• Yes and it is quite simple to explain why.

    Homosexuality is characterised by persistent involuntary attractions, exclusively to members of the same sex. We know that it is involuntary because some religious fanatics spend years attempting to change it. Were it a choice, they'd simply change their minds.

    The involuntary nature of homosexuality is individually sufficient to refute any suggestion that it is immoral as it makes no more sense to blame somebody for something they didn't choose than to blame ourselves for it.

    The second, independently sufficient, reason that it isn't immoral is that both homosexuality and same-sex relationships involve no non-consenting victims. It is quite clear cut.

  • Everyone should have their choice

    Homosexuality is totally ok because it does not harm a society. They are also human beings and deserve to love what they love. Do we really have to intervene or interrupt their love just because it is defined as not "normal" in the Bible or other religious books? This is ridiculous. Just it go. They do not kill anyone nor do they make any serious trouble in a society. Think about it. You were a gay, and people hate you because you pursue different love. It does not make sense because love should be the same.

  • Yes it is...

    Everyone has their preferences, and cannot help who they are attracted to. I understand that the opposition of homosexuality is mostly due to religious reasons, and I don't dislike anyone who is against homosexuality. I believe we should all respect each others opinion. I have spoken to people of Christian faith who do believe homosexuality is a sin, but also that no sin is greater than any other sin. It's interesting because homosexuality, abortion and premarital seem to be the "biggest" sins in the religious world. Also, I have known people to bring up bestiality in the homosexuality argument saying if we give rights to homosexuals than we would end up giving rights to those who engage in bestiality which I believe is ridiculous. Inter-species sex is an entirely different argument.

  • Of course it is

    Homosexuality harms nobody. Two men or two women loving each other has no negative consequence whatsoever. I'd also like to point out to the christians that your god, according to the bible, hates the sin of acting upon homosexuality. Homosexuality is not having sexual relations with the same gender, it is defined by the attraction towards the same gender. You can still be gay and not have sex. Therefore even through god homoseuxality is "ok".

  • Of course it is.

    I can't believe people are still bringing religion and 'God' into this. You have to respect each persons beliefs. Who are we to say that you cant feel this way about another person of the same sex? The only argument is that it is a 'sin'. Religion causes a lot of damage as well as good.

  • Homosexuality is 100% okay.

    It is absolutely a human right. Love is a chemical reaction in the brain that would allow two people to develop feelings for each other. This is so that people, as animals, can reproduce with the best of circumstances, and produce satisfactory offspring. The brain does not, however, wire the same for every one. Some times that wiring causes some people to be attracted to the same sex, or both sexes. The brain, on its own, does not know that no offspring will come from that type of relationship. All the brain knows is; "Their attractive, bone them and get children." That is it. Love is a chemical reaction that is apart of nature. Every one should be allowed to experience that part of their nature.

  • Of Course it is OK!!!!!!

    Everyone should be equal and have rights. You are born that way, and you can't change the way you think. No one should oppose someone for just the way they think. I know I want everyone to be accepted in society today. So don't be homophobic and say definitely Yes!!

  • Is this still a debate?

    Even if one granted that homosexuality is a choice, it still wouldn't be the wrong choice. Two adults that are mutually consenting to a particular sexual activity should never be discriminated against. It's not harming anyone and is subsequently enriching the lives of the participating parties. If you are against it, keep it to yourself.

  • Your Life, Your Love

    Anyone should be aloud to love anyone they love, no matter whether they are the same or different sex. Everyone are equals, and we should all have the same rights. Those who love the same sex should still be aloud to love them, as no can controll who someone loves.

  • The bible is outdated.

    A lot of people use the bible for their arguments about homosexuality being 'wrong'. But is it wrong to state that the bible has quite a lot of statements in it that are either ridiculous or outdated? The pure sexism in the bible alone can show the idiocy of some things it preaches. Someone who thinks homosexuality is wrong on this debate said that women can be homosexual because they are inferior and do not have free will. Can we actually just think about that statement? Because someone of a gender (most of the time) lacks a penis, it means they are worth less? They also stated that animals are allowed because they are not aware of what they are doing. Apes and dolphins can definitely prove that incorrect. Chimpanzees actually now have been granted human rights because of their high level of intelligence. In some ways, other animals are more intelligent. I use 'other animals' because humans are just another species of animal. Animals like dogs show more compassion in a situation than a human can show in their lifetime. One main part about being human is having compassion, is it not? Yet whenever we actually need to show our basic humanity, we don't. Love isn't a human right, that is correct. But one is that everyone is entitled to all the rights in the Universal Declaration. Which includes everybody is equal in rights. If a man and a woman can be married (share property, money and most of the time a last name) why can't a man and a man, or a woman and a woman? Some other things that are forbidden in the bible are: no eating pig, no eating shellfish, not being slim, torn clothes, wearing two fabrics at once, not shaving, cutting hair, tattoos, having a garden with more than one plant, and working on a Sunday. The bible was written by people who believed the Earth was flat, if you're going to say why homosexuality is wrong then use something else other than the bible as it's not really a good defence at all in the modern day.

  • Love isn't a human right

    Love would be a liberty, not a right, and so it's not okay, because that sign is a lie, and anyone who would make nonsense like that is deserves to be punched in the face, stomach, and big toe simultaneously by the worlds best fighters repeatedly until shock and death.

  • As per usual. God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.

    There are many reasons why homosexuality is wrong. But for the most part of it. You cannot anally penetrated another man. Without breaking numerous rules against God's will. Most people would think that I'm just some crazy religious guy. But rules are made from Religion. Our law system today was built from God's will. I cannot express how important it is that homosexuality is wrong.

