• Gays are fucken stupid

    Who can't agree with out being a faggot? Seriously. Those who accept it are just feeding a cause that shouldn't be helped. It should be cured. If you had autism, would you accept it, or try to cure it? I would immediately cure it, instead of it cursing me for my life.

  • Gays are fucken stupid

    Who can't agree with out being a faggot? Seriously. Those who accept it are just feeding a cause that shouldn't be helped. It should be cured. If you had autism, would you accept it, or try to cure it? I would immediately cure it, instead of it cursing me for my life.

  • It is obvious. We just have to be rational.

    It is implicit in nature that there are two genders: male and female. The rest are disorders, Mental or physical, And should be cured. However, There are political influences that benefit from this disorder.
    Instead of fight to make this disorder appear natural, We should be searching for some sort of cure. That way, Gays would be normal and we wouldn't need to have this silly discussion, With one side logically right and the other based on political interestets that guide ordinary people.

  • A Mental Illness? Really?

    A sexuality is not a mental illness. There is heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, pansexuality, and so on. These are all valid and normal sexualities.

    Sexualities other than heterosexuality are definitely okay -- they are all natural. Some people find that they are only attracted to the opposite sex. Some only feel attracted to the same sex. Others feel attracted to both sexes. It is completely fine.

    Although I must admit that the majority of the human population is heterosexual, we must not forget the 10% who identify as homosexual. Homosexuality was never something bad. Just because the Bible tells us that being with the same sex is wrong doesn't mean that we should despise gays. I truly believe that God loves every sexuality -- because love is good. True love is what everyone wants (no lust). If a girl finds herself attracted to another girl, without lust or any weirdness -- why would that be considered a sin? It is love. And if she decides to marry a woman in her future, why is that bad? Love will always be love, and in no way do i think true love will ever be a sin -- let alone a mental illness.

  • No, not according to the DSM-IV

    According to the DSM-IV(Handbook on all mental disorders in existence), for something to be classified as a mental illness it must cause significant mental pain or anguish and/or significant impairments in important areas of functioning(like the ability to communicate or form thoughts) that is not caused by a conflict with society. Homosexuality causes no impairments or pain, in fact quite the opposite: the person(s) are very happy and may even function BETTER. The only mental pain a homosexual could experience is 100% caused by a conflict with society therefore, by the OFFICIAL definition, there is absolutely no way homosexuality could possibly EVER be classified as a mental disorder.

  • Love is never a crime

    If you do not like seeing two men or two women kissing, then that's fine. We cannot help our body's reactions. But that does not mean it is morally wrong just because that is not your taste. We all have different tastes. We may like different foods. Maybe you like vanilla ice cream, while I like chocolate. Does that make us bad people? No. We are both are still human beings. We cannot help what we like.

    This is just the same as sexism. If you don't want people being judged by their gender, then DON'T JUDGE THOSE WHO ARE OF THE SAME SEX AND CANNOT HELP BEING IN LOVE. It is just like any other romantic or sexual relationship between adults. A man using a woman only for sex or vice versa is no different if they were a pair of men or women, because they are BOTH HUMAN BEINGS.

    I do not understand at all how people make up doltish excuses for what would happen if homosexuality was accepted, like:

    Here are my reactions to these idiotic arguments:

    1. It is their life, not yours. It will NOT affect your children. They still have you as parents to be raised by. And would you rather have your child be raised by a straight couple who are murderers, or by the sweetest gay couple with absolute common sense?
    2. First of all, there are 7 billion human beings on this planet. And they say 9 out of every 10 people are naturally straight. And a hundred babies are born every minute. We are NOT going to become endangered any time soon. Get that through your thick skulls (if you're a homophobe).
    3. A man raping a man or a woman raping a woman is no different than a man raping a woman, woman raping a man, or man or woman raping a little kid. It is still a person being forced to have sex, which is NEVER OKAY, ESPECIALLY WITH CHILDREN.
    4. If God really did love all, and told us to forgive those for our sins, even the most wicked, then he would be ok. That is, if he truly did exist.


  • No Detriment, No Illness

    A person can be homosexual and act on their desires and there is no detriment to themselves or others from this if it is between consenting adults using reasonable protection, same as with heterosexuals. If something is not detrimental then it can not be an "illness" of any kind by definition.

  • It is not a mental illness.

    No, homosexuality is not a mental illness. It is the way that an individual is born, not something that they develop over time or something that is "incorrect" within the brain. Homosexuality is not something that can be "cured" or changed as some churches or groups believe. Nothing is "wrong" with an individual for being a homosexual.

  • Homosexuality Is Love, Not an Illness

    You can't help you fall in love with. When a man falls in love with a man or a woman falls in love with a woman, it's not an illness. Love is not a sickness. It's a human need to want to feel close to someone. Homosexuality used to be thought of as an illness when scientists and society failed to understand the basis for homosexual feelings. That won't fly today as homosexuality is simply part of human nature as it always has been for thousands of years.

  • The Ignorance of Today

    To claim that homosexuality is a mental illness is to ignore western history as a whole. Many a great men have been homosexuals, and religious culture has created a biased America against one of the most under-protected classes of American society. From Alexander the Great to Voltaire, homosexuality has proven to be the way that some people are born. To say that it is anything otherwise is ignorant and blatant bigotry.

  • No, claiming homosexuality is a mental illness in 2012 is preposterous

    The idea that homosexuality is a mental illness is a theory best left for the 1600s. There is absolutely no scientific evidence that suggests this. The majority of non-homophobic, rational thinking people in 2012 understand that a person's sexual preference is something they are born with and have no choice over. Claiming homosexuality is somehow related to mental illness is ignorant and archaic thinking.

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