• Yes it is

    Simply put, the reason for human attraction is reproduction, and then child upbringing. Since homosexuals are attracted to the same sex, they cannot reproduce. Therefore the brain "failed" its mission, making homosexuality a mental disorder.

    The scientific community stopped classifying homosexuality as a mental disorder for three reasons:
    1 - Homosexuality in incurable
    2 - Homosexuality is not linked with violent behavior
    3 - The constant barrage of complaints by gay-rights activists, who felt that homosexuals were being discriminated against was worrying.

    And for all the "No" people: disorder simply means "out of order", "not working correctly" or "not normal" It doesn't have any psychologically negative connotations.
    The word "wrong" does not bear the same impact in the scientific world as it does in the civil world.
    I believe that we all need to understand that in order to stop hampering science with politics

  • It could be

    First off I like gay people and this is not meant to be disrespectful, I was just wondering if homosexuality was a mental disorder. When I say mental disorder I say it in with the meaning of not correct. For example if a transsexual person is born as a male thinking they are female that could be considered some type of irregular mind wiring. Another example is how beastiality involves love with something you could never reproduce with. The reason for love in nature simply boils down to reproduction being the reason for love, so if a man is born seeing another man , subconsciously, attractive then couldn't that maybe be considered a mental disorder. It's just hypothetical.

  • Homosexualty is a mental disorder

    The causes of the disorder are unknown although it is likely the person is born with it. There does not seem to be a cure for the disorder as of yet. Because of this, They should still be accepted as normal people so long as it doesnt effect their ability to function on daily life, Which it does not. The disorder can however lay the groundwork for homosexuals and queers to become possessed by ideology and feel like outcasts which can lead to other mental health problems or disorders.

  • Yes it is a mental disorder.

    Procreation cannot naturally as a result of any form of sexual activity between two males or two females, Which is an unmistakable sign that homosexual activity is not what nature intended, And thereby providing all the evidence needed to support the position that homosexuality is a mental disorder. It has nothing to do with religious doctrines, Or societal/cultural conventions. A homosexual urge is just one of many urges a human may experience in his/her life. A deviant, Aberrant urge, At the very least non-constructive, As it produces no future offspring, And often destructive results to those who give in to this urge. Similar to the urge some humans may feel to kill another human who is getting on their nerves, It is just another of many urges we as humans may encounter that should not be given in to, For nature shows us that it has no true life-giving positive value.

  • It most certainly is a mental disorder because this abnormal behavior is dictated by an aberrant brain.

    It is foolish to deny that this is a mental disorder--homosexuality directly defies the species' biological directive to procreate. Copious research articles are present within peer-reviewed journals that report the dissimilarity between the same-sex brains of heterosexual and homosexual individuals, i.E., a male homosexual's brain is more similar to a heterosexual female's brain.

    The brain governs an individual. Thus, if an individual behaves abnormally and has an aberrant brain, then the brain is the cause of the abnormal behavior. Like it or not, homosexuality is in fact a mental disorder.

  • Of course it is

    You have a mind that doesn't match your body. So either you've got a physical biological disorder and your body is wrong, or you have a mental disorder. I think it's pretty obvious that homosexuality is a mental disorder.

    No amount of intimidation by activists to get some psychiatric society to change it's stance - which it did despite less than 30% of its members agreeing it shouldn't be a disorder) - and then the continual update of definitions to support the gay agenda, will ever change this simple and obvious fact.

    More to the point - does it really matter that it's a mental disorder? I think the answer to that is no, except for the fact that the world is treating the issue entirely the wrong way because of the delusion created by the gay activists.

  • Seriously, get over it already.

    Homosexuality is as much of a mental disorder as having skin. Homosexuality occurs in nature all the time. Don't believe me? Then spend some time reading about the New Mexico whiptail lizard. So why should we be horrified when it happens in humans? It's the 21st century, people. Enough with the jackassery.

  • Science needs to get out of the business of trying to define right and wrong

    How can brain wiring be "correct" or "incorrect"? The only logical way to say it is so is in respect to some reasonably objective aspect of functioning. Even then "objectivity" is limited since one could hypothetically take an opinion that what we're talking about is actually a good thing. But I think we can be reasonably objective in saying you want an accurate sensory depiction of the world (hence psychosis is bad) and you want a generally energy-efficient brain.

