or not, I am supporter of gay rights. With that being said, I think the idea that homosexuality is a disorder deserves some consideration before being shot down as homophobic ranting. Only a minority of the population is homosexual, so obviously it's not the "default" human state. TrustmeImlying showed that homosexuality is obviously not a mental disorder, but I think it could be considered a sexual disorder.

    Think of people who are into hardcore BDSM. That is considered a sexual disorder, because it is outside of the spectrum of normal human sexuality. But, do people into that need treatment? No. Does it affect their daily functioning? No.

    Same homosexuality, as long as the behavior is between consenting adults who don't force it onto unwilling people and who function normally in society, why does it need treatment?

  • A nuanced yes..

    I happen to believe that there are plenty of additions to the DSM-5 that should not be listed as mental disorders and to some extent there seems to be areas of psychology that are more indicative of a pseudo-science. With that said, Homosexuality was removed from the DSM in 1973 because the previous two years before activists would protest at the APA, which quickly caved and swiftly removed it under the political pressure. I reject using the term homosexual because it deceptively gives individuals the impression of parity therefore egalitarians insist of equality simply because of a construct that creates a false dichotomy. Sodomy is a sexual perversion and the disorder is more apparent when individuals come to form an entire identity around their fetish. They're prone to extremely unhealthy levels of promiscuity averaging hundreds of partners in a lifetime. It is sadomasochism by definition. Suicide rates are just as high in countries like the Netherlands and New Zealand, but the political correctness always tries to cast it off as stigma neglecting such youths are much more likely to engage in sexual acts before the age of 13. Most damning is the fact that they make up 63% of all HIV infections and 78% of new infections among men according to the CDC.

  • God said so

    It certainly is a disorder and it should be treated the same way we treat ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Bipolarity, Depression, Asperger's, Autism, and Liberalism—with extreme prejudice. Gay acceptance and DIEversity has gotten so bad that I feel persecuted in my own, all-white, gated community. Simple rubbish is all that it is.

  • Want Your Child to be Gay? God Forbid.

    I don't mean because of any prejudice or bias he would face. Imagine a world where no one was blamed or mistreated for a condition he didn't choose. Then ask yourself "do I want my son do be masculine or feminine?, desirous of men or women?" Opposites attract. Men who like men, desire masculinity because they lack it! Its no surprise so many gay men are effeminate. Its part of the condition.
    Secondly, most homosexual men admit they would prefer a straight guy to a gay guy. Why is that? Because the feminine side of him is desiring a masculinity that will never desire him back! Masculinity desires femininity. The homosexual is doomed to a relationship with an individual of the opposite personality than he would really like.
    Lastly, just because a person was born with a particular orientation doesn't mean it isn't a disorder. Pedophilia is usually not a choice, thankfully it is recognized as a disorder. Homosexuality
    naturally about the miracle of procreation, it obviously is not what Nature intended. Besides, who likes getting sh-t on their stick.

  • Regardless on your stance on gay marriage, homosexuality is a deviant sexual practice that is scientifically caused by mutations in the Pituitary gland.

    This question is NOT about whether gay marriage should be legal or whatever. Homosexuality is caused by mutations in the pituitary gland which can be formed over time from trauma and stress towards a gender group. This is why so many gay men say "My Mom's boyfriend was abusive" or "A Priest molested me." The SCIENTIFIC REASONING for male homosexuality is a lack of production of testosterone and other sex hormones which affects the pituitary gland.

  • Homosexuals don't have the drive that results in reproduction.

    It largely depends on how we define some medical condition a 'disorder': If we define a disorder as a medical condition that causes each one of 'pain, dysfunction, distress, social problems, or death', then (in an ideal homonormative world) homosexuality should not be considered a disorder, because it typically causes none of the above.

    However, if we define a 'disorder' from an evolutionary standpoint, then we must add all medical conditions which prevent, or reduce the chances of reproduction, to the long list of 'disorders'. From this point of view, homosexuality is a classic example of a very serious illness, because people (or animals) with this condition simply don't have the sexual orientation that may finally result in a childbirth, and so in a world without modern technogies such as IVF, chances of homosexuals to have an offspring is very low (if we exlude the occurences of rape, or forced marriages).

  • While there are many ways in which "disorder" can be used, homosexuality is disordered in just about all of them.

    First, I am not making a clinical argument for homosexuality being placed on any particular list or anything like that. That debate is beyond the scope of this opinion. I am instead making a philosophical and moral argument for why it is disordered:
    Homosexuality is in fact disordered sexuality. The purpose of the human sex drive is to get people to engage in sexual intercourse (intercourse between the sexes, meaning vaginal intercourse) which is impossible with two men or two women. If you are homosexual, your sexual drive is misplaced, directing you to different acts than the correct one. This makes it disordered sexually.

