• Its incredibly important

    Honor should classify us as a people. Occasionally there would be something that requires your honor and dedication to complete. Some of these things include sticking to your friends when they are in need, and helping total strangers out when they are in need. Those that are willing to deny their companions and peers aid just because they don't like that individual are the ones who have no honor as any normal person would.

  • Depends on the definition of honor

    Honesty is important, but honor, when defined as pride, is a source of interpersonal, intergroup, and international inflexibility, the holding of grudges, retribution, resulting in lack of progress. Honor killings are based on irrational principles. To get along and reduce human suffering, one must be pragmatic, because many leaders are not very moral or flexible people. As Gandhi said, "an eye for an eye ends up making the whole world blind." Another great leader, Nelson Mandela learned the culture of his oppressors. After his election, Mandela made sure that the old Afrikaans establishment, the civil service, the army, the police was largely kept in place. Instead of vengeance, Mandela sought reconciliation. "He was not a saint, but rather a political genius. He did what he did because it saved his country. (Fareed Zakariah)"

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