• Horse racing is cruel.

    Although it's true that many jockeys create a tight bond with their horse, horse racing is still cruel. In many races, horses are forced into equipment that hurts them (for instance, a nose band that covers their nose so they're forced to breath through their mouth) and they train the horses with painful punishment methods, such as whips. Also, in the main races, such as the popular Grand National, it is very common for the animals to be killed. Some break their necks as they try to jump over the hurdles, and some injure themselves in other ways and are then killed due to uselessness. How is this not cruel?

  • Horse racing is ethical

    Horse racing is not cruel because horses wore bred to run for long stretches and at a high rate of speed. As long as the horse trainers are not physically hurting the horses during their training, then the horses enjoy what they are doing. Horse racing is alright to be enjoyed by the masses.

  • Do not support!

    Supporting horse racing is absolutely disgusting! The horses are drugged, They get killed and they are forced to race! It’s extremely unfair to them and it’s terrible that people still support this. It’s not right and anyone who supports it needs to rethink their life choices. Whoever supports horse racing needs to rethink their life choices.

  • There is a strange belief that horses do not feel pain on being whipped because their muscles are different, Or their skin is thicker.

    If this is true, Why is it that they can they feel a fly when it lands on their skin, . . . Which of course they do. Horses do love to run, But if they love to run so much then why do people have to beat them? I have worked testing horses for drugs behind the scenes as the races. Some horses are so terrified of their trainers we had to send them out of the barn before the horses would sop trembling and relax enough to urinate.

  • It is cruel.

    Did you know that every time a horse runs at full speed, It bleeds internally? It's lungs will bleed! Also, Whoever says that when you whip a horse it is not painful, Deep down they know it's a lie. Horses' skin are only 1 millimeter thicker than our skin, So its actually the same. Try and whip yourself and tell me whether its painful.

  • It is so dangerous

    People bet their own money that they might not even have and that the horses get so hurt and the riders get so hurt because the horses can get out of control. Also, People and horses die every day from riding. Finally, People just need to stop this and get rid of horse racing because the horses get abused every single day in races.

  • Horse riding is cruel

    Because it's harming the horse. The hoses aren't even fully developed their bones so, Therefore, Why should they do horse racing. Horse riding is fine but horse racing isn't. They start horse riding when they are at the age of 2 wich isn't a very good sign for their health

  • For human ego

    Horse racing is about greed and human ego, Certainly not about the horses. To hell with the horse if it breaks a leg, Just kill it, Job done. Send other horses to slaughter if they're not up to the job. These horses are only bred into existence so people can gamble on which one will win - pathetic. I've seen footage of jockeys punching their horses if they fail to win, So it's all ego, Ego, Ego.

  • A disproportionate number of horses end up dead at the track with broken necks, Bones, Heart failure and hooves snapped off, Jockeys whipping and booting.

    Culling of horses bred purely for racing, Unsuitable foals and horses past their prime sold to the meat trade, Cruelly slaughtered often after long land and sea journeys. It's a gambling business, Horses have no choice about taking part and being exposed to high risk, It has no place in a modern, Humane society. The hats and glamour are a false smoke screen, The killings take place away from public gaze.

  • Why horse-racing in Australia needs a social licence to operate

    Horse racing is enjoyed by millions of people but there are others who. . . But the question we are asking is: does the industry need what is. . . A social licence to operate is said to be granted by a community or the wider society dad dad dad dad dad.

  • SO WE BAN HORSE RACING. What will happen to the horses?

    How many horses bred for racing are their? 844, 000. What will happen to these horses? U tell me. Horses will be forced to live on their own, Without proper care. They wouldn’t be given pastures to graze on, Instead they will most likely be sold as meat for other countries. OUR OPPONENT says horse racing ends with horses dying, But so does banning it. This shows that banning horse racing is not the answer, But regulating it is.

  • Horse Racing=Not Cruel

    I understand why people say it’s abuse, Though I believe it is not! Horses have been on the planet for millions of years. Horse racing is a sport, Sports are dangerous. Horse racing is no different, If horse racing is abuse why don’t I hear people saying show jumping is abuse or hockey? People say horses that don’t race well go to slaughter, But did you know it’s against the jockey club to send a horse to slaughter. They go to race horse auctions and if they are not bought they go to a kill pen where they have a 2nd chance on being bought. But if they aren’t bought they are sent to slaughter. It’s life. For these reasons I state horse racing is not abuse!