    There are a few exceptions though. Animals can commit Homosexuailty because they do not have the will we do. They are yet to steal the forbidden fruit and gain free will. The same thing applies to women. Are also yet to gain the same free will we get. Although it is considered unfair that women are both physically and mentally inferior. It is true that they are. Hence why you have the man of the house. The person with utter control will always be the man. I may be off topic now but I guess women can commit homosexuality as long as they're also normal.

  • Engaging in homosexual activity is wrong, but simply having same sex attraction is not necessarily wrong.

    If I am born with a particular problem, through no fault of my own, obviously, then I am not at fault. For instance, there are some born with anger management problems, and so long as they do not act badly due to those problems they are OK. However, when they act with excessive or undue anger, they are at fault, though their culpability might be lessened due to their inborn problems.
    Similarly, if one is born with same sex attraction, it is OK. Acting on those impulses, however, is not OK, just like acting on the impulse to hit someone from anger is not OK.
    Now, the end of anything is its good--if the end or purpose of a particular door is to keep people out who try to break in, a good door is one that serves that purpose. The reason that homosexuality is not OK is because it frustrates the end or purpose of human sexuality (human sexuality, mind you--don't bring up penguins and black widows and stuff). The end of sexuality is primarily to bear children. Thus, sexual intercourse is by definition intercourse between the sexes, meaning vaginal intercourse (all other forms of "sex" are only "sex" equivocally, and are more akin to masturbation). However, there is also a unitive aspect to sexual activity; yet, this aspect flows from the first aspect, and any "sexual activity" which is not truly sexual, as defined above, is necessarily not unitive either in the relevant sense. All this goes to show is that any "sex" for which the natural end--the final cause--is not open to procreation is not unitive either, and most importantly does not aim at the good of sex itself, which is its end and final cause.

    Safe to say, the direction of sexual energy toward homosexual "sex" is not directed toward the final cause, end, and purpose of sexual energy, and is hence not its good--i.E. It is bad. Thus homosexuality is not OK.

  • Homosexuality goes against the final cause of sexual desire.

    The good of anything is that to which it is directed as final cause. The good of human sexual desire is to get humans to engage in sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse is impossible by definition between two individuals of the same sex. Therefore, engaging in homosexual activity is going against the final cause (purpose) of human sexual desire, and is therefore bad, i.e. not OK. This does not mean that those who have same sex attraction are necessarily bad people, but it does mean that whoever engages in sexual activity with another of the same sex is engaging in a bad activity.

  • Stirring the pot for fun

    Okay, so let's look at things through secular eyes only.

    First, evolution theory dictates that it is not okay. The purpose of a species is to propagate. For mammals, we need an A and a B in order to do this. Thus it is not in our instinctual nature to be homosexual.

    Second, Love is not a human right, it is a human luxury. There are countless times that erotic love cannot be part of the equation everything from political discussions, to simple laws on streets.

    Third, rational thinking, if we believe that you can't help who you love, you're born that way (especially since no credible biological or psychological association agrees that this is a malfeasance on the part of nature at all), then what are we to make of child molesters? Or people who prefer the sexual companionship of animals or corpses? How can we stand and say, "Yes, those two men are okay to be together, but you're just too weird! Your love isn't 'real' love." Or, do we allow it all?

    This now becomes an issue of sacrifice of the self for a greater good, which goes back to erotic love being a luxury and not a right.

    The secular list continues on, but the biggest question remains, at what point do we consider what is good for our people before we decide what is good for us, alone? Is my personal need greater than the need of my species? The need of a moral standard to protect others? The need to not force my will upon others?

  • No it is not ok but people have the right to choose who they love.

    I am on both sides. It is not because (from a religious point of view) God has said that it is a sin in 1 Corinthians chapter 11. This country was built off of The Constitution and The Declaration of Independence. The pledge of allegiance clearly states "One Nation Under God" so does this mean we should go by what God has said?
    It is ok because we have the right to choose what we do and no one should have the right to tell you who you can and cannot be with.

  • Homosexuality is wrong as stated in the Bible.

    Whether homosexuality is right or wrong is a rhetorical question for Christians. The Bible clearly states that it is wrong. Leviticus 18:22 identifies homosexuality as an abomination, a detestable sin. We, as Christians, are not to hate or bully homosexuals. Instead, we are to show them to Jesus Christ with love and compassion. It is our duty to show all sinners to Jesus Christ and pray that they will repent for their sins.

  • Love is a Human right

    According to the Universal Declaration of Human rights:


    Article 12 also states that the family is the natural unit of society and is entitled to protection.

    Your question: "Is homosexuality okay?"
    Ask yourself some questions:
    What are the important things in a close emotional and physical relationship? Can homosexuality fulfill someone's personal ideal of these?
    Does a homosexual relationship bring spiritual unity and growth?
    Ultimately it is up to you to decide when you are of majority, what is good, right and correct for you.

    Posted by: GHL
  • Love isn't a human right

    Love would be a liberty, not a right, and so it's not okay, because that sign is a lie, and anyone who would make nonsense like that is deserves to be punched in the face, stomach, and big toe simultaneously by the worlds best fighters repeatedly until shock and death.

  • Our creator said it is an Abonimation

    Not understanding how if the Creator designed us as male and female how is it okay to decide otherwise? Talk about a gullible generation. 2Pet.2[6] And turning the cities of Sodom and Gomorrha into ashes condemned them with an overthrow, making them an ensample unto those that after should live ungodly;
    Jude.1[7] Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.

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It's as okay as anything else.