• Yes, it certainly is...

    Is heterosexuality normal?

    Homosexuality is not a choice. I am literally sick to death of religion noting that homosexuality is against so-called 'divine law' - I'm sorry Christianity but god isn't a trustworthy reference neither is the bible.

    Conservatives general feeling is that homosexuals are sub-human. I have news, conservatives are sub-human.

  • Homosexuality is normal.

    This argument upsets me because in the ways of the world, woman being a leader was consider "not normal" and some were threatened to listen to male figures. They consider rape, normal. But homosexuality isn't. Male to female perspective, heterosexuality is fine, in reproduction. Religion shouldn't step it's foot in to declare everything must abide by this rule. So that means that masturbation along one thing to name is "not right". They considered "minority" races unethical to be in politics and rulers of the world because of the color of their skin. It falls under an influence to be on top of one another, it's the continuation of ignorance of stating that we're higher than mammals, and anything but the status quo is needed in life. Homosexuality is the attraction of two same sex people. It isn't a hormonal balance wrong, it's not "evil" and you'll be burned in hell. Nobody has the right to place judgement for which our hands can't do unless you go to murder. It's pathetic how ignorant people are and have a phobia of homosexuality. They argue it's sickening, or not right because of the genitalia given. But in the animal kingdom species of fish turn male to female, or engage in same sexual relation such as fox, and many other animals. Oppressors say "fag" and have no logical arguments beside their religious stance. So, please, you're not better than anybody by saying someone can't do this or that. So, it is normal despite the ones on here with a 10th grade education who drop out of school and continue with their illogical phobias.

  • Yes it is perfectly normal!

    Homosexuality is found in 1,500 species of animals including humans. Homophobia is only found in one--humans. Which one is the unnatural one? All of y'all are just ignorant and bigoted. This is the 21st century and y'all are still living centuries in the past. Grow up and evolve already people.

  • Yes it is. It is completely normal. And heterosexuals will never go extinct so don't worry about it.

    A lot of people go through it. They can't help that they are gay and there is nothing wrong with it. Everyone has the right to love any gender. The should be happy :) and encourage others to speak up. Everyone tries to make it such a big deal but it's the same as a woman loving a man. I think everyone should leave them alone cuz it's not your love life, it's theirs

  • It happens in the animal kingdom all the time

    As my favorite scientific magazine Illvet reported recently, some 1,500 types of animals have been proven to exhibit homosexual behavior, and as a successful survival strategy rather than a deviant and ill-fated lifestyle. Besides, who are we to judge what is normal or not? What's normal to me may be horrific to the next chap.

  • Born this way

    There's a common misconception that has carried over years of misinformation that homosexuality is a choice. Why would somebody choose to be ridiculed and ostracized by society? Homosexuality is a natural inclination, just as natural as heterosexuality. It's something that people were born with and can't be changed, so it should be embraced and accepted.

  • It is part of the spectrum of human sexuality

    The spectrum goes from totally straight to totally gay and all the cross over in the middle.
    Those most upset about gay people are often not as close to the totally straight end of the spectrum as they would like and feel threatened by their feelings.
    In an evolutionary role being a bit gay would be great for group dynamics and bonding when out hunting etc.

  • Yes it is.

    It is found approximately 1500 species of animals. Animals accept homosexualitybut humans are the one and only species that are homophobic. Because humans have very high intelligence, we have made over complex societies and created pointless stuff like discrimination, religion, sexism, and homophobia. Religion is a big part of it because it just sets guidelines and has people discriminate. This is also with that Adam and Eve fairy tale. It just leads people into thinking men are better. Just because there may not be homosexuality in your religion doesn't mean its not natural. And religion isnt natural itself either.

  • It is perfectly natural!

    Being born a homosexual is a perfectly common and natural occurrence. It is when a male has too much female hormones and the inverse. Some may say that being gay should be impossible because a man who only likes other men wouldn't be able to reproduce and pass on his genes. But, they have to take into account epigenetics. Epigenetics is about how heritable changes can influence gene activity (and thus who we are) without changing our DNA sequences, meaning that people can be born gay because of the environmental situation their parents were in. If you want to learn more about this process, look it up on wikipedia or this youtube video:

    Also, I don't think that heterosexuals purposefully choose to be homosexuals. Being a homosexual would mean that they are attracted to members of the same sex (meaning that they weren't heterosexual in the first place). But, it is possible that a straight man/woman would have sex with a member of the same sex respectively for pleasure, and not because they are attracted to them (a more casual sex).

    What is 'normal', anyway? It seems that so many people are labelled with something these days, that 'normal' people are abnormal!

  • Yes it is

    People make it sound like its some crazy deviant trend, but it really is a genuine attraction towards a member of the same sex just has how members of the opposite sex see each other, notice each other and things they find attractive both physically, personality wise and behaviorally and they develop romantic relationships etc. By the way a lot of people who are this way were not put in that direction because they were sexually interfered with by someone of this same sex or had a poor family life or some of the thigns people say to convince you these people are crazy when they were young So it really hurts and baffles homosexuals/bisexuals when people just all their genuine feelings unnatural, deviant, perverse and quote man made stories and books from who ever and whenever from a time with little traceability which could just be a compilation of short stories and folklore tales etc as far as we know.

  • Not Normal, But Natural

    Normal- Conforming to the standard; Usual
    Natural- Existing in or formed by nature.
    I am gay, but I realize that being gay is not normal because being gay is minority and looked down upon. However, there is proof through epigenetics that homosexuality is natural. So, it's not the norm, but is is natural. I believe that normal and natural are two things, but some may not.

