• The Bible states homosexuality is a sin

    The Bible is the only true book of law that states what humanity shall and shall not do. It is our moral guide. Anything it states to be immoral, is indeed immoral. The Bible consistently states homosexuality (homosexual behavior) is immoral. It makes this clear in verses such as 1 Corinthians 6:9 and Leviticus 18:22. Furthermore, homosexuality is immoral because it violates natural law. Our human anatomy proves this.

  • We were meant to make babies.

    Man was given a companion in the beginning. Just because you feel love towards a same gender does not mean you should be homo for them. There are plenty of people I love who are of the same gender, but I don't want to marry them. Plus how does a man and man or a woman and a woman reproduce.

  • Adhering to the morals of the universe is a choice.

    And nature punishes people who go against it. It may not happen today, or even to you in your lifetime, but actions that work against humanity or the well being of our species will catch up to us. Maybe its not a fatal flaw that will end us, because homosexuality will stay in a low enough ratio, but its should still be recognized for the flaw that it is and dealt with. We can choose to be better people no matter what ailments we've been given at birth.

  • There's a reason.

    There's a reason we are made the way we are, a woman is to mate/marry a man and vice versa. I'd the way we're made! To be blunt,a woman can not have a child with another woman, and same with a man. The human race would go extinct if everyone where homosexuals.

    (not to mention that in the Bible it says you will be burned if you act on homosexual impulses)

  • Yes It Is.

    Immoral : not moral; broadly : conflicting with generally or traditionally held moral principles

    There is Meriam Webster's definition. Given that most gay rights activists refer to marriage between a man and a woman as "traditional marriage," gay marriage would be conflicting with traditionally held morals, and therefore would be, by definition, immoral. Regardless of what your personal or religious beliefs may be. The issue is that societies "evolve" their morality constantly, just like it was immoral 100 years ago for whites to marry blacks. The only way to have any true moral compass of any kind is with, guess what, religion. Get rid of religion and all morals become a toss-up.

  • Yes from a Christian point of view

    From a Christian background yes it is immoral. I live in a great Nation that is very tolerate. If someone that is not from the Christian faith, then more power to them. I don't insult them and they should respect my religious belief.
    Probably from a Science/Biological point of view, it is not natural for our species and thus we would be exist after both original homosexual pair had died. We are not Earthworms.
    True Christianity= Immoral
    Science= Irrational
    Reality= Individual's choice, just don't demand that Science and Christianity to accept your belief over theirs.

  • We are all slaves either to God or to ourselves.

    I wouldn't find anything wrong with it if I didn't have the ever looming threat of being locked in a firnace for the rest of eternity weren't looming over (under) my head. I'd like to accept people but God commands that I obey or be punished. It sucks but is celibacy real that hard? I've refused all sexual affection so that I can focus on gaining knowledge. Why can't we all be like that? I see so much of the worlds problems caused by these primal feelings. If we would all give up our human bonds I'm sure that we would all be much more happy with life.

  • Every Species has it right but Humans

    We are superior animals in everyway but we all share this earth and have the same life in us that keeps us alive. If animals can stay in the natural order of things, why cant mankind? Homosexuality is immoral, it just isn't right. The Universe is moving forward and everything in the universe reproduces with male and female. Its quit clear when you consider it as a whole that Homosexuality just isn't right.

  • Not just inmoral, it is an abomination as other paraphilias.

    I want to make clear I am not religious. So my point is that homosexuality is not a natural behaviour. It is indeed abnormal for men/women to have sexual intercourse with each other. In consequence, I am totally disgusted with the decision of taking this aberrant behaviour out of the paraphilia list. There is no support or scientific evidence to have done such a terrible thing.
    Being clarified that homosexuality is a paraphilia, it can be infered that this behaviour is inmoral since it is out of any normality or standard. As it is, it should be practiced in the shadows.

  • It is a sin against God.

    In the beginning of the world God created man and woman. They were Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve nor Eve and Jessica.Therefore homosexuality is a dysfunction and a corruption of God's way. If they can argue that there is no choice but to be homosexual because it is how they feel,there are feelings we don't act upon knowing that it is a sin.

  • Just Because You Don't Get It...