  • Racing: Not Cruel

    Horse Racing is a sport. Sports have risks and sometimes accidents happen. Horses break bones racing and they can also break them in pastures. These animals are the trainer’s, Groom’s and many people’s livelihoods and they are very expensively bred. Why would someone pay so much for an animal and not care for it properly? I’ve been around plenty of horses and i would know that these animals would definitely not be running in races if they did not want to. If horse racing were to ever be banned (hopefully never) then where will all these horses go? Where will all the people working their hearts out for these animals go?

  • Not Letting Them Run is Cruel

    Horses are built to run. Have you ever watched the movie "Secretariat"? Or any documentaries on horses? Or even just read a paper on how a horse works. They are runners! PETA says that they are 1, 000 lbs and are supported by tiny ankles and this is why it hurts them. Not true! They are built for speed. They have roamed this planet for many years and their only defense has been to run. If you put a race horse out on a pasture and make them quit racing, They would get depressed! They put their hearts into racing and it is what they love do the most. Yes, Some owners use in-humane methods to make their horses run faster, But as long as the regulations are improved and the horses are watched out for, It is a fun and thrilling sport for the horse and the rider.

  • Horse racing is not cruel

    It is in the horse’s blood to race, So stopping that will remove something that they are designed to do. Horse racing brings in a lot of money to the economy, £3. 4 billion to be precise. When a horse breaks its leg, It is put down, As if a horse has broken its leg, It’ll be in a great amount of pain, And it is not possible to ever be the same after its leg is broken.

  • Horse racing is not cruel

    All the bleeding hearts don't realize thoroughbreds were created to race. It is really cruel to stick a grain fed racehorse out in a field to fend for himself, He will look sickly in 3 weeks. Other cruel things in life, Puppy mills, Football, Hockey, Race car driving, The army well according to the dogooders life in general. Remember more race horses have died by rescue operations than in racing. Its easy to rescue a horse, Feed it and care for it for 15 years, Quite different.

  • Horse racing is not cruel

    Horse racing is not cruel because throghbreds are meant to race. Thats there breed. People also say its the trainers fault that horses brokedown. No its not the trainers fault. You have to look at the whole hrses history before you can determain that. So horse racing is not cruel. Horseracing is a large part of kentuckys ecomnomey to

  • Racing is in a horse's anatomy and psychology

    Should horse racing be banned? No, Of course not. Racing is what a horse does in the world we live in today. They were made to run, Their powerful flanks and muscular forearms show us. A major reason for us not to ban horse racing is that horse racing is part of what horses were built to do. It is their nature as even as young foals, Brumbies often run along each other and play in a similar manner to racing. The psychology and build of a horse is so ideal for racing; agility, Speed, A mindset that gets them to run continuously and a powerful build. Many may argue that, Although they’re anatomy is perfect for running, They are treated poorly as they’re whipped often. What most people do not realise, Is that a horse does not feel pain when whipped by a jockey. A horse, As mentioned before, Has tough muscles, Far thicker than a human’s, Even upon being whipped, They do not feel immense pain, It’s like your mother giving you a stern look after she’s told you to clean your room seven times already.

  • Horse racing should not be banned.

    Horses were designed by God to run, And they will do so. We should, However, Treat his creation with respect. Yet it was made to be useful. Most horses are very well looked after, Often better then humans. Horses are generally not abused and love their sport.

    Australians love their Horse Racing. Don't take our heritage away from us.

    Please note that I recognize several people will not agree with my Christian opinion, But p[lease respect this and do not comment. I will treat you with honour, And you will treat me.

  • Horse racing get alot of crap

    Horse racing is not abuse at all.
    Of course there are the bad apples but thats in every sport. Horse racing has evolved out of its abusive days and the horses are treated like kings! Racing horses at a young age helps develop bones. According to Wolffs Law. Racing is not abuse#

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