• For military and replacement body parts

    Lots of brave men and women go to iraq to either die or rank up.And many of those men and women have families. And their deaths bring grief or sadness.If we take the top soldiers and what not and clone them, we would have an upper hand in wars.Let's also say someone loses a leg or an arm during a horrible accident. They don't have to be a paraplegic for the rest of their lives, they can take a body part from one of their clones.

  • Human cloning would be an amazing idea.

    Human cloning would be a good idea because humans wouldn't have to use a prosthetic arm, leg, or exc. They could use a body part that belongs on their body. Its kind of like a puzzle and the pieces would fit perfectly, human cloning could help human beings being whole again.

  • Human cloning would be an amazing idea.

    Human cloning would be a good idea because humans wouldn't have to use a prosthetic arm, leg, or exc. They could use a body part that belongs on their body. Its kind of like a puzzle and the pieces would fit perfectly, human cloning could help human beings being whole again.

  • It has swag

    Cloning has the potential to completely revolutionize how humans live. We could almost be immortal and diseases could be cured. Embryos could have perfect genetics and not have to go through any disease that they were going to have. And yeah, i would not mind a clone doing everything for me

  • It is necessary for the survival of humankind

    It should be note that there are many major problems facing our world today, such as global warming, increasing in fatal disease or the unforeseen threats from outer space. These problems can wipe human out of the earth. Therefore, it is crucial to clone or replicate the talented and intelligent people so that we have the best scientists work together towards tackling these problems. In addition, it also boosts the advances of science and technology and thus improve the well-being of human kind.
    Although I agree with this idea, I think government should take measures to control and impose strict laws on cloning people to avoid the abuse of this technology.

  • It is neccessary for survival of humankind

    It should be noted that there are huge amount of major problems facing our world such as global climatic change, increasing in fatal disease and unforeseen threats coming from outer space, and these problems have to be solved promptly before too late. Therefore by cloning or replicating talented and intelligent people we will have powerful scientists that join together towards finding feasible measures towards these problems. In addition, science and technology will be also boosted and the well-being of humankind is also improved.

  • It is Good

    Cloning would be very useful for thousands of people around the world. People that were born with defects, and people that have lost limbs will be able to get those back because if we were to be able to generate limbs it would help thousands of people like myself live normal lives.

  • It would be amazing

    What if you need kids? What if you are lonely? Cloning is the best solution. Some people are in need of body parts because they are born handicap.Instead of buying those expensive robotic arms or legs, just clone. In conclusion, i think that cloning should be allowed and be used alot

  • We can clone to make stem cells.

    Our body already knows how to grow back skin and everything, but we cant grow back our organs. But, with cloning we cloud manipulate them to repair damaged organs and tissues. Once we study how to naturally repair our own diseased organs, we can just make our own treatments without cloning. Genetics.Utah.Edu

  • Cloning can come in handy when it comes to reproduction, genetic research and recovery from traumatic injuries.

    For families who have trouble having children, lost children, same sex couples or animals who are are the verge of becoming extinct cloning can help solve these problems. Without a lot of time and money. Cloning can also help scientist understand mutations and diseases in the gene and how they can alter and fix problems. Or even prevent it from occurring. Using their own cells clones can heal faster with less complications.

  • They will not remember you. Even though they look the same and act the same the are NOT the same person.

    Clones don't live as long. It can be creepy... You can get a failure while trying to produce the clone. If you didn't know, cloning is illegal. Cloning is really expensive! Cloning can be good if you are a traditional person, and you can only have one girl and on boy for children, so you could select the gender of your baby.

  • It's cruel, unsuccessful and devaluing.

    Cloning has a 1% success rate. Did you know that Dolly, the world's first cloned sheep, was discarded 277 times before the procedure finally worked? This puts both the mother through a lot of both physical and emotional pain. Cloning also alters natural selection, and if our genetic information does not mix, this makes the human race vulnerable to all kinds of diseases and creates weaker bloodlines, like inbreeding. If one catches a disease, everyone else is vulnerable. It devalues children, and turns people into assets.

  • Human cloning is not a good idea.

    Human cloning is not a good idea.Each person has their own unique personality and when humans begin cloning each other unique personalities are subject to being jeopardized.Human cloning is also prone to many mistakes that can cause many undesirable consequences that would not be present without the cloning that was presented.

  • Why this decistion

    What is the point is this? This is totally not normal. Everyone will be like robots being able to do what you want with there genes. I hate the idea of cloning. With cloning there will be no point to living anymore. The point of sex is to reproduce. If you could just have a clone perfect to you in every way. Then why not do that? And if you do that. Is that fair to a human who is not cloned? No its not.

  • Cloning is bad

    Cloning is bad for many reasons all of which I am going to share with you in this post. One of the many reasons cloning is a horrible idea is that people with a clone could blame crimes they commit on their clones. Also clones could put real people out of work. Www.Noclones.Com

  • Isn't It Enough ?

    We're already increasing population careless.Everyone makes baby , just the moment they get married or still thinking of continuing their bloodline.There're billions of hungry , miserable , sick people against capitalist assholes. I mean, we already have a big problem. As far as i can see there're no people who worth to be cloned too.

  • Is it necessary? Come on.

    Absolutely not. Putting aside the various complications that could be caused by cloning humans, it is not necessary at all. Why go through the trouble of keeping clones in control when we don't desperately need to multiply our population? Seriously, we are suffering with overpopulation! If cloning is permitted, moral issues would come into the picture as well. It would be beneficial for human parts you say? That spells unethical. Clones would have a conscience and FEELINGS too, just like their human counterpart. Wouldn't it be extremely cruel to take off their body parts one by one according to our needs? Imagine you being alive for just that purpose. There are tons of 'what if's and 'but's on this issue and the mere idea of it should be deserted.

  • No one would be unique!

    The beauty of living in a sexually reproducing society is that everyone is unique. If there were clones, no one would be unique! We would just be a bunch of people EXACTLY the same as ourselves. No difference. Same minds. So creepy. You wouldn't be a snow flake! Nooooooooo oooooo!

  • Its wrong, everyone should be unique

    So everyone these days wants to be all 'hipster like' they want to be unique, but now hipster is the norm, so they aren't. Imagine a world where are diseases are gone, happiness everywhere :), yeah it makes you smile, but NO, now imagine being like everyone else, same people, how could you tell people apart, it would be horrible, the same clothes all the time. Everyone would be good at the same things, so jobs would be hard to get, and the necessary jobs would be easy to get, because no one could do them, BECAUSE WE WOULD ALL BE THE SAME. Boring....

  • It a bad thing

    I don't think human cloning is good, and anyone who is talking about harvesting them for there body parts is sick, if you were cloned you would have your own personalty and not want to be cut apart becuase, oh, the real you needs a liver. That's just plan wrong.

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