• If marriage between two consenting homosexual adults is moral then so is incest right?

    I would argue that there are somethings that happen in nature that are morally wrong for humans to do, for example incest. I will also point out that its a fallacy to say that because homosexuality is in nature and nature is not immoral then homosexuality is never inmoral. Homosexuality can happen outside of nature and even in nature. People who are born with homosexual tendencies can choose to change.

  • It is biologically incorrect

    I don't mean to sound crass but homosexual relations and monogamy are biologically incorrect, they do not logically fit. Such a relationship is uncomplimentary and morally wrong as is has been for thousands of years in the past. Why should it now be accepted when morals and righteousness never change.

  • Homosexuality is wrong

    As humans we are inclined to our whims but use restraint when it comes to actually effecting them. Men are inclined to cheat on their wives and many have mistresses. Should polygamy then be seen as natural? Anyone who has a weakness can claim they were born that way. Does it make it morally acceptable? Gay people have a choice to engage in the sexual act or to refrain. Period.

  • There is no morality without God!

    Without God there would be no morality. If a higher power, such as God, isn't holding you to standards then why do we have this conscience of right or wrong. Fortunately we do know what's right and wrong because God put it there and therefore we have a recurring issue with morality. So without God there is no morality. Leviticus 20:13 states, “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lies with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death: their blood shall be upon them.” God hates homosexuality because it is a sin and God hates sin. He hated it so much that he destroyed the city of Niniva for sexual immortality. Homosexuality is WRONG!!! Never the less, we are all sinners and we should not judge or discriminate against homosexuals. He loves all of us. He once said, hate the sin, love the sinner. He loves us much that he sent his only son, Jesus, to take on flesh and die of crucifixion for our sins. Even though he loves us and will always forgive us homosexuality is still a sin and is morally and ethically wrong.

  • Our species cannot thrive as a homosexual as homosexual species.

    If the main goal of our heritage and our children is to continue to procreate and build families that take care of one another then homosexuality is a selfish choice, regardless how strong the attraction. People can choose who they are attracted to. People can also choose who they would like to start a family with. With the exception of adoption and unnatural conception, a homosexual couple cannot start a family together.

  • Contradicts natural law

    All living things from the smallest (atoms, molecules, cells) to the largest (plants, animals, humans) exist and develop through a reciprocal relationship of polar opposites. With the exception of some sponges and worms, all living things further their lineage through the co-mingling of sperm and egg (in plants it is less complex {pollen from catkins seek female spikes of the same species with trees and pollen from stamens seek pistils in flowering plants & trees} but it it still the same cycle of propagation or reproduction) This is the only way in which living things may naturally develop and progress as a species. All living things (with the exception of human beings in their current state of dysfunction) live for the purpose of the whole. Since the beginning of human history we as humans have been self-centered and sell seeking. We only care about what we want as individuals. If we were to take the time necessary to understand ourselves and see ourselves as part of the whole plan (all living things have DNA and the structure of that DNA varies very little between all species including humans) we would find that harmoniousness comes about from the unity between the opposite gender of each species. Humans also confuse love and sex. Love is the greatest and most powerful force in the universe.
    Animals (insects, reptiles & amphibians, fishes, birds, mammals) only have sex for the purpose of reproduction. Human beings have been given the gift of the ability to have a powerful and transcendent spiritual experience through the pleasure of the sexual experience. This is misused as a drug by many as it is one of the most pleasurable experiences an adult human being may have. It is this aspect of the unity which has become corrupt and is in desperate need of being restored to it's original intended full purpose. There's not enough room for a full discourse on this here but I think it is also important to reiterate that all things propagate/reproduce through the unity of male and female. That's the was God made it and it is our own arrogance and self-centered (fallen) nature which allows us to think that we are going to change that fact by refusing to understand the opposite gender and continue to misuse sex. There is no doubt in my mind that God loves each one of us. I am at the same time convinced that God is in deep pain when he/she sees/feels us continuing to corrupt the love which has been freely given to us since the beginning of human history.

  • It should be Yes but not 'absolutely' yes.

