• Well..... I'm not sure where Edward Snowden is going to land.

    The Washington Post just published an article about those "whistleblowers" who had high paying, high ranking jobs , but decided to disclose some top secret of the U.S. And guess where they ended up? One former FBI translator (details may not be accurate) is now living at the edge of Yellowstone National Park, in a trailer, broke and spending his days fly fishing. Peaceful life, no? He's broke and according to him, "one month away from being homeless." Another NSA worker is in the aisles of an arts and crafts store, stocking shelves. Yet another is selling Apple merchandise at an Apple store. Only one got a job as a lawyer, and that was because she opened up her firm first.

    So: these people were honest with their country. They exposed lies. They ended up getting payed hourly wages instead of $555,000 a year. This all because they were honest.

    Yes, honesty is an obstacle. You need a stack of little white lies or plain big ones to get yourself through a successful life or career. You need to tell your manipulative, disgusting brute of man of a boss who may be the key to your dream future that he is the best boss you could ever have in your whole life. Of course, you need to add in all the hard work, sacrifice, motivation, and self discipline, but sometimes, a lie can get you faaar.

    Here is another way of seeing this-to be honest is to not be manipulative. Manipulation is an awful trait and way of doing things, but sometimes you need it.

  • Yes It Is

    Having been in the workforce for 15 years, I've seen a lot of people who lie climb above me in rank. I believe honesty is a clear obstacle to success. I believe the better you can lie, the farther you will go. Sadly, people only want the facade of truth.

  • It is impossible to be completely honest and be successful

    The journey to success involves a lot of gray areas. In order to get ahead, it is sometimes necessary to make calls within these gray areas that may be perceived as not being entirely forthcoming. It is important, therefore, to consider which values one is willing to compromise on the journey to success.

  • Yes and No.

    The meaning of "success" seems very ambiguous in regards to this question. I'm just going to answer from my personal idea of the definition of success and then how lying can be helpful to certain types of success.

    In my opinion, success is much more personal than social. It comes down to who you are rather than what you did. For example, you could be the most "unsuccessful" person, living in poverty but what makes you successful is that you work hard for what you need and want. The way I see it is that even if someone is better than me, it does not necessarily mean they are more successful. If I worked hard to get to where I am, then I am more successful than someone who didn't work to the same degree but is at a higher place than me. Personal success is being a good, moral person and reaching your goals in a moral way. In my opinion, it is not based on materialism or social views. Honesty is crucial to this kind of success and lying makes personal success hard to achieve.

    However, social success requires lying because of the standards we set in society. In most cases, lying (especially white lies) help you get closer to your actual goals. The only real problem with lying is that it is immoral and can be manipulative. As much as it would be great to be completely moral, we live in a corrupt world with social standards that have to be met in order to reach our goals. Lying can sometimes be beneficial, as would hard work and motivation, when it comes to social success. Ideally, it would be best to keep lying to a minimum, but lying does not necessarily hinder social success as much it does personal success.

  • No it is not.

    I do not think honesty should be considered an obstacle to success as much of a thing everyone should take practice in even if they are not trying to become successful somewhere. It is more of an encouragement people like to see from others because than they know who they can trust.

  • Honesty can take a person a long way

    No, I do not believe that honesty is an obstacle. I think that honesty is a positive that will promote one up to the top. The trick is to understand how to deliver the honesty. It is not generally a good idea to merely blurt out things regardless if it is the truth or otherwise because this may offend.

  • Honesty is not an obstacle to success.

    Honesty is an important virtue and it will often lead to a successful career. If someone is habitually dishonest, no one will trust them. Although it is possible to get ahead in some circumstances by lying and subterfuge, honesty is generally the best policy because it is more ethical and moral.

  • Dishonesty is a weak mans tool

    Im inclined to say yes because the way society works but i dispise dishonest people so im saying no. I think lies will make u more successful for sure. Most the systems dont work the way their supposed to and lies will get the end result u want more often than not.

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