• Every country that has ratified homosexuality into their laws has also lost their personal rights

    Without homos (who inherently contribute nothing to society) the world would be a much better place. With homos, people have lost their right to
    a) freedom of speech due to political correctness about the topic
    b) religious liberty due to political correctness about the topic
    c)freedom of press due to political correctness about the topic

    Gays do nothing for society except complain to the point where others lose their rights just so that the extremely tiny fraction of people who are gay will finally shut up.

  • Respecting the homosexual for being born like this may not be harmful, but influencing others to practice too, it IS!

    Its true, that they are alot cases where children got born with a condition would be developed later in life to be different from the rest. And many cases a child gets abused gets developed that it feels alright for him/her to do the same. Other cases includes physical damage, where someone was born with like diabetes or other condition that in his/her life will forever stay. The same applies for being gay or lesbian. The problem is that society are forgetting the moralities. When some one is a contagious, people would get away from it for no harm to themselves. This is NOT what talking to a Gay person is. It is harmful that when there is too much rights for that person that can pressure other people to support them or to practice with them. That is the true dilemma that can even cause for young kids to accept it, starting with the what they see on T.V.

  • Okay Herman Gomez95

    First off I would like to say I have nothing wrong with gays. (As long as they don't get married or date) because that is against my religion (Christianity)

    I don't think it can harm society but one might say "If everyone was gay then the worlds population would keep going down and there would be no more babies which means after everyone existing right now (Gays) Then there would mean no future generation which means the world falls." But idk

  • Homosexuality does nothing to harm society

    Firstly, I fully believe that homosexuality is something a person is inherently born with, and therefore, should not be persecuted. Secondly, there is no evidence supporting the assertion that homosexuality harms society in any way. I feel that anyone who begs to differ only does so out of some prejudicial nature they've acquired over time.
    As a gay man myself, I feel that I’ve done nothing to harm society and would happily debate anyone who begs to differ. (If you'd like, go ahead and challenge me. Just know you'll probably lose.)

  • Absolutely not - it's as old as dirt.

    Homosexuality has been recorded since we could record things. It's prevalent in nature, and even if it wasn't, who cares? What somebody chooses to do in the privacy of their own home is not changing what I do in the privacy of my own home in the slightest way. If we want to talk about rights being infringed - then talking about taking away the right to love whoever you want to love is not going to be an effective way to solve the problem.

  • Being Homosexual does not affect your life

    Honestly, what do you think homosexual people are going to do?
    There is nothing that they are doing that affects your day to day life, heterosexual people if anything have gone out of their way to make people of the LGBTQ+ community feel like outcasts and as if they are simply confused.

    They aren't harming society, if anything they are making it a better place, because they accept most people. We need to progress as a society, not go backwards in time. We need to learn to accept people for who they are, or who they identify as. Whether they are heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or all the other endless 'labels' they choose to use.

  • I haven't lost my personal rights.

    First I have known homosexuals and have seen people go out of their way to make them miserable, the same way I have seen racist target people of other ethnicities. I have seen people get insulted and humiliated. This is for all walks of life, you go into a dominantly black neighborhood and shout out the N word you are going to upset some people, the same is if you go to a dominantly white neighborhood and shout out the racial slur C word. You will upset people. The point of political correctness is to help keep the peace and keep people from becoming upset.
    As for homosexuality, the only way a homosexual person can't be as productive in the society as a person who is heterosexual, is by having kids, and being as the human population is currently at it's highest levels ever, I think we are in a good enough position to have a few people not having kids. Inwhich case, if they do want kids they can be productive to society by helping ease the strain on the child care system by adopting and doing foster care.

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