    Just because you don't understand it doesn't make it inherently immoral. Biblically, being homosexual or even having homosexual relationships or even sex is not explicitly banned. Some instances are, like an 80 year old and a 18 year old, but being gay is not itself banned. We are biblically taught love and respect but Christians overall choose intolerance.

  • Anything not Bible related?

    Seriously, appealing to the Bible proves nothing. Read more than one book; there are MANY species that use homosexuality, one of them are bonbons. Homosexuality has been present since thousands of years, and just because there is a tradition of marrying man and woman doesn't mean that homosexuality is immoral.

  • No, but the bible is EXTREMELY immoral.

    Read the bible. It's horrific.

    Plus, what makes you think Christianity is the true religion anyway? Ever ask yourself this? Most likely your parents were Christian and their parents were Christians and their parents were Christian etc.

    Do you ever stop to ask yourself - why? Where's the evidence? Or do you continue your life justifying your bigotry as "Religious beliefs?"

    Time to grow up.

  • I see nothing wrong

    I fail to see how being , or acting, homosexual is immoral. If two men/ women who love each other want to have a sexual relationship I see nothing wrong with that. If they're not hurting anyone or breaking any laws than I fail to see the immorality of their decision.

  • No it isnt

    You are not harming anyone. Its not a choice to be gay. If it were a choice gay people would not be killing the selves and trying to become straight. Its fine for two adults to be together.
    Even if it is immoral its still not a choice.
    Gay is ok

  • None of your damn business!

    It's your own business if you're religous. It'severyones business if you try to impose it on others forcefully, who disagree with you. America is not a Christian nation any more than it is a Muslim nation, a straight nation, or a gay nation. It is a nuetral nation. What is done in private between consenting adults is none of your damn business!

  • Not at all

    The shared love between two consenting adults can be nothing but beautiful. I fail to see how this meets any of the criteria for immoral, and is even questioned.

    I see some of the arguments include things such as "traditional marriage..." Well, "traditional" marriages depend on the culture, and can include multiple women, multiple men, being forced to marry one's rapist, etc. I would seriously drop the "traditional" marriage argument as a sign of morality!

    I see arguments about "nature." Well, I hate to break this to you but homosexuality has been observed in many species. There are even species that promote bisexual behavior. Humans are breaking nature by trying to remove homosexuals from its population.

    I also see arguments about the bible. The bible also says that unwed women who are not virgins may be stoned, that it is a great sin to mix different types of linen, and other "sins" that we just ignore. The bible has been used to uphold slavery! Please pick a different source when deciding "morality."

    Again, I am just confused as to how this is even a question. I had to read the "Yes" arguments to even argue this since it just seems like a nonsensical question. Are we really arguing that reciprocated love is bad?

  • No It Is Not,

    Religiously, our purpose is to increase in numbers and procreate, reproduce our species. By nature, our purpose may be to reproduce. Though just because we are meant to reproduce doesn't mean a gay male can't reproduce. A child born by a surrogate mom or in a test tube is still reproducing, may not be direct but it is still increasing our numbers. Many people are born and cannot have babies or produce what is need to have or keep a child living inside of you. We are also overpopulated and the all of the religious books have no hard evidence that aren't biased or opinionated that make homosexuality immoral. In fact, if homosexuality was a choice, in which I believe it is not, God should have never given us the choice to be homosexual if it was just going to burn us in hell and make us repent for something such as that. Homosexuality does not stop reproducing and is not immoral. If anything, most of the worlds problems was, are and will directly or indirectly caused by heterosexual people.

  • Tis not a Chocie

    For something to be immoral there has to be a choice. For example: your heart breathing doesn't have a mortality attached to it because you can't effect that. But most of all homo cant be considered immoral because a 3000 year old book written by goat-F***ers says that is so.

  • It is not immoral

    There is no choice here, people do not choose to gay, that is what they
    are born with, they have no more choice than a person does with choosing there sex.
    Besides in the end what is moral or immoral, that is up to the individual
    the bible is hardly a book of law and not be taken as such.
    We need to show compassion to all people regardless, if one believes that god is a loving good as I do, than must show compassion
    as god always does.

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ZSummerFoxZ says2016-10-22T21:30:21.917
I only say yes for this reason, I am gay and I don't like the term homosexual because of the word sexual I say I am gay and only love between 2 men or 2 women is ok but the sin is the sexual act that's the sin