    According to our human history, yes it is morally wrong to be homosexual and bisexual because we said so. Bible said so, Koran said so, our body function showed us so and majority of cultures around the world believe so. At the same time, the question is, ARE WE MORALLY MAKING RIGHT DECISIONS? The answer is probably not always; I mean, Let me try to explain what i think with the 'key and door' concept as sexual relationship context. Just because majority of people are straight and naturally supposed to have keys opening doors does that mean keys trying to open back side of the other key is absolutely wrong? I can't judge because I didn't create keys and doors at first place. But we do know that historically despite our morals and norms, keys tried to open other keys and doors trying to open other doors. It naturally doesn't workout because we didn't make keys to open keys or doors to open doors. Still, we don't know if we are part of evolution creature and keys starting to having back doors and doors starting to have self keys in future and maybe then this confusion is meaningless. In fact, morals will shift into new level. However, we don't know again. So, as far as I know the logic that Keys are meant to open doors, then I will say it is morally wrong to force keys to open other keys because we need to let doors open so we can keep make new keys and doors. So, the point is anything can happen and will happen. When it does let ourselves prepared to use the situation the best we can. Make a room for learning new facts and accept it can be different than we think we know. In addition, I think its much worse to know the fact that HIVs aka Key breaks has increased alot these days because we try to open too many doors without taking care of our keys? I mean it will obviously break if you use it too much. In our society you are morally supposed to open certain number of doors and be responsible for that lock. Still, we think its relatively OK to have this addiction and tell ourselves to put protection and dont break your keys. If thats OK, although its definitely morally wrong, why can't we accept homosexuality?

  • Yes - it is not the way we were intended to act

    It is simply not the way we were created to act. Look at the physical aspects of men and women. We were anatomically made for each other perfectly, and that is something we are throwing away by embracing alternate lifestyles like homosexuality. It is unscrupulous behavior that would make our ancestors filled with shame.

  • Love one another as you love yourself.

    This is from my christian POV. If you don't believe in God, then by all means, go be homosexual, bi, trans, w.E. Without the fear of God, there is nothing to hold you back. With that said, I believe we should love all people as much as we love ourselves. Being a Christian, I have struggled with this. It seems I have no right to have my own opinion, which is to disagree with the act of homosexuality, which is sex between the same genders. But it is my duty to love one another: to love the sin and not the sinner. According to the bible, homosexuality is a sin. No question about it. Morals are not dependent on time, nor on popularity, nor on society or culture. What God says is final. We are ALL SINNERS. We all have flesh and weaknesses and temptations. For the straight, they want to have sexual relations with others but sex outside of marriage is SIN. To lie , steal, hate, kill, commit adultery, even fall short of what we should be doing is SIN. No one is innocent, straight and gay alike. I feel that the LGBTQA have the temptation of flesh; if they truly didn't have a preference, then just go for straight marriage. This temptation, like another sin, must be overcome, not by flesh but by spirit. I hope the LGBTAQ will find the strength to overcome their weakness just as straight have to overcome lust and other temptations. To have a preference is not sin. To have sex with the same gender is. I guess we'll all know when we stand before the judgement seat but until then, lets read some bible :)

  • Yes-What's worse is the mass trying to support the decline of humanity.

    Humans are the only creatures on the planet with the ability for self deception. Geneticist finally come up with a quack theory they can sell after an unfruitful career. Politicians make a selfish move to serve their own lust for power. The deal is it is a choice. Simply to have sex or not. Even unproductive sex is immoral. I am guilty of that one, and that brings me to the next point. I'm strong enough to say "I know it's wrong". I'm not cry to have laws in place so I piss the world off behind a legal screen. Everyone on Earth knows that homosexuality is wrong. Quit lying! It's a cry for attention. It's a poor reaction to fake life styles and emotional baggage. It is the largest self-deception today.

  • It can't be wrong if it wasn't a choice to begin with

    While homosexuality has no place in any religion and seems to work completely against natural selection, the one certainty is that homosexuality isn't a choice. Sadly, many gay people are harassed to the point of suicide only because of their sexuality, so it makes no sense that they would value their "choice" to be gay over their lives. Rather than labeling homosexuals as unnatural or wrong, we should recognize that they are people just the same as we are and treat them with respect.

  • It causes no harm to others.

    From an evolutionary point of view, it has no real beneficial use. However, it is not detrimental to society in any way, shape, or form. I feel that gays are unfairly judged for something I'm 99% sure that they can't help. Most of the ones I've met aren't pedophiles or perverts either, they are normal people and certainly more friendly than many of the hypocritical heterosexuals and "loving" Christians who judge them.