    Just like you'd expect within the body's natural physical limitations a muscle to change in response to the environment so would you expect the brain and science says it does. New taxi drivers began growing new neurons in the back of the hippocampus and actually lose neurons in the front.

    Hence just because someone does something society disapproves of and brain scans show the person's brain is different does not mean that person has a mental illness. It most likely means that the person's habitual ways of interacting with their environment just make that particular setup in their brain the most energy efficient.

    This could go for a lot of things. For instance, maybe an ADHD child who had no problems before middle school is having trouble transitioning into new habits and their brain is wired for the old habits and instead of a lifetime of medication the child needs to get used to the new habits. In fact an article shows that ADHD behavioral therapy may be more effective than drugs over the long term. Another one says that if a depressed person stops therapy if their therapy was drugs they get depressed almost right away but if their therapy was a counselor they tend to stay undepressed for a longer period of time after they stop seeing the counselor.

    Right and wrong will always be fluid things and are defined by individuals and society in ongoing interactions and can also be defined in retrospect (we say today that slavery was wrong even back during times when people then thought of it as right and we're right to think of it that way even if it is only wrong back then because of how we choose to look at it today). Right and wrong are not out there to be discovered by science.

    So to the question "Is homosexuality a mental disorder?" I would definitively say "no" but I would also say that the fact that it once was considered to be one shows just how much psychiatry is used for social control when it is supposed to be about individual wellness. Social criticism, parenting, discipline programs (particularly for the person who finds themselves sick and tired of their own behavior), and when necessary prison (which yes has many problems and needs reform, let's look at Finnland they have done good things with it) are for social control. Psychiatry should keep itself separate from that.

  • It's a Sin, not a "Mental Disorder"

    The practice of homosexuality is a vile, foul, shameful, repulsive act that not only goes against human nature, but against God sacred doctrine.

    However, after taking their sexual practices out of the picture, homosexuals are just normal people like you and me; therefore, calling it a "mental disorder" is very extreme.

  • Does not fit definition of 'mental disorder'

    (From Merriam-Webster and dictionary.Com, respectively)

    "Mental disorder
    a mental or bodily condition marked primarily by sufficient disorganization of personality, mind, and emotions to seriously impair the normal psychological functioning of the individual—called also mental illness "

    mental illness
    any of various disorders in which a person's thoughts, emotions, or behaviour are so abnormal as to cause suffering to himself, herself, or other people"

    Homosexuality does not fit that description. Ergo, not mental illness/disorder. Homosexuality, and homosexual behavior, in itself, is neither 'disorganization' of the mind, an 'impairment of normal psychological functioning', nor 'so abnormal as to cause suffering to him/her-self or other people'.

    The fact is that homosexuality is essentially exactly the same thing as heterosexuality is, just with the target of sexuality being the same rather than opposite gender. Unless we, for completely ridiculous and fallacious reasons, choose to deliberately ignore the facts that;

    1. Homosexuality exists in over 1000 species in nature,
    2. That it has several indirect advantages, in a biological sense, of aiding in the successful reproduction off siblings, and thus allowing the homosexual's genes, in the 'form' of their siblings' genes, to be passed on to the next generation,
    3. That the 'purpose' of intercourse, and by extension the 'reproductive' (which I will remind you is simply a name-tag attached by humans, and is not in fact necessarily indicative of their actual/primary 'purpose', and which most higher animals also often use for excretion of liquid waste) and related organs, in higher animals, when chosen to be used in such a manner, is in fact psychologically driven pleasure, and desire to 'be close' to their sexual partner.

    Even were we 'only' to 'denounce' homosexual sex acts, rather than the sexuality itself, as 'wrong', we must then also rule that oral/anal intercourse, and more than likely any other sex acts that cannot result in impregnation, as also being 'wrong' when done by heterosexual couples.