    This does not mean necessarily that those who have same sex attraction are bad people, but they do have a problem analogous to blindness or Asperger's syndrome. Just like we can recognize that these conditions are disordered, we can recognize that homosexuality is disordered. (Just like I would not advocate abusing blind people or those with Asperger's, I would not advocate being mean to gay people. But, gay people should recognize at least internally that they have a problem they have to struggle with, just like blind men do, and those with Asperger's.)

  • 51% of me says yes, the other 49% no

    In all honesty, when I directly think about it, my first reaction is that the answer is obviously no. But I like to dig deeper than this kneejerk answer.

    450 species of animals have been found to display some sort of homosexual behavior, ranging from rabbits to albatross. So in fact homosexual behavior is not uncommon (I use the term loosely).

    However as many have pointed out, it is not the default state of >95% of animals, including humans. So statistically speaking, yes it is unnatural. Don't construe this as me saying homosexuals are somehow unnatural and not human. Just statistically speaking, being homosexual is an unnatural thing, by nature it is not normal for an animal to exhibit this behavior.

    The real issue is how we define disorder. I feel like this is a topic where more research simply needs to be done. So while I hate to say and don't want to say it is a disorder, it is most definitely a peculiar adaptation to say the least. Further research may confirm or deny that homosexuality is what some may define as a disorder. Personally I feel like I had no choice in being heterosexual which makes me feel that most don't "choose" to be homosexual. Fact being that it is statistically and biologically such an unnatural thing, you could easily contend that it is in fact a treatable disorder. But as I said, I can't place sides fully until we learn more.

  • Mental disorder definition:

    A mental or behavioral anomaly that causes suffering or impairs one's ability to function in everyday life.

    Homosexuality hasn't been considered a disorder since 1973. Even in the 50's the medical community was under intense scrutiny for labeling homosexuality as a mental disorder and could not provide any scientific or empirical evidence to support this ridiculous claim.

    I've yet to see a rational, sensible reason to discourage homosexuality. It's always the bitter, fearful types that vehemently resist change of any kind to maintain their feeble grasp of the simplistic world they believe to exist.

  • Not a disorder

    It is preposterous to even consider homosexuality as a medical disorder. Put aside religion and personal opinion, and simply look at the anatomy of a homosexual person vs. A straight person. They are the same; they are identical. There is no difference between a homosexual or bi-sexual person than a straight person, other than their love life.

  • The fact that more people have said yes to this than no really frightens me.

    Love is a disorder? One cannot control the feelings (affection) they have towards another person. It works the same way no matter the sex. Now we are going as far as to compare homosexuals to people who have been responsible for mass-shootings and other acts of crime? Why can't the world just accept love as it is? People do not try to get involved with the love lives of a heterosexual couple, and they mind their own business. So we should just leave the homosexual couples to their own business to love as the please.

  • Disorder? Absolutely not.

    This is quite absurd. Bipolar people suffer from a disorder, schizophrenic people suffer from a disorder. Homosexuals are attracted the same sex. I just don't see how it can be a disorder. If we believe it is someone's choice or if we believe they were born with it how does it make it a disorder?

  • It's not a disorder.

    Medically speaking the term disorder is not simply some anomaly or abnormal condition but an actual state of physical dysfunction. There is no dysfunction in homosexuals. Why is this even a question for the public to answer? The public is uneducated on the medical terminology required to answer it. !

  • It is not a disorder.

    Why does it matter if you love the same gender? It's not a disorder scientifically or by definition. STDs you can get from gay sex you can also get in hetero sex. The concept of it being a sin is ridiculous, it's not right to guilt someone else for being born into a certain sexuality. It saddens me to see people are still looking poorly upon people who are not straight.

  • Show me evidence it is?

    A disorder is defined as, 'an illness that disrupts normal physical or mental functions'. Being homosexual does not disrupt everyday life. Mental illnesses like schizophrenia or bipolar do disrupt everyday life, things like anxiety or depression are also classed as disorders which can be horrible to live with. Being homosexual is just loving somebody of the same gender. Love isn't that great as it is anyway so I don't like it, heterosexual or homosexual. But it definitely isn't a disorder.

  • No, it is not.

    A disorder is a condition that you cannot treat. Homosexuality is a choice and this choice can only be controlled by the person who is making the choice. You cannot consider someone disabled just because they are attracted to people of the same gender, nor can it be considered immoral and "bad".

  • Homosexual humans can reproduce

    You can argue all you like that it is a disorder for more primitive species but even if we were all homosexual we would still reproduce. Either we would use technology to reproduce like many couples already do. Or we would have sex with people we're not attracted to purely for the sake of having children.

    Some may argue this is unnatural. But that's wrong. It is natural because it uses an ability that humans have evolved naturally and has helped us to survive, to think. Abilities that those in the "yes" column should consider using more often.

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