Is human life more important than the lives of other animals?

Asked by: Antman036
  • Humans are of far superior intelligence.

    I want to start by stating something that people seem to forget, in the wild where animals live, they are brutal and ferocious. They will rib a baby apart naturally, they eat their own young. Humans are the ones who have been protecting these animals from extinction, because we show compassion to others. If you want to bring religion into this, it states right there that we are superior to animals. Which we are. I'm not saying that animals don't deserve rights etc I believe very much in good ethical treatment of animals but I maintain that a human life is worth more. If you were faced with the dilemma of saving your human friend or your dog, I'm sure everyone would choose there friend.

  • We are the supreme beings.

    We were made in God's image, thus, making us the supreme beings. We have a soul, animals do not. We have free will, animals only act on instinct. Many extreme environmentalists were Nazis. That does that mean all environmentalists are evil. It just means that it is wrong to value the life of human, Gods beloved creation, over the life of something that we consume, and then crap out later. I am not saying that I support animal abuse; I am just saying I do not care. When a animal dies, it dies. It dose not go to heaven, it does not go to hell, fore it does not have a soul, let alone a free will. It dies, it rots, it turns back into dirt. Human beings, on the other hand, Gods beloved, Well, that is a new story. You see, this is for those who believe in Mother Nature, and that all living things were created equal. And may I not remind you, the Nazis believed this way of thinking. You see, when a human being dies, his/her soul is taken to one of two places. Heaven or hell, and that is where most of these extreme environmentalists "AKA" tree huggers, are going... H.E.L.L. Which is really sad because god loves us, not animals. Now, you may bring up a response like this, "But what if you were the animal". This is a common false belief. You see, there is this one religion called reincarnation. This is a very false and dangerous way of thinking. And there is proof, just look at these third world countries. They are suffering in poverty because they think if you squash a rat that is eating your grain supply, then well... This is their reaction. "O.M.G, you just killed uncle hank!!!" And that is why they are being tormented by famine and starvation. Do you want to know why, of course you don’t. But I am still going to tell you. It is because they value animals just as much, if not more, than humans. It even says in scripture that quote...
    Heb. 1:2; 11:3.] (AMP)
    And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth". So that just proves that valuing animals over human beings is wrong. Of course if your an atheist then this saying is of nothing to you, and I feel sorry. And one more thing, why do you think we are called "beings" and animals are not. Like fore instants, a dog being, or a lion being, and so on and so forth. We are human beings, they are animals. We are the supreme beings, and animals are under us.

  • Yes as this

    We are more important as we have way more to live for. We have jobs a longer life higher expectations we feed on the animals, we wear them they are all around us. However all they do is reproduce and create problems for humans which is wrong wrong wrong!!! Thankyou
    Amirah Ferrari

  • Yes, but animals lives are also important.

    Given priority, a human life is more important that the lives of other animals, and should always be saved instead of an animal, if need be. But animals lives are also important. After all, what does it say about the human life that might be saved, if it does not value other forms of life?

  • Let me put it this way...

    The humans kill the animals... The humans eat the animals and use the skin for clothes and their other body parts for various things. In the words of Tony Stark: "That's how Dad did it... That's how America does it, and it's worked out pretty well so far." Animals have lack cognitive and emotional intelligence as well as the human DNA. They are lesser.

  • I believe humans are more important, because:

    Aside from the creationist point of view I adhere to, I believe that the ability to question one's purpose, one's importance and role makes you climb a few stairs on the importance hierarchy, above a creature that can't do so.

    Also, being able to provide for and help other creatures and feel compelled to do so makes you superior to the creature: we have and we will keep saving species, entire species.
    What other creature on earth can save another species? None but us.

  • Animals cannot be equal to other animals.

