• Humans are sexual creatures

    Of course homosexuality is natural, it occurs within nature and there are countless scientific studies supporting this. I find it perplexing that someone who is not gay can say that it is not natural and that it is "a choice." You would hardly know whether it is a choice or not choice if you are not gay yourself (???). Dolphins have been observed performing homosexual acts towards other dolphins. Not only has homosexuality been observed within dolphin groups but scientists have also observed dolphins expressing sexual acts towards humans. Therefore refuting the "unnatural reproduction" argument as dolphins can obviously not reproduce with homo-sapiens. Yet, even though sexual reproduction is not possible between different mammals, scientists have witnessed these animals sexually advancing upon humans and other animals.

  • It is, unless you ignore nature

    Homosexuality is normal and natural to hundreds of other animal species... why would it not be natural for humans to be homosexual?

    Bringing up points like 'religion A says it's bad', or stating that it is natures response to overpopulation is just conjecture with no current means of proving either way.

    Humans are animals. Other animals exhibit homosexual behavior naturally. Therefore human homosexual activity is normal and natural.

  • it has to be

    The only people who really have a problem with homosexuality are the religious nuts. Even when homosexual couples adopt children or perform IVF, only the over religious people seem to have a problem with it. I don't understand how it could possibly be a choice as why would someone to choose to get bullied or attacked for no reason.

  • Sex was introduced by reptilians

    Gay people are born gay, they can't help but be gay. God did not create male and female originally, nor did evolution create male or female, both creationism and evolution are lies, people were originally immortal and sexless and lived in a paradise on earth, all that changed when the reptilians came to earth and introduced sex into our genetics. Male and female are chemical differences in our body computer, and so is homosexuality and heterosexuality, it is the chemicals that the reptilians introduced, therefore it is ok to be who you are and no one has the right to judge you whether you are gay or strait.

  • Homosexuality is natural due to its prevalence in nature

    Homosexuality is exhibited in over 1500 different species and this subsequently leads me to believe that it was implemented for a reason. If God thinks homosexuality is wrong then why did he create the function of homosexuality in humans? Reproduction is the way that we sustain our human race but who says that is natural either.

  • Yes it is!

    It's more natural that driving in cars, speaking in a language, and wearing clothes. Humans are probably the least natural thing on earth. And plenty of other animals can be homosexual! Such as rabbits, giraffes, black swans, monkeys, dolphins and more. So what if there's no reproduction? There's too many of us already! Think of it as natures way of controlling the population.

  • Natural does NOT mean "can reproduce"

    Many of the arguments for "no" are saying that homosexuality is unnatural because homosexuals cannot reproduce, and that we would not be a species if everyone were homosexual. We survive as a species because most people are heterosexual. Maybe homosexuality does not "benefit" our population growth, but we have way more than enough heterosexuals to compensate.

    As always, there are "anomalies" to any population (please don't take offense - I just mean that if humans were mostly homosexual we would have died out). Everyone is different. People can definitely have natural same-sex attraction, even though it isn't favored by evolution. Because evolution isn't "perfect," nor would we want it to be, because we are always a varied and adaptable species.

  • It occurs naturally in nature.

    Why are people against gays? So if you met someone, became their friend, then found out they were gay, does that change the person they are? Doesn't the bible tell you not to hate? Funny, there's this article about a woman who suddenly changed her view of gays when it was HER son that was discovered to be gay. Why would they choose a life of suffering? They can't help feeling attracted to their same gender. Meh, most people are just ignorant anti-gay bigots anyway.

  • How many gay people need to say that they were born gay before the scales tip? A billion? Two? More?

    OF COURSE it is natural to be gay. Homosexuality is no different than being born a twin or left-handed. It isn't quite as common but it does occur and is a beautiful occurrence among our species and so many others. How many men, women and children have to step out and say that they were born homosexual for people to drop their prejudices?

    The argument that a species couldn't multiply if homosexuality was natural "so therefore it is unnatural" is preposterous. There is a reason that there are a mix of the two and there always will be. Furthermore, two homosexual individuals that have chosen to have a life together and have built a stable enough home to meet adoption regulations are probably better equipped to raise a child than most straight parents in this world.

    You would have to be a pretty foolish person to still think that homosexuality is wrong or unnatural when the Pope is even saying that it's okay to be gay. You cannot deny the real facts any longer, no matter how much you enjoy disguising your hate as religious gospel.

  • I am gay, and it is natural.

    I came out at age 20 having been with someone for the previous three years in total secrecy. The relationship was kept secret because we didn't know what our parents or other family members would say. My family didn't care when I told them I am gay, and they are happy about the man I'm with. He is my childhood love, and at the age of 21 he's the only one I want in the world (soppy).

