• Maybe Not Our Greatest But They Are Important

    Emotions are just messages that tell you "something about this feels X" and if you are a logical, rational person you may ponder it or if the situation calls for it let it go although it's not good to bottle up your emotions so if it is insistent you look at it. The problem with emotion isn't emotion itself it's that too many people think what it means to be emotional or even to have emotions is to be a slave to them. This leads people to think they either have to act on their emotions or deny having them. That's not the case. You can accept having irrational emotions at times, just think about it, and do the right thing in the end instead of submitting to the emotion. Yet sometimes emotions do lead us in the right direction and sometimes it's not all that clear what choice to make.

  • Yes, human emotion is both our greatest strength and worst attribute.

    Without emotion we could not give meaning to our world. We could not form bonds, create art, enjoy art, live. To be human means to feel, and tied with our responsibility of free will, this can sometimes lead to problems. Emotions can be too much or too little, but without them we don't mean much.

  • Yes - Definitely!

    Yes, human emotion is our greatest strength. Pushed to the edge, with our backs against the wall, men will elect to stand together, united against a common enemy. Love - of our families, of our fellow man, of our countries – love of these things gives us all the strength to keep pushing and go that extra mile. It’s the people who do not have these emotional bonds who cannot find that extra strength and end up giving up. Think of war stories that our service men and women have shared with us, stories about the strength they found because of their love and pride.

  • Human Emotion Is A Weakness

    Human emotion is our biggest weakness. It can cause us to overreact under a certain situation out of anger or sadness. Furthermore, human emotion can also hinder us or cause us to fail due to fear or fear of rejection. Human emotion makes us human, but it is far from a strength.

  • Human emotion is not our greatest strength.

    Human emotion is not a strength. In fact, it is a weakness. People often make emotional decisions that are irrational and lead to bad results. It's important to weigh all sides of an argument before making a decision. Emotions can often lead you down an incorrect path and lead you to make mistakes.

  • Not at all.

    Human emotion is good to express yourself, but our overreactions to things cause wars, intolerance and ignorance. Our ability to understand emotions is greater than the emotion itself. Our intelligence is our greatest strength. It is what really separates us from other animals. It allowed us to become civilized and build cities. Emotions may be important, but they are not our greatest strength.

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