• Its all political

    The APA removed it after being continuously bullied by homosexual rights groups.

    Oh, fun fact that homosexuals don't acknowledge:
    The APA considers someone who wants to be the other gender as having a mental disorder (by definition, a fággot who wants díck automatically falls in this category)
    The APA considers someone who is aroused by others having sex as someone with a mental disorder.
    The APA considers someone who eats feces as someone who has a mental disorder.

    Hint: feces has NUTRITIONAL value (Ever heard of the dung beetle? Ever seen flies around poop? Ever use poop to fertilize?)
    Homosex has ZERO biological value. (You never seen a species that is strictly homosexual) - oh, and hermaphroditic animals don't count, for those homõs reaching for straws

  • A disease affects the host in a detrimental way.

    The statement that "homosexuality is a disease" implies that the sexual desires harm the host and thus that harm must be that they do not reproduce. However, homosexual individuals are not negatively affected by their homosexuality, nor does it interfere with their ability to be happy or productive. To call it a disease is to misuse the term disease.

  • Sexual Orientation Does not Reflect Mental Capacity

    Society's views on homosexual have certainly evolved over the years, and continue to change with time. While in the past homosexuality was classified as a mental disease, such an approach has been thoroughly discredited by modern psychologists, to the extent that such views are considered "junk science". Modern science now holds the belief that human sexuality is a product of a number of factors including genetics and one's environment.

  • No, homosexuality is not a mental disease.

    There is no support that all homosexuals have mental disease. In the past we did not now what we know now in regards to science and medicine. In this day in age homosexuality is considered A normal part of human existence and the media is praising many gay athletes for haveing the courage to come out publicly.

  • I do not think that homosexuality is a mental disease.

    I do not think that homosexuality is a mental disease as it has been defined in the past. I can see why some people might compare it to a mental disease, but I see it more as a genetic disorder more so than a mental disorder. I do not also think that it is something that can be cured.

  • No, because it is natural.

    While you are right that homosexual sex does not result in procreation it is a natural form of human sexuality. Mental disease, by the way the term is "Mental illness" or "Mental disorder", is defined as serious disorder in thinking or behavior since it has been proven that it is a natural display of human sexuality it doesn't class as disorder.

    Posted by: NSW

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