• Yes At Least To A Degree

    If we don't use human genetic engineering then we foresake the opportunity to cure many diseases and end a great deal of human suffering. We can debate about whether using genetic engineering beyond that is appropriate, but it certainly should be used for curing disease. In fact once developed and safely tested no parent should be allowed to refuse such treatment for their child.

  • As long as there are good research and strict regulation, Gene editing is the future.

    When we can edit gene at a cost affordable to most people,
    When we know exactly what gene editing does to humans,
    When we properly restrict certain function being change,
    Then I'd say it is ethical, And at some point probably in this century, We will reach that point.
    And you still don't edit your child's gene to prevent common but deadly disease, You are as liable as parents who refuse to vaccinate their children. If god real and god is good, Why would he give human a technology that SAVE lives but interfere your supposedly omniscient god?

  • Science is everything

    Now there are science and technology which can change our genetic and by this science can affect our genetic so it has the same power to shape and formed the way we want be. It is more reliability for some people and some be live that genetic engineering has the power to change what god has planned for us therefore they are same as god

  • Preventing Needless Suffering

    Many things have been altered by humans to greatly increase the well-being for billions of people. Plants have been selectively bred extensively, preventing needless starvation (such as during the Green Revolution by Norman Bourlag - the "man who saved a billion"). Humans make "unnatural" things all the time - medicines, technology, the list goes on...
    Therefore the argument of going against God 's will is null. Surely if there was a God He would want is to help the suffering of children?
    There are genetic diseases that cause unimaginable suffering in people, for example Huntington's. A single gene change could remove this suffering from a child's life.
    How could you say this is not a good thing?
    Engineering does not need to be used for everything, only select things like these serious diseases. These disease should be carefully chosen to prevent editing of traits that do not need to be changed, like hair colour.

    Genetic engineering of humans should be done to prevent needless and extreme suffering where it is easily prevented by this technology.

  • It would benefit the greater good.

    Genetic engineering at its core is a means to an end just like any other form of medical practice. To argue the means without thinking of the ends is short sighted and haughty. Ethics are for the most part not necessary beyond the sanction of basic human rights which unfertilized eggs do not have. Thus it should NEVER be a moral issue as it is used as a tool to speed up evolution and progress two fold.

    We stand to lose almost nothing and gain the world, at the cost of unfertilized eggs or possible side effects, with all great progress comes risk, and we must be brave enough to take it!

  • It can save people

    Genetic engineering can help people with genetic diseases passed down from family. It can solve and cure it which is why I think it is good. The only part of it I disagree with is that some people are using it for impractical purposes. I don´t think that´s necessary but I do think that it is good for other purposes, like to help people.

  • Depending on why.

    If you have a strand of cancer running in your family line, then genetic modification could be used to take out that strand and save the child's life, but if you are using it to chance something about your child, the way it looks, the gender, etc. then it should not be used because they are perfect the way they are and it could be risky.

  • Ethics are subjective!

    Ethics are a human construct that is unique to us. No matter if you think it is right or wrong, I'd like to propose a statement. From my perspective, To not genetically engineer humans is to accept human flaws and suffering. And that, to me, appears unethical. If someone were to have a genetic disease, and they had to suffer pain, would you reconsider your perspective on this situation.

  • What's wrong with superman?

    I realized that there are a lot of statements in the "no" section that it is unnatural to have genetically modified humans, but what's so wrong with that? You know what used to be unnatural? Homosexuality, and modified plants, and the notion that women could be equal. And stepping over that line of territory is how humans have evolved since always. We always step over the line and when we do, If it doesn't work, big catastrophe, BUT we now know for later what not to do. Sooner or later, we WILL step over that line, and i think that if it doesn't work(which i don't think it won't work) the catastrophe will be significantly minimized if we accept it from the beginning.

  • It eliminates devastating inherited diseases

    Parents always wants their child to be %100 healthy, but the chance of that happening is very low. There is a huge chance of a child ending sick while there are growing older, and sometimes it could be carried over to their adulthood. Not any parents wants to see their child suffer, and human GM seems to be able to create a healthy and disease free kid.

    Also, If your family have a history of devastating illnesses, your parent know that it be passed on to their child, or If both parent have health issues to begins with, it might pass down to their child. It is hard for parents to deal with a sickness child, and it could even lead to early death. And that is something human genetic engineering can provide.

  • Immorality of Human Genetic Engineering from High School Perspective

    As students of a high school summer genetic engineering course, we have decided that human genetic engineering is immoral for the following reasons:
    • It would eliminate talent; as stated in The Incredibles, “If everyone’s super, then no one will be.” And “Playing God is a dangerous game that inevitably ends with a monster.”- Anonymous
    • Everyone will be the same, parents will want the “perfect” child, therefore, everyone will have the same talents and advantages, so it will not make a big difference in society.
    • If a group of people begins to make superior changes in their offspring, the rest of the population will be left with inferior children unless they too join in the practice of designing their baby. Therefore, the company that produces these changes will be in control of the population.
    • If human genetic engineering were to happen, the various figures of god, which millions of people around the world rely on every day would collapse and becomes us, therefore, reducing faith by having us play the role of a god-like figure.
    • While creating the “perfect” immune system, only diseases that are already known will be prevented. When a new disease comes along, our immune system will not be comparatively as strong.
    • We came to the opinion that genetically engineering designer babies is wrong because the social-economic divide would become increasingly more noticeable and potentially more hostile.
    • Genetically engineering a privileged embryo to be immune to all known diseases would cause the downfall of the pharmaceutics industry, and consequently the deaths of a great number of underprivileged citizens.