  • No, but this made me laugh

    Homosexuality is just liking something many other people don't, just like types of music, movies, books, people, bedroom activities (0.O if you know what I mean), art, etc. People all like different things, and I think everyone can agree that that's normal and not a mental disorder. If you relate it to music then homophobia is like hating on someone for not liking pop and/or rock music, which is totally normal (not liking pop and/or rock, not hating) and accepted, but for some reason, everything changes when it becomes about sex.

  • Really guys, the homosexuality arguments are getting old

    Are we really up to the point where we are classifying homosexuality as a mental disorder? There are plenty of homosexuals who do not seen to have any mental problems, the only thing different about them is that they are attracted to the same gender. Their brains are the same as ours, if you scanned a gay and straight persons brain they would be the same. We really have to just accept the truth that homosexuality exists and we need to get over it.

  • It is not

    First of all, every reputable psychological organization has said homosexuality is not a mental disorder. They once said it was, but that was in an age of fear. Any concept of treatment for mental illnesses is fairly new - 19th century, even. It used to just be asylum, madhouse, bye-bye. After research, homosexuality is now conclusively known not to be a mental disorder.

    There seems to be a false equivocation in this opinion between "non-normal" and "mental disorder." Normal does not inherently mean correct. Deviating from what is normal does not inherently mean "mental disorder." Homosexuality is natural. Human sexuality is fluid, as emphasized with the Kinsey Scale.

  • It does not cause distress or disability as a result

    Mental disorders, by definition, cause distress or disability. Having sexual tendencies towards the same gender is not grounds for either of these. It is only through other people stigmatising and loathing this variation in sexual preference does a homosexual become distressed (e.G. Fear of 'coming out') -- the homosexuality does not cause the stress in itself. Thus, it can be concluded homosexuality is not a mental disorder.

  • What is mentally disorder ?

    Homosexuality is the state of sexuality in which should be accepted as normal. I believe that the thing that is not right is the question on the existence and the freedom of those who prefer to live on their way regardless of the proscription from social stereotype. The one who is mentally disorder is the one who put an unfair labels on others as disordered.

  • No it isn't

    Homosexuality isn't a mental disorder, or a choice, or a problem, or a sin, or anything like that. Saying it is, is like saying that being left-handed is a mental disorder, or a choice, or a problem, or a sin. And I don't hear people yelling about that, do I?

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jusfacts says2013-11-30T18:48:58.010
Let's start with the basics

Example A: 1 + 2= 3
This is objectively "right" according to a specific set of number systems which include the decimal number system (i.E., the most popularly used number system). The number systems order numbers relative to each other number and can be used to determine correct results for certain operations that are performed on numbers. So it is logical and objective to determine the right or wrong results of mathematical operations, based on the number system. Therefore the relevant number systems represent the objective basis. Therefore, if the objective basis is the decimal number system, which we often naturally assume, we can say it is true that 1+ 2= 3.

Example B: You work 40 hours @$30 per hour, according to an established and recognized pay agreement.
So if you work 40 hours, then your correct pay is $1200. This is factual/objective based on the pay agreement which is the relevant objective basis.

Both examples use a pre-established and relevant objective basis. Both results are factual based on the relevant and pre-established objective basis, in spite of anyone's 'opinions'.

This applies to behavior as well. In particular, it applies to sexual behavior. The relevant objective criteria for evaluating how the sexual system is used is the sexual system itself. In all the examples and cases presented, the key is to identify the relevant objective basis and accept the logical conclusion no matter how inconvenient the facts or conclusion may be. To objectively evaluate operations performed using numbers, we use the number system itself. To understand, what an employee's correct pay is, we look to the established pay agreement. To evaluate what behaviors are intended for the sexual system or how the sexual system is properly used, we look to the established undeniable facts indicated by the sexual system itself. Thus, it is logical that the relevant objective criteria is based directly on all the facts provided by the system itself. Try it with the digestive system. We know paper is not real food for the digestive system since the digestive system does not recognize it as food. Just as the digestive system is the relevant objective basis for determining what is food, it can only be logical that the sexual system (and all its facts) is the relevant objective basis for determining what is appropriate sexual behavior or sexual use/activity of the sexual system. It may be inconvenient to your position but is this really illogical to you?