• Depends on how you look at it.

    In some sort of way, yes.
    We're nothing like the basic life forms dwelling in the seas.
    We're not just the essentials.
    It's psychological evolution, if it's a thing.
    Over time, we've learned new things, such as consciousness and making free choices.
    Preferences one of them. Our minds have become something better and more complex, over generations.

    The ability to become homosexual is something that we haven't had before.
    It slowly became part of our minds when we got it, and improved it.

    It's evolution, just not in a physical way.

  • Maybe When It's "Bisexuality"

    Arguably the greater opportunity to "practice" while still mating with the opposite sex and cementing social alliances with both sexes based on sexuality would be beneficial. And arguably bisexuals have just some genes that cause homosexuality but not all of them, so pure homosexuality could be a byproduct of this.

  • Yes - it is becoming more and more rampant

    I feel that homosexuality is becoming more and more popular these days, and thus is a sign of human evolution. There are few examples in history of homosexuality, showing that our species is constantly developing in new and intriguing ways. In another 100 years it could be so popular that it is barely a novelty.

  • Homosexuality is a preference.

    Homosexuality is based on one's preference, what the person is attracted to. People have different things that they can be attracted to, as sad as it sounds, some people can be attracted to animals for all we know. Being homosexual could be caused by many things such as the person's friends, family, bad experiences, abuse or just straight up personal decision. As people said before, it's the exact opposite because there is no process of reproduction.

  • No, I never heard of that anyways

    If it was we would be able to reproduce through homosexual activities. I don't think it's an evolution for homo sapien beings. However, I kind of agree with Anonymous in the sense that as people and humans it's more popular, maybe a evolution of the human mind (?) or just because people are more aware of it now and it's more accepted

  • The only answer in the Yes section makes me laugh

    Homosexuality had always been practised, especially in ancient Macedonia where they didn't have sexual orientations.

    Sorry to burst your bubble but pure homosexuality is the result of hormone imbalance, therefore your own body doesn't want you to reproduce as it sees you as a genetic abnormality. It in fact the opposite of evolution.

  • I don't believe it is

    I don't believe homosexuality is a form of evolution. The main reason for this is that the purpose of any species is to reproduce and continue its existence. With homosexuality, there is no reproduction, and therefore no preservation of the species. Evolution serves to preserve its species and this is the opposite.

  • Homosexuality is against human evolution

    Homosexuality has been thought to be around since Ancient Rome. So it is not a new concept. It has become more openly talked about in recent years but will never be the norm. If homosexuality is a sign of evolution where is the human race going? There needs to be a man and a woman for conception, so until two women or two men can conceive naturally together it cannot be sign of evolution.

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