  • Homosexuality Is Natural

    Homosexuality occurs in nature in nearly all species. If something occurs in nature without prompting from outside forces, it is natural. If a part of nature could be called immoral, that would mean nature itself could be immoral. Immorality is initiated through conscious action, and since nature does not act, as far as we know, through conscious action, it cannot act immorally. Therefore homosexuality is not immoral. It is natural. Defining it as immoral is immoral, since defining a part of nature as immoral is not within the confines of morality, a conscious decision is being made to lie about nature , and lying is considered immoral.

  • It's not wrong.

    How can we possibly say that being in love with someone is morally wrong? It is natural and a human way of life, as is being sexually attracted to someone. Sure, we have reproductive systems just like any other living species, but being gay doesn't stop us from being able to reproduce now does it? No. Sperm banks are there for single women who are looking to impregnate themselves without the hassle of a relationship, but sperm banks are also very easy to use for female lesbian couples who are wanting to start a family. In case you have all forgotten your simple biology let's re-cap: Sperm + Egg = Foetus. Simple, it says no where that for a baby to be conceived a penis HAS to enter a vagina. It says no where that the only way babies are made is if a man and a women take part in sexual activity. Whether a man and a woman take part in sexual intercourse or whether a women decides to use sperm from a sperm bank, either way, the human race is still reproducing like it was made to do. Being a homosexual man doesn't stop the reproductive system anymore than a straight man who doesn't want to have children stops it. There are plenty of adoption centers and plenty women out there who get pregnant and are more than happy to give birth to a child and give it up for adoption or have an arranged birth for their homosexual friends or acquaintances. If the whole world turned homosexual, we would still reproduce. You don't HAVE to have sex to reproduce as I have stated above. We tell the world not to judge a book by its cover, not to fall in love with a persons looks but for a persons personality and the content of their character, yet we are able to loathe and think down on people whom don't care about a persons gender. So tell me now, who is being hypocritical?

  • No Homosexuality is not Morally Wrong

    People cannot choose who they are attracted to in life. Furthermore, when people engage in sexual relations with people of the same sex they do not cause any harm to anyone else. There is no negative effect on society or common life for people to be homosexual. So there is really no reason to judge it as morally wrong since it harms no one.

  • What's the big deal?

    Homosexual relationships between two men or two women are just as beautiful and important for society as heterosexual relationships. If two men get married, how is anyone else impacted? It brings them joy and affects other people in no empirical way. Because of this lack of empirical effects, homosexuality has no moral implications and is thus morally just.

  • It is not morally wrong.......

    Because it is the choice of every person... You shall not judge them because we are created equally and they doesnt harm or step on a people. So we should accept them in our community. It is a condition were a person choose of what he like...So let us suuport

  • No inherent harm in homosexuality.

    The way I see it, whether something is morally wrong is determined, in part perhaps, by whether it results in harm. In and of itself, homosexuality does not harm anyone. Murder harms. Infidelity harms. Lying harms. Assaulting someone harms. Homosexuals can commit all of those acts. The acts are morally wrong. The person committed morally wrong acts. But simply being homosexual and engaging in consensual homosexual acts is not harmful. Some may argue that it "harms" their established beliefs/values. Which can lead to Anything that does not fall in line with a person's beliefs/values being harmful. I do not agree with that. Disagreeing is not harming.

  • How could it be wrong?

    For homosexuality to be morally wrong it would have to hurt someone. Is there any way that homosexuality has been harmful in any way other than the hurt we all feel when working on and trying to build relationships? For any argument made to support that homosexuality creates harm, the same argument can be made against heterosexuality. Perhaps we can some day perfect the science and just get rid of sexuality altogether!

  • No, homosexuality is not morally wrong

    Homosexuality is a morally neutral identity just as heterosexuality is. If homosexual activity takes place in the context of consenting adults, then it is morally fine, just as heterosexuality is. We are talking about private acts here, and activity that causes no harm to anyone. I fail to understand how any activity between consenting adults which harms no one could be considered problematic morally. Homosexuality, heterosexuality, it's all part of the normal human spectrum of behavior.

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lop says2013-09-30T21:38:30.100
There seem to be 2 views: 1) Divine morality(there is no right or wrong except the word of God)
2) based on a law from the Divine morality(10 commandments); all things are moral as long as they don't harm others or society.
lop says2013-09-30T21:40:46.400
The basis of deciding a winner, on this site is faulty; it seems to work on the belief that the more posts a side gets the more correct it is, even if all those posts keep repeating the same idea.