    At school and before coming out it seemed so strange and abnormal to be gay, but since coming out and accepting who I am I have realized just how normal it is. A friend of mine, who is straight, helped me believe that being homosexual is completely normal and natural. I never made the choice to be gay, just like I never chose whether I should have two legs or one head. Is it fair to question whether a gay person chose to be gay? Do straight people make a choice when they reach a certain age that they should be straight? No, of course they don't.

    Of course homosexuality is natural.

  • Homosexuality Not A Natural State

    I do not believe that homosexuality is a natural state whatsoever. I firmly believe that homosexuality is a choice, made consciously or sub-consciously by the lifestyle in which a person was brought up in and around.

    For homosexuality to be a natural state it would somehow have to have an impact on the reproduction of that species. This obviously is not the case as reproduction cannot be obtained by homosexuality, be it male or female.

  • No it is NOT natural

    Well it's obvious those of us that are conservative do not frequent this site..... Maybe more should. I bet the scales would be tipped a little more to the "right" on this one.
    It's not natural because it does not have anything to do with the propagation of our species..... And just why can't we use the Bible as authority??

  • Not natural, but totally acceptable.

    Totally acceptable lifestyle choice. And love between same sex is identical to love between heterosexuals. Cannot be described as 'natural' however as it is a scientific fact that two men or two women cannot reproduce. So homosexuality is not natural but is a totally acceptable and valid way of life.

  • Homosexuality is unnatural

    Most of homosexuals had same sex experiences conciously or unconciously that has motivated their choices. It is only a case of misguided upbring and making self centred decisions that leads an individual to be homosexual. They cant procreate hence it cannot be deemed natural in any possible way. What is next...Declaring paedophilia to be natural?

  • It is not natural.

    Saying it is natural because in hundreds of others animals it occurs, is an invalid reasoning. Animals tend to resort to cannibalism, feeding on their young, incest, and homosexuality. If a man were to eat his own children, would you say that's natural?

    Also, in order for it to be natural, homosexuals would be able to reproduce. A male and female are compatible with each other to reproduce. That is what our human bodies are made for.

  • Homosexuality is not natural

    Depending on the surroundings, societal factors and the people in which the LGBTQ youth surround him/herself with will influence them into making the choice of whether to indulge in their attractions to the same sex or to turn away from their sexual desires. Religion plays an equal role in this but the other major role that plays into the LGBTQ youth coming out are their parents and friends. When an LGBTQ youth decides to come out early in the years of adolescence, they need all the support from friends and parents.

  • It is not natural

    It is just a mindset which is a result of the society,lifestyle and environment you live in. People need to return back to God. I don't care which religion you follow but every religion is against this sick practice. The modern society really is deteriorating and this rise of homosexuality is proof of it

  • Not natural but bi might be evolved

    It can't be natural if natural selection is acting to weed the extreme trait out. However, a mild expression amongst the majority of the population allows better technique through worry-free practice, healthy sperm through constant purging, and unbounded friendships. I feel those who label themselves as exclusively homosexual probably have some bagge or roadblock against women. I was bullied by girls at a young age and fondled by a hot guy around the same time. I am very very slowly awakening to the allure of women at age 30. 3/4 of my listing is still gay though.

  • Homosexuality is a genetic defect in species

    It is an abnormality that occurs in nature. But just because it does, does not make it natural in the true sense of the word. Humans and animals are born deaf and blind due to genetic disorders, it goes against the blueprint set out by natural selection as it can cause harm to the expansion of that species. But genetic abnormalities happen, we see them all the time, along with mutations. Vast majority are not beneficial but a tiny amount are. They are naturally selected through evolution. Homosexuality for obvious reasons can never be. It is an anamoly. But providing it stays low, currently about 3%, it has a neutral impact on evolution so it is tolerated, because it has no detrimental harm in individual survival terms, and as said, as long as the occurrences stay low, has no negative effect on reproduction in a community either.

    I may be labelled a homophobe because of my view, but that is like saying because I do not believe blindness is natural, I am anti-blind. I still believe in equal rights for every human being.

  • A genetic defect.

    A genetic disorder that affects sexuality and is contrary to the natural order of things, just as being born blind or deaf is.

    However as with any genetic abnormality discrimination should not take place, and equal rights given under civil law. Around 2 to 3% of the population are born homosexuals.

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Quan says2013-06-11T04:53:38.827
It may be natural to enjoy sexual relations with another man (or even with yourself, for that matter). But your sexual attraction should primarily be towards women, as it's a biological urge to reproduce. A man who chooses to engage in sexual relations exclusively with other men is inherently unnatural in this regard.