• Hulk can beat him

    Juggernaut actually is pretty strong. But hulk has unlimited strength. Juggernaut can be beat while the only one that can beat hulk is Thanos. But he's not the point. Juggernaut probably could but hulk can smash any thing including galactus. So I would say hulk would smash his way through

  • It is not clear

    MCU hulk would lose. Thanos beat the hulk in hand to hand combat. Even Thor almost beat MCU hulk. So MCU hulk is a weakling.
    Even Fox messed up the juggernaut making him a mutant instead of a mystic powered being. That got bested by two small mutants.

    And then if you go into comic books it still is not clear. The world breaker hulk was about to beat juggernaut but then the juggernaut got a powered up form. World breaker hulk made The juggernaut run past him so he ended up running away from the fight.

    Point is that it becomes unclear and comic book writers can never agree on power scales. They might be overpowered but them become weaklings by another writer. Especially in Dragon ball where the creator is so bad in power scaling that now he is pushing into god limits where a middle age bald human midget can keep up.
    I am just ranting but the point is to just to enjoy the story and remember that some writers are bad at logic.

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