• Horse racing is cruel.

    Although it's true that many jockeys create a tight bond with their horse, horse racing is still cruel. In many races, horses are forced into equipment that hurts them (for instance, a nose band that covers their nose so they're forced to breath through their mouth) and they train the horses with painful punishment methods, such as whips. Also, in the main races, such as the popular Grand National, it is very common for the animals to be killed. Some break their necks as they try to jump over the hurdles, and some injure themselves in other ways and are then killed due to uselessness. How is this not cruel?

  • Horse racing is ethical

    Horse racing is not cruel because horses wore bred to run for long stretches and at a high rate of speed. As long as the horse trainers are not physically hurting the horses during their training, then the horses enjoy what they are doing. Horse racing is alright to be enjoyed by the masses.

  • Horse racing is cruel

    Horses may love to run but during their racing career they are confined to their stalls and are only taken out to train or race, Most racing careers are very short and if these horses aren’t sought after for breeding they are sent off to slaughter. The sport is cruel it has no value and should be stopped. Thoroughbred horses are lovely, Graceful creatures that many people keep as pets.

  • Ummmmmmm people is is sooooo cruel. Horses are sent to slaughters once they are not winners anymore and they get abused and drugged

    Horse racing is the most cruel equine industry and horses can bleed from their lungs. Did you know 30, 000 horses get sent to Canada from the US ust to get slaughtered? Also many break a leg which is fatal and the horse gets killed behind a green tarp this is pure abuse.

  • How would you like to run to your death?

    Horses are forced to run and are being abused for the entertainment of humans and monetary gain for betters. Horses can feel a fly land on them, So imagine how they feel getting whipped repeatedly to go faster when they are at their limits? This Melbourne Cup, We had a horse die due to a shoulder injury. On Aussie race tracks alone, 137 horses died IN 1 YEAR! That is preposterous! 15, 000 racehorses are killed each year.

  • It is so CRUEL!

    Imagine if you were a horse - you would get whipped, Isolated from everything for 23 hours of the day, You might even die at the young, Innocent age of 2! The horses are being pushed over their limits, Which causes them to die. It's very sad. Since most people are saying no to horse racing, Why hasn't the Government done something about it? It's utterly ridiculous.

  • Yes horse racing is cruel

    How would you feel if you were forced to run as fast as you can, Carrying someone on your back? Also, When they fall it is heartbreaking. An educated, Empathetic person would not participate in this. Also, Many of them get forced to live in a stall all day. Why do people think it’s ok to do this to them? They are one of the most gentle animals

  • Horse racing is cruel

    Horse racing is cruel. There is no debate. Almost 10000 horses are sent to slaughter before they even run a track in a competition. Not only that in some countries such as mine they sell the horses to crocodile farms where they slaughter the horse and feed it to the crocodiles or even feed the crocodile while the horse is still alive. Most jockeys (not all) also see the horses as replaceable. If a horse also doesn’t continually win they sell or send the horse to slaughter and get a new one. The horse racing industry is also well known to not take proper care of their horses, When they are injured instead of letting them rest the drug them and force them to continue training. Not only that most of the time they do not feed the horses right either feeding them right after training which is dangerous due to their heart rate still being high which may cause colic and other life threatening sicknesses. They also whip the horse which causes inflation in muscle tussue. Many horses have also died on the racetrack itself one famous and repetitive story that has happened on quite a few race tracks is where the horses heart explodes due to the large amount of blood it has to pump. Horse racing is a game only for spectators to gamble it’s nothing but a sick cruel money game for both rides and spectators.

  • Because they over train train them and then they also hit them with whips

    Because they just hit them and then they have scars from the whips and when they sell them they will always have those from the past and then everybody will ask what it came from and so they will remember that and will be scared from crops and whips .

  • One of the curliest equestrian sports.

    The people who say that this isn't a cruel sport have obviously not seen what happens off the track. These horses are beaten, abused, and not even treated like animals. When they get injured it's all covered up with drugs that treat the pain and make them run faster. Some people say that the trainers love their horses and would do anything to heal them. This is one of the falsest statements I have ever heard as the trainers are all about the money. If the owners and trainers truly care about their horses than how come 24 horses die on the track every week. In Ottawa to not caring about their horses the trainers don't know very much about their horses either and often times kill them from too many drugs or trying to solve a problem their own way. And yes horses do love to run but of their own accord not running so hard until they almost kill themselves.

  • Racing in itself is not cruel

    The thoroughbred breed tends to enjoy galloping, And their musculature has evolved for them to do this very efficiently.
    Of course there will be cruel trailers, And irresponsible breeders, But that is what happens in the world. I don't agree with the over-breeding, But if the horse is raised and trained carefully it is OK. People want their horses to win, So why would they abuse them so that they can't?

