Is human independence being compromised by advances in technology?

  • Human independence is being compromised by advances in technology.

    Advances in technology mean that people are more easily tracked and monitored. It also means less privacy due the amount of information that is readily available. The unfortunate result of this is that people are being increasingly compartmentalized and given fewer options for making changes or introducing new things into their lives because, increasingly, the options available to them are based on past decisions.

  • No, technology increases human independence

    While people can become too dependent on technology, most technological advances have actually helped increase individual human independence. With the aid of technology, many people can do things for themselves that they would otherwise have had to seek the help of another person. The information on the Internet can help people repair their own cars, cook better meals for themselves, and much more.

  • No, human independence is not compromised by technological advances.

    Humans are, at root, distinct from other animals because of their high powers of reasoning, and this skill ultimately leads to the technological advances we see today. Far from depriving us of our independence, our technology grants us independence. No longer must we scratch our food from the ground, for machines make farming much easier. Our houses are cleaned by machines, and our travel facilitated by them. Though government can spy on us more easily with telecommunications advances, on balance we are more independent today than ever before.

  • No, humans still retain their independence.

    No, technology has not yet compromised human independence. Though there are indications that in the future human independence might be compromised by technology, at present this is not true. Humans still have the power of choice concerning how to use the technology that has been developed. Some of this technology is being misused, but even this is through conscious choice and not through any freedom-inhibiting quality of the technology itself.

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