• The Hu-Man Species

    It is well known and academically supported that religion relies on the emotions and not the intellect as the driving force. In turn it is well known that progressivism is not a conservative trait while social conservatism belongs to the Christian right. In turn this leads me to believe that progress is not impeded by moral duties or religious philosophies, but by emotional rebuttals that preclude thought and in turn require no thought to rebuke. In other words, progress is halted by animals.

  • Yes It Is

    As a lesbian woman I always have the tendency to see people talking about us like we are not human as well. In religion, especially Christianity I here people saying that all homosexuals are going to hell. That it is a choice that we are like this. I really don't like when I here children say oh that's gay. I mean it is like another Civil Rights movement.

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Dudeman says2014-05-16T02:48:31.550
The question is confusing--repulsion is an emotion. *All* repulsion is just emotional. There can be rational reasons for why repulsion exists, or even reasons why society encourages some kinds of repulsion, but asking whether something is repulsive in a way that isn't emotional is silly.