• Hookah safer than cigarettes

    Hookah can be controversial because some people believe it's just glorified pot smoking, but it's really not. Hookah tends to be safer than smoking cigarettes due to the fact that there are less chemicals used in the manufacturing of the product. Many people also smoke in Hookah bars which are considerably safe.

  • No, a hookah is not safe.

    A hookah eliminates some of the problems of smoking. It does not in fact eliminate your risk for cancer from the consumption of tobacco. This is easily proved by the fact that many consumers of chewing tobacco get cancer in their mouth. A hookah is a feel good thing for people who want to smoke and want to think they are doing it safely.

  • Relative to other types of smoke perhaps...But still not good

    Our lungs function is to bring oxygen from the air to our blood. Our lungs need to be clean so that they are able to perform this task. Air pollution, dust, smoke, and other chemical agents can put dirt in our lungs make them sick and hider optimal performance. It is though that repeated exposure to adverse environment takes time for adverse effects to be seriously noticed. Over time the hookah smoke may do damage faster than the bodies rate or repair if used to frequently.

    Posted by: DPL

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