  • Horse racing is no where near cruel

    Horse racing is not cruel because they are bred for running and actually like running in races. Many people think its cruel but they should watch them at a track one day and realise how much they love it and how much attention they get from the trainers and other people. They are not cooped up in a stall all day everyday the have freedom. THINK ABOUT IT HUH

  • Horse Racing is Dangerous, Not Cruel. Get rid of horse racing, and the Thoroughbred will soon be gone.

    Thoroughbreds and built for speed, strength and stamina. They are not horses, they are racehorses. They love to race, they love to jump, they love their jockeys, they even love being whipped. Studies show they do not feel pain when being whipped whilst running, despite their sensitive skin. In fact, the whipping promotes safety and good horsemanship between horse and jockey. Overwhipping, however, IS painful and cruel, and it must also never be done when it is not racing, or in pretty much any other circumstance. That’s why the BHA restrict it to 8 times during a fence race and 7 times during a flat race. Remove horse racing - the sport involving what they are built for - and the Thoroughbred will be useless, antsy and eventually extinct. Let these stubborn animals be. Plus, as others have mentioned in this discussion, some horses do continue to live successful and happy lives post-horse racing. It’s not all bad.

    When a horse breaks any party of their body due to an accident, it’s life is sadly ruined. Their bones are more fragile than humans. It’s a high risk sport, which is why 2 or 3 horses die on racecourses each day, but that’s not the intention. Horse racing is voluntary, there are good volunteers and bad volunteers. The bad ones promote the dark side: they train them too young, they abuse them, they drug them, they overbreed mares, they discard them and they get bought by heartless fools. Good volunteers do none of the above. They tolerate the dangers and know the boundaries. Do everything right and with a good heart, and you have a pristine horse to be proud of. Don’t, and you deserve to be kicked out of the sport for good (which sadly isn’t the case). There are bad apples in every bunch.

    Horse racing is loved hugely and is prestigious which is why it’s a lucrative money awash business in the first place. People who watch races do so because they are attracted by the nature of running horses, and that makes them want a horse to do well. They’re used to make profits from their developed and loved ability to race. It’s a tradition. People don’t even need to gamble. That is also a risk. I love horses and horse racing and I never gamble nor dream to taking up horse racing.

    Anyone who does not appreciate the inherent dangers should simply not touch horse racing with a barge pole. Anyone who dares to dream of the day horse racing will be banned and torn apart must be careful with what they wish for. There’s a dark side with all sport - I’ve seen PETA’s footage of race horse being injured and slaughtered, but it must not be over-generalised. It’s not fair. For or against, please respect my view as I respect yours.

    Horse racing is dangerous, but not cruel. The misconduct of horse racing is dangerous and cruel.

  • No, Horse Racing is not cruel at all!

    The horses yeah I got nothing that hasn't been said but still NO! It is a tradition and I they are not being beaten. If they are being beaten, it is not the norm and most owners,trainers and riders are probably very kind to their horse. If you think it is cruel then you are wrong.

  • Bad for development and overall health

    Most horses being raced are anywhere from 2 to about 7 and especially with the younger horses their bones are able to break easily and they are a lot more likely to develop problems than a regular horse. There are so many reasons why this industry is awful it's not even funny.

  • Horse Racing is not cruel.

    Horse racing is not cruel, because if the horses didn't want to run the race they wouldn't run at all and since they run the race then they don't think that horse racing is cruel to them. I love horses and all and I don't think horse racing is cruel.

  • Horse Racing is not cruel

    Horse racing is not cruel because horses love to do what they are trained to do. If a horse didn't want to do something, it wouldn't do it. Bonding with each horse is the importance of horse racing. The problem is the people who do not understand the horse world and the importance that goes along with it. Horses that do not love the job of horse racing, then they will stop the horse from racing and place the horse in a different discipline.

  • They are our horses

    My horses I bought fair and square and if I want to whip them I can or work them or sell them for slaughter or put them in a circus or get them into harness or barrel race them or whatever I damn well please. And that includes racing them.

  • Whipping on horse racing is cool

    You need to whip horses to make them preform better so i like to see jockeys giving their horse a whipping if i've bet on it. Whipping works - get over it. My cousin works in a circus and they whip their animals to make them preform so it works acroos the board.

  • Horse racing is not cruel

    Do you see a horse not want to run no they love it and Most of these horses are treated better than humans are in the barns. They are given very good food, are being checked on all hours of the day, and overall, just get plenty of attention to make sure they are healthy. And they love to run too. Horses are BRED to run. I worked in the barns with racehorses and after they ran, a lot of the time they came back really happy. A lot of these racehorses wouldn't even exist if racing was not going on.

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