• Yes, honesty is important in a relationship.

    I definitely think that honesty is important in a relationship. I think that it is important that a couple is able to communicate with each other or else face the risk of possibly having to deal with problems and issues down the road. I think that couples should take the time to communicate.

  • It Is Very Important

    I believe honesty is very important in relationships. Honesty is about the only thing that can harbor trust and without trust a relationship is doomed to failure. Relationships take a lot of work and input from the individuals involved. If there is a problem with honesty or trust, it is doubtful the relationship will last long.

  • Yes, honesty is essential.

    Without honesty, no relationship has a steady footing. A lack of honesty could lead to a relationship falling apart at any moment. Whether it is a romantic, familial, or friend relationship, honesty should play a key role if the partners want to keep the relationship running smoothly and without issue.

  • Have to have a base.

    Yes, honesty is important in a relationship, because there can't be much of a relationship if you can't take a person at their word. To have a relationship, it has to be a two-way agreement. A person has to mean the things that they say and do what they say they will do.

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