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  • You Can Clone Organs

    Cloning an entire human is unethical and shouldn't be done. However, cloning organs or pieces of replacement human tissue is completely ethical and should be done. Think about all the people who are on the incredibly long waiting list for a replacement heart, lung, liver, etc. and could be saved with cloning technology. If you have a severe leg injury with a damaged artery, in some cases you may have to have that leg amputated or be put on a waiting list for a replacement artery. With cloning they can simply clone a stem cell from your other leg's artery and everything will be fine. Human cloning is fine as long as it is not a whole human you are cloning. Even then, I would say it is debatable if it may be fine in the future as a perfected form of reproduction.

    In the future, we may replace the mother's womb with a laboratory. As insane as that may sound, it would actually be better than the womb. A lab is a controlled environment where the developing child could be observed and issues that arise could be fixed promptly through bioengineering and other medical procedures that may be developed. This new form of human reproduction would essentially be cloning taking a sex cell from both parents to grow a new human in an artificial environment. There is research to suggest there are techniques that would allow homosexual partners to reproduce also with a unique method of stem cell collection and modification from both parents.

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