• It is if Patient Wants to Live

    Miracles happen everyday. The hospice people I have dealt with did not take that into consideration, Nor did they take patients' will and desire to live into consideration when they spoke to them. Furthermore, They allowed a patient to die of pneumonia instead of treating them for pneumonia so they did not have to drown in their own fluids. Have yet to meet a hospice provider who truly cared about the patient; they all lacked empathy.

  • Hospice is not evil.

    Hospice is not evil. The whole point of hospice is to eliminate the pain and suffering of a loved one before they die. However, this is not always carried out, so that is maybe how it seems evil. No one wants their loved one to suffer before they die, therefore hospice is good.

  • No, Hospice is not evil.

    Hospice is the act of giving aid and charity to the aged and infirm. There is nothing evil about hospice or hospice practices. I have known individuals involved in the hospice movement and there is nothing evil or unkind in any of their procedures or practices. To imply evil doing in hospice is idiotic.

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