• Yes hosting the Olympics is a net benefit.

    Hosting the Olympics brings revenue from the many dollars that people will spend in their attempts to capture their moment at the Olympics. Host cities are often times able to get grants and special financing for creating jobs. Hosting the Olympics or any other major event creates an enduring economic boost for host cities.

  • Olympic Boom for Host City

    Olympic Boom for Host City and net benefit for all. The economic boost to a host city of the Olympics is always a certainty that can most strongly be looked upon as a reward for all inhabitants of any and all host city of any and or all and any Olympic event.

  • yes it is

    yes, it is a really good thing for your city to be the one that is going to host the olympics. It brings in a ton of people to your city, and it is a good way for a whole lot of money to come into the city it is in.

  • Yes, the host cities generally benefit.

    The host city for the Olympics can definitely benefit from hosting. They may end up getting a lot of tourist dollars during the event; but interest in the area may also lead to tourism even following the Olympics. We also know that they build a lot of new buildings and structures for the events, which can often be kept and reused. But all of this also has to be weighed against the high costs of creating everything in the first place.

  • Yes, I think hosting the Olympics is a net benefit for the host city.

    When you are hosting the Olympics you have the global spotlight on your nation and your city, you also will get a huge influx of tourists and reporters that bring a huge influx of money into the tourism sector of the economy, I think overall the Olympics can be a big net benefit for the host if properly planned for.

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