    All animals have a sense of self preservation, this includes humans. Unlike humans , however, animals do not have the ability to question. Human beings can create, ponder, answer, and protect other species. No other living creature other than humans on this Earth will ever consider another species equal to their own let alone above. We, humans, are the only creature capable of feeling responsibility over another animal's well being. Furthermore humans have history, we have physical records of our existence and our impact on the planet. Many animals go extinct and few are lucky to be remembered throught ancient fossils. If all life on earth were to be wiped out today, human records would be all that is left to tell our planet's story to any following life extraterrestial or otherwise. To say all creatures are equal on earth would mean creatures as insignificant as mayflies which live extremely short lives have as much reason to exist as a human or even a dog. This would also mean that animals such as fish or insects should not be harmed even when evidence suggests they are unable to feel pain. To say a human life is equal to that of any animal, a dog for instance, would imply that in a situation where the life of a human in which you have no relation to were to be ended unless you were to allow the deaths of two dogs you would allow the human to die in favor for the dogs.

  • Yes human life are important.

    So humans are given more importance , Dogs are called mans best friend , but why are they chained up . Because no one like them and no one believes them . Animals cannot save the earth
    ,only human can save the future . So human should be given more importance.

  • I support this side

    Because humans are the only species that can help themselves and help others too. Animals can't do that can they? Also humans are superior to animals as we can kill then all if we wanted to and we can travel around the world too. So I rest my case now!

  • Human life is more important

    Animals are dumb, it's true. Even smart animals aren't that capable of doing things that humans can do. We humans can build our destiny while animals rely on eating, moving, and shitting, which was one of our mechanisms before we were advanced. The point is, animals did not land on the moon, build civilizations, or famous structures, so why should the be valued?

    Also, people today will mourn more for an animals death than a child's death. It's true

  • Humans, no matter what we think, will NEVER be better than any other living thing on this planet!!! If anything, WE ARE WORSE!!!

    Humans, because of our brain power and "so posed intelligence" think that we are better than other animals. Well, WRONG!!! Animals have intelligence too, and we misjudge them because "they aren't like us" or "they don't understand what we do" or "They are weird" or the most popular "They are dangerous beasts who want to kill us any chance they get because they are mindless and evil". People, WE are the most dangerous beast! WE kill animals for fun, WE pollute the world, WE destroy environments, WE don't give anything back to the world but waste, destruction, and death!!! Do you know the most #1 problem with planet earth is? WE EXIST. That is the #1 problem: WE EXIST TO DESTROY, and why? We have the so called "brain" to do it!!! Has it ever occurred to anyone that we are actually nothing special? The world would be fine (heck, it would be BETTER OFF WITHOUT US!!!) if we did not exist! The sun would still shine, the plants would still grow, the herbivores would still eat, and the Carnivores would still kill to keep their population in check!!! WHY DO WE EVEN BOTHER??? Now taking a look at animals, what do you see in them? Are they just simple minded creatures who depend on humans to keep the world in balance? NO!!! Animals are not "simple minded" they are smart in THEIR OWN WAY. They have the intelligence to know how to live in harsh environments, to find/hunt for food, and most importantly; to make their own wise decisions! In fact, I am about 100% sure that Animals know more about our world than we do, and thats a broad statement!!! Why is that? They, unlike us, did not need tools, weapons, or inventions to live: They lived because they were BORN to live, they have the instincts, they body structure, the will to survive. Humans... I HONESTLY THINK WE WERE BORN TO DIE!!! We have nothing to keep us warm in a cold environment, we are not fast runners, we can't climb very well, can't jump high, and we can't smell anything... How did we survive again? Oh ya, because we were INTELLIGENT enough! To wrap up, animals are intelligent in their field and humans are intelligent in ours, BUT WE HAVE NO RIGHT, NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER TO CALL ANIMALS "UNIMPORTANT", cause that is NOT what they are.

  • Human life is NOT more important than life of ANY other animal or plant!

    To get to the root of this misconception, we have to realize that the theory of human superiority exists ONLY because of religions (especially christian religion). Human is just like any other animal, we don't diverse any special treatment. Sure, we like to think about ourselves as better, smarter etc. however, that is not the case.