  • It Violates Life

    When we try to engineer a child, for that is what an embryo is, a child, we change God's plan for the child. If that child was meant to be born with dyslexia, and you take it from them, not only are we taking away something that they will grow through, but we ourselves are playing god. A parent raises a child with unconditional love. If that child is chosen to be a certain sex, hair color, eye color, IQ and all imperfections have been taken out, how can the love of their parents ever be unconditional?

  • No, it is not right.

    It is meddling with something beyond our grasp, we are not meant to play God and try to create life in the way we wish it to be. We are all formed in our mothers womb just as he wants us to be. "Ps 139:13 - For thou hast possessed my reins: thou hast covered me in my mother's womb." "Isaiah 44:24 - Thus saith the LORD, thy redeemer, and he that formed thee from the womb, I am the LORD that maketh all things; that stretcheth forth the heavens alone; that spreadeth abroad the earth by myself."

  • Leave it to God!

    I believe it is unethical because it goes against the Bible. I believe that only God can truly affect the genetics of a human being and the science doesn't stand a chance. It is morally wrong and takes God out of it. After all we are talking about a human life here. No matter what people say, the cells science messes with are human beings.

  • Gods plan for us

    In the bible it says that we were created in gods image. If we genetic engineer on some one then we are tarnishing the image of God. In the move Gattaca they show that only people of higher class and are modified can be great, but look at steven hawking. Steven hawking has helped contrubute so much and look at his diabilaties.

  • The creature improving what the creator has made. The ignorance and arrogance is truly amazing.

    When will we learn the simple fact that everything man has tried to improve on relating to mother nature and creation has ultimately ended up being a step in the wrong direction? Sometimes irreversible changes we could not have forseen show up decades later. When you put something on this earth that never has and never was intended to be here, you can't possibly see the repercussions it will bring about. There is so much we will never understand about the human body, mind and soul. It is foolish and arrogant to think we can experiment with the human race on this level and say we understand it all. When will we learn? We are not God. If you don't believe in the God who created everything, then most likely you will think man is smart enough and powerful enough to cure any disease, engineer life to last indefinitely, and anything else our heart desires, without any consequences. I'm all for advances in healthcare, but we can't possibly think we can improve on what God created can we? In his ultimate wisdom he created the human race, and the universe. Let's just figure out how to build a car that will last more than 10 years before we start engineering the perfect human race. What do you say?

  • No

    It leaves people to decide what the "ultimate race" would be like. Genetic engineering doesn't cure diseases as people claim. Genetics in one of the most misunderstood realms of science. (Not that I understand it, but the leading scientist can't come to consensus either.) It is used for growth hormone, insulin production, fertility drugs, and vaccines. Since genetics is so risky and these risks are not fully understood, GE on humans should be restricted to research and experimentation in life or death situations.

  • Does not make sense

    Why spend money on creating your own child from chosen traits? Let mother nature take its course. Okay? So people... Dont customize your own child, thats just wrong. It may seem appealing at first because you want your child to be so-called perfect, but hey, no one's perfect. Okay?

  • Genetic Divide into two distinct castes

    In the 21st century, we have seen the vast differences in technological advancements in the developed and developing countries in the world. The poor citizens of developing countries generally have less sophisticated technological gadgets compared to those that are wealthier. If we were to allow genetic engineering, it will certainly create an even larger inequality between the rich and the poor. The affluent ones can simply pay to get muscle enhancements or increase their IQ genetically. However, the poor ones will have to toll and work very hard simply to match up to their rich counterparts. This would certainly create an unbalanced society where the rich will continue to advance and become richer whereas the poor will be left behind in this fast-paced race. Thus, this clear distinction between the two groups: the Genetically Modified and the normal being is known as the Genetic Divide. In such a society, the poor will be extremely disadvantaged and it will be even harder to adopt a meritocratic system. Thus, an equal starting platform will no longer exist. Therefore, genetic engineering should not be pursued as it has the potential to cause an unwanted genetic divide in the society.

  • Understand Gods Plan

    Though there are many naysayers out there God does exist. He has more power and love than we could possibly imagine. He has a divine plan for every person and tragedy happens for a reason, the ripple effect is endless even if we are too stubborn to see. We do not have the right to play God. If diseases happen they happen for a reason and though tragic there is always something good that comes out of it. Plus, messing with genetics and increasing lifespans in an unnatural way only contributes to overpopulation that much more.

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