• To protect the family members from fraudulent who uses the young mind in the name of love or other affairs in future.

    The affected and loved parents are gives more affection on their loved children who cheated them self and created dishonor by the society in the name of marriage. We the society make the parents and compelled them to act honor killing. Only the parents knows the value of suffer. Easy to discuss and give opinion but real fact and the pain are in the minds of parents who cared and shouldered us 20 yrs

  • It is never acceptable

    It automatically assumes that a person has a higher duty to their family , rather than to themselves. It is an archaic tradition, with the same origins as other barbaric practices. This person did something that others did not approve of or believe in. If they committed a crime, it is tried in the legal justice system. A crime like not accepting the family's position, or doing something against traditional values is exactly what we must abhor, because it demeans the individual and violates everything that modern society embraces

  • Not required for debate

    It shouldn't even be a debate if it is ethical no one in their right mind should think that honor killing is OK. This needs to be stopped. Honor killing is not honorable people are cowards if they think that they can get rid of the problem by killing their own family member.

  • It's so wrong

    Get out of the 15th century already. Women are humans not possessions. These barbarians who kill for honour should be put to death. It's all about absolute control and dominance over women - not honour. I pray for these women who are helpless and trapped in such an oppressive society. It breaks my heart to hear about these women being blamed for being raped, being killed by manipulative controlling monsters. These poor souls have no fairness or justice. Being held accountable for the judgements of others without mercy is wrong. These societies are sociopathic. Read about sociopaths and you will understand. God bless these women who have been slaughtered because some dominating control freak is too ignorant to understand that one can only control themselves -which they obviously can't. Control freaks are the ones who can't control themselves. The problem isn't these women, it's these ignorant sociopath unreasonable men.

  • No...Not a all...

    There is no honor in killing no one is permitted to take the life of the other just because of their honor and also it should be noted that almost all victims of this HK is women this happens because women are treated as a object for their family honour unless and until womens are respected by the society this pracise will continue.

  • Of course not.

    The idea of "honor" killing is completely insane. It is not acceptable for anyone, in any circumstance. Whether they be Muslim, LDS, Jewish, or anything else. Murder is murder, no matter how you attempt to justify it. It is never ethical to kill in the name of "honor" to maintain your "good name".

  • No opinion required

    You don't add adjectives before killing.  At least in traditional rule of law Judges see the word killing before honor.
    I believe the term 'honor killing' should be largely reconstructed into a better phrase. Maybe like 'killing of family members and the explicit employment of the notion of preservation of family traditions, cultures, norms and beliefs as its legal and ethical justification and deliberation.

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