    Low of the nature is simple. Strongest can survive and dominate environment. At this point is time, we are the most dangerous predator. This is "our" 5 minutes.

    If I had to chose between saving life of my dog, cat or fish, and saving life of another human I don't know (unit that is not a part of my pack, family...), I will always chose to save the live of my dog, cat or fish. This is what healthy animals do! They care about their pack because only this can help them survive.

    On the other hand, why should I care about other human I don;t know? Who is he or she to me? Same species? Not enough.

  • We are EQUAL

    I had a long speech prepared till I thought of this :) ... Without animals or plants we would not have existed so from this we can draw the conclusion that we are all as equals. Yes we have evolved to be more intelligent just as other animals have evolved to adapt to the environments they live in. We may be more intelligent and have more influence over the earth but this is not what determines importance as importance is defined as "the state or fact of being of great significance or value." quote from Google. From this we can conclude that we are of no greater value than any other animal. What if a chicken were to evolve into something more intelligent and powerful than us ? Would it then be more important, just because we have the ability and potential to do something doesn't mean we use it, we still rape, murder kill, lie, and decisive one another for reasons such as personal gain, which end up being detrimental to ourselves and other, as we all know that if we were to work as a community we could accomplish so much more.

    So to conclude Yes we are Powerful and intelligent, but at the end of the day we could not exist without other living organisms, animals or plants so, they must be more important if they keep us alive, and for those who want to argue that we keep them alive, which in some cases is true then it about balances it self out to be equal.

    If you want argue the point of how we are more important then I suggest you come up with a theory of how we could exist or have come into existence without any animals or plants.

  • Human and animals

    We all are the same humans are smart but animals are not domesticated, we need them alive so that we can eat them. Humans are killing themselves and others around them. We don't even know for sure whats good and bad for us because we are so domesticated. The whole point is that humans suck.

  • Human Life is NEVER more important than the other animals

    Humans are overpopulated, we should allow for natural selection to go into effect in all animals, including humans. Humans have caused some animals to become extinct, for instance the wolf in Maryland. If natural selection does not take effect, how will any other species survive in the world humans are creating? BTW I am not a vegetarian, I am just a cat person.

  • Nope. We're all worthless and pathetic.

    That's right folks. Humans life doesn't have a higher priority to other animals in the eyes of nature. We ain't worth nothin'. Life ain't worth nothin'.

    However, there is an inherent self preservation in every species. We want to protect ourself, our family, our country, our race, and our world.

  • A life is a life

    A breath is a breath. Blood is blood. You can't say they don't feel if your not them. Physically all living creators are more alike than different. If I can't tell you it hurts am I not in pain? I feel bad for people that go threw life not being able to feel life or understand what it is. No matter what you are we all have the same guaranteed destination, dirt is dirt.

  • We're the ones killing the planet

    Its not animals that are ripping up rain forests every day destroying the planet. Animals are not the ones that make things run for there lives for sport. Animals do not waste things and kill huge elephants only taking the tusks because they go for a pretty penny. Animals do not trap other animals in cages in horrible conditions for others entertainment or just to kill. Animals do not torture and kill there own kind. Humans do all these things. We may be more intelligent be we are by no means in any aspect what so ever more important!!!!!

  • We are all equal

    So many people say that humans are great, yet we are the only living beings that are destroying the earth. If we could maybe just see that humans aren't the only intelligent life forms on this planet, yet we kill and destroy countless lives of animals and their homes and just pass it by. Hopefully we will realize this before it's too late.

  • Say no please

    If we did not have animals how would we have milk chicken turkey for Christmas lunch think what food do we give none but animals do they have to be killed but not all of them are killed like cows and goats support animals thank please listen to me this is importanat

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MasturDbtor says2014-12-13T10:08:04.237
"Important" is a social construct. It is a concept that evolved for the sake of helping human beings form priorities. The logical thing for humans to do to help out our interests is to regard our own lives as more important than that of other animals.