Is humanity good or bad (yes) or neither (no)?

Asked by: stonemine15
  • Humanity is why we are here today

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  • Humanity is neither good or bad

    Humanity is neither good or bad.It is just humanity.Humanity,like almost everything else,has both the good and the bad.People can be very evil and people can be very good. Life would be worse off without humanity and can also be better off without humanity.So I now ask you,humanity,are you good or are you bad?

  • Humanity is evil

    Some people are good, nobody can deny that, but if you take a moment and look back in the last 115 years, you see things like the world wars and the holocaust. Its not to much better today, with the ISIS and the fact that we are the leading cause behind the current 6th extinction.

  • Humanity is not good. In fact, humanity is evil.

    In a nutshell, humanity (humans) are all born innocent and pure, but as they go on through life, they make decisions and act upon things that would be classified as evil. But, what is evil? Evil is profoundly immoral and malevolent. All humans have at least some sort of evil in the,. Even if they are very religious, they will still have evil in them and make some bad choices; but some people are more evil than others such as the people who rape other people and kill them vs. People who shoplift some items from a store for their own personal and selfish needs. My mother always talks about how perfect and innocent my little baby niece is. That's because she's not old enough to make decisions yet.

  • Humanity is neither good nor evil

    Humans can be some amazing people and they try to help each other out and support one another. But humanity can also be bad because we fight each other and try to set "standards" for everyone to follow. In reality we cannot judge one another everyone has faults its part of life!

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