• Human Predator or Prey

    All of us have something savage within, it's what drives us to fight for what we believe is ours; even if it isn't. I believe any man or woman is capable of stabbing, shooting, or murdering someone in some other variation so long as the situation properly presents itself. I think savagery is only a negative concept to those who have yet to use it for what it is, a way to protect that which we "claim". Though some people are born without the capacity to reject the "animal within", those who are able to reject it will only continue to do so till they break. This is still a kill or be killed world, some people are just too sheltered or have too big a false sense of faith in humanity to recognize what a human carries with in him. Embrace the predator and keep what you own or live as prey and lose what you thought you deserved.

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  • Yes more so than not

    Humans need the inherent violence to live. "Survival of the fittest," it still applies now and always will. Take war for example, you can't win playing nice or showing mercy. If one is deprived of what they need, they turn into a different person. Take mobs for example. Some go into a mob and come out not knowing why they did what they did. If a person is stranded with a few others, no help in sight. They will eventually care for themselves as time goes on. Lord of the Flies is a perfect example for this.

  • The definition of savage means fierce, violent and uncontrolled.

    Although I don't think that (in the US at least) we are uncontrolled, we are to some extent. We all don't have a guard at our door to make us directly controlled, but we have laws to abide to so we can say that we are controlled. The world is a very violent place. Between the middle east going through these wars, north Korea being assholes, and the US and the daily violence on the streets of cities, rapes, drugs, and shootings, I can strongly say that Human nature is violent. With all these wars going on, human nature is fierce. On a smaller scale with regular everyday people, we can have anger issues and fights. So for the most part, I would say Yes, human nature is savage... Very, very savage.

  • Lord of The Flies

    Well, it is quite hard to picture ourselves as being "savage" in this age in time because we have become very civilised. However, the savage nature is innate in all human beings because we are born in this world to survive. This concept of "survival" is for all organisms on earth, and they would do anything to survive. In the Lord of The Flies, Golding clearly depicts this idea throughout the novel because he understands that savagery is inherent in all human beings as it is the natural instinct to survive.

  • Yes, humans are savages.

    Throughout time humans have caused harm to themselves and other things near them. They were born like animals, it is just that they have a little bigger brain, to try and be civilized. Most humans can be civilized or "tamed" as they grow up. But you do still have the ones who are driven as animals. They are driven to provide for their family or just provide for themselves, whether it be for food, fun, or game. We are all truly evil inside.

  • Yes human beings are savages

    Through the centuries various forms of social control have been used to restrict and check the inherent savagery and wildness in humans. Religion has sought to do this in the past and the state, in more recent times. But it's like trying to tame a wolf or a tiger. Every so often the wildness in us breaks out and creates havoc.. So war games are devised and encouraged to channel this wildness and when those fail, real wars are fought so the thirst for blood can be slaked in an 'organized' manner. This is preferable to members of a society tearing each other's throats out when overcome by blood lust. This is why every society, every country, has an external enemy. We are a damned, doomed species. We're not just savage and wild, we're also incredibly cruel because we're cursed with the instincts of the beast combined with imagination. There's so much more to say but I'll leave it here.

  • Yes human nature is savage.

    As nature tends to keep revealing to us, human nature has always be savage. In history of humans, one human had always wanted to be on top, and it seems they are willing to kill and destroy in order to achieve it. Just like animals humans are bound by their nature no matter how far evolved they become and will still play by their instincts at times.

  • Humans are savage

    They are savage, in multiple movies even the characters think we are savage; people think we evolved from apes, apes killed other apes, humans kill other humans;cavemen killed and hunted animals and these animals only wanted food for their children. Every where humans do thing wrong, from even the simplest things.

  • Humans are not born Savages

    Humans are born pure without savagery in them. The way people become savage is drugs, People they are surrounded by, and what they like to do. If people surround themselves with bad mean people growing up they will learn to act like those people and become just like them,do whatever they do because what they are doing is not bad in their eyes because that all you have seen your whole life. Also drugs, drugs will alter your min and make you do savage things even when you do not mean too, also if you get addicted to them you can start to do bad things from just wanting the drug so bad you will hurt other people for it. The last one is their family situation. If people have bad family situations then they can turn savage just by having no good parental support as their growing up. Humans are not born savages.

  • Not our nature, no

    I would say no. The definition of savage is violent, and uncontrolled, with a denotation of uncivilized. Maybe early forms of humans (for those evolutionists) were savage inherently as they needed to be, but I think that modern humans are born more socially. We can be mean, and go extreme lengths for survival, but our inner nature wants to co-exist peacefully with other humans.

  • Nah, We aren't

    Maybe thousands of years ago we were, but now were a civilized group of people. It's not like how it was thousands and thousands of years ago. We have different sets of laws everywhere. We live a civilized life and we aren't random groups of killer savages with killer instincts.

  • We Were Born Good

    I think that humans are born good but are corrupted society. We are pure and don't know good and evil but we are taught by the ones before us what they believe is good and what is bad. We go through hardships and troubles and that makes us bitter or hate and that can lead further, to savagery.

  • No we are not savages

    I do not believe that human ways are savage. Savagery is developed through society and its awful ways. We split our selves as a nation, because of an idea. All we want to do as a human being is help but the divisions between each other wanting this and that splitting us apart, we have started it on accident and we have to fix it.

  • No we are not savages

    I do not believe that human ways are savage. Savagery is developed through society and its awful ways. We split our selves as a nation, because of an idea. All we want to do as a human being is help but the divisions between each other wanting this and that splitting us apart, we have started it on accident and we have to fix it.

  • Humans are savages

    Humans are savages because everyone has that savagery inside of them, but today's culture has conformed people to be civil. For example if you were stranded on an island alone, they wouldn't be all peaceful, they would start to go mad and bring out their human nature, which is savagery.

  • No Human Nature is not savage.

    Humans are not natural savage its laws and philosophical ideas that make us well humane. The ideas that Plato had were incorrect. That all humans are inherently bad. But its ideas like this that make us savage.
    Humans are the only species that has become sentient and has the ability to create a civilization. We are mentally weak due to our ability to form emotions through our actions and words. So no humans are not naturally savage the world is, we've just found a way to change it.

  • No human are not savage

    We are made savage through the corruptness of the world like Isis and KKK back in ancient Greece we were never racist but now we have clans killing black people because their skin color is different it is because one man wanted to make a revolution of the different color of skin

  • In my opinion NO,

    Your parents and other important people in your life have the most influence on our savageness. It all depends on how you were raised. I admit people do terrible things but it doesn't make everyone a savage. Most people have good intentions. It might change if you are stuck in a bad situation but all in all, its not human nature to be savage.

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