  • Evolutionarily, no way.

    They can't naturally procreate, therefore survival of the fittest would have weeded them out thus creating it to be abnormal. The only reason why we think things are normal are because over time, culture has been sharpened into a much more effective and efficient process. That last sentence was bogus but I'm at 50 words.

  • What if everybody was gay?

    If everybody was gay, humans will get extinct. Use Kant's theory to apply an action for everyone and imagine its consequences, you'll land up on the right answer. Just anything, from beggary to being straight. Gays might have misunderstanding about their feelings for same sex and friendship between two guys or two girls goes in the wrong direction by them as well as society.

  • No sorry it is no

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  • If mere existence is what defines "normal", then EVERYTHING is normal.

    There is often given the argument that homosexuality is normal, because it occurs in nature. Of course by that argument, polio and cancer are also normal, since they occur in nature. In fact by that definition EVERYTHING is normal, and the word normal is robbed of any meaning at all. The fact is that homosexuality is a behavioral syndrome, that thwarts the natural functioning of reproduction. Reproduction is not a social construct, but objectively rooted in biology. Males and females have complementary organs, working synergistically to accomplish reproduction. Homosexuality defeats this function, and is therefore not normal.

  • Just because people do it, doesn't make it normal

    We are not animals. Sex is primarily for procreation with or without love. Procreation only happens one way. There's just no way around that folks. Of two men want to get kinky with each other, just to get their rocks off, I get it. But it's not normal. I just don't get how anyone can look at Bruce Jenner or most homosexuals and say their elevator goes all the way to the top. I'm all for allowing freedom to do what they want, but stop forcing it down my throat saying it's normal. No pun intended.

  • Just because it exists, doesn't mean it's normal.

    There are plenty of abnormal, sometimes outright strange, sexual preferences/orientations out there. You have things like homosexuality, which lies closer to the "less weird" side of the spectrum, and then you have necrophiliacs (if you don't know what that means, you're either really lucky, or haven't looked it up yet).

    If we use the necrophilia example, we can say that it is natural, because anything that isn't artificial is natural, for the sake of this argument, but it is in no way normal. Not even close, and there is one blindingly obvious reason for that.

    It's because you probably don't know a whole lot of necrophiliacs.

    If it is a minority, or a rarity, it is not, by definition, normal.

  • We must define what it means to be 'normal'.

    Acceptable. By this definition it does fall under the category of 'normal'. It is not abnormal to be a gay person, just like it is not abnormal to enjoy reading more then running, or have a body built better for football then basketball.

    Majority. In this case, it is not normal. It is not the majority, and it is not even a significant minority. Gay people are a very small percentage of the population, and therefore, it is something that makes you stand out of the 'normal' crowd.

    Accepted. In no way is homosexuality accepted by most people. The majority of nations, such as the entire Middle East, Africa, Asia and South America, and Most of North America and Eastern Europe, and a decent part of Western Europe do not accept Homosexuality.

    So, although by most standards it is not 'normal', that does not make it wrong.

  • No, homosexuality could not be defined as "normal"


    1. Conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected.
    "it's quite normal for puppies to bolt their food"
    synonyms: usual, standard, ordinary, customary, conventional, habitual, accustomed, expected, wonted; More
    ordinary, average, typical, run-of-the-mill, middle-of-the-road, common, conventional, mainstream, unremarkable, unexceptional, garden-variety, a dime a dozen
    antonyms: unusual
    (of a person) free from physical or mental disorders.

    1. The usual, average, or typical state or condition.
    "her temperature was above normal"

    A recent study in Australia found that 97.4% of men identified as heterosexual, 1.6% as gay and 0.9% as bisexual. For women 97.7% identified as heterosexual, 0.8% as lesbian and 1.4% as bisexual. Nevertheless, 8.6% of men and 15.1% of women reported either feelings of attraction to the same gender or some sexual experience with the same gender. Overall, 8.6% of women and 5.9% of men reported some homosexual sexual experience in their lives; these figures fell to 5.7% and 5.0% respectively when non-genital sexual experience was excluded. [10] Half the men and two thirds of the women who had same-sex sexual experience regarded themselves as heterosexual rather than homosexual.

    Based on the definition of the word normal, statistically, homosexuality is not normal. This can be confirmed using a statistic Z-Score calculation if you have any doubts.

    Having said that, while homosexuality is clearly not "normal" by definition, it is acceptable in most western societies and culture. Just keeping it real...

  • Interesting Statistics going on here.

    As the day I'm writing this 39% say yes 61% say no. Statistically, homosexuals make up about 5% of the population (depending on the source) but I would say that's close. So statically it's not normal. Which makes this survey seem off to me. I know gays don't make up 39% of the population, so I must conclude more gays visit this say it's normal for obvious reasons or liberals have brain washed the straight people here into thinking it's normal. I guess that's a moot point. So statically it's not normal, evolutionary it's not normal, biologically it's not the norm. So there you have it, it's not the norm. Most of the population are straight so therefore it can not be normal by what the definition of what normal is.

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SweetTea says2013-12-21T21:53:52.490
Tough question. So, in response, I'll offer another: By numbers, isn't the norm what is most widely seen or done? By definition, according to Merriam-Webster's online dictionary, "normal" means, "usual or ordinary : not strange" ... A little more from the same source "a : according with, constituting, or not deviating from a norm, rule, or principle " ... And "b : conforming to a type, standard, or regular pattern". The cold, hard truth is that homosexuality doesn't fit those descriptions in the eyes of the general public. There, in as much or more than religion, lies the problem.