• I'm ashamed of my species.

    Our so-called "civilization" is fed on discontent and greed. We destroy lives (both those in and out of our species) every day. I don't consider myself religious, but I agree with the concept of Original Sin. Being human is the most rank offence there is. We sprawl out and trample over others' livelihoods. Species have become extinct so that we can have toilet paper. If the next great catastrophe doesn't wipe out >90% of humanity and leave other species unscathed, I will be sorely disappointed.

  • If redemption is defined as ascending to a place of moral worth as defined by Western European thought, Then humans are irredeemable

    Humanity, En masse, Disregards and claims dominion over all other life forms on the planet. The human species is endlessly corrupt and incapable of transcending dangerous delusion and cognitive dissonance. That said, "redemption" is a loaded term that implies an imperative to be moral in order to justify existence, Which is a uniquely human framework; within that framework, However, Humans are clearly irredeemable.

  • Emotional retardation, ignorance, denial.

    People are convinced for the most part that sex and love are the same thing, despite the idea that we are supposed to love our friends, family, pets etc. Such a degree of selective denial is fairly astonishing. The standard model of particle physics explains approximately 4% of reality and yet the bulk of humanity is convinced as a species that it understands everything- again, selective denial, but also hubris and arrogance. We reward psychopaths with power and money rather than locking them away for the moral good of everybody. We cause more damage to the planet than any other species, and yet we continue to breed out of control like a cancer- such ignorance is astounding. The majority of individuals you will meet are perfectly happy to laugh sadistically at others' expense. Most (I believe >60% was the figure) would commit atrocities to save themselves. Also there is not a gents' toilet in the world with a dry floor despite being better equipped to urinate in a straight line than any other species. Everyone thinks it is someone else's job to clean up after them.

  • To think otherwise would be denial and delusion in its purest form.

    Humanity is a disaster of a species. At the current rate 150-200 species go extinct daily affected by our existence. We've drastically accelarated our own and the planet's doomsday. The best among us is not fit to continue our lineage because it is in the human programming to spread like a cancer and infect the planet.

  • Closer examination of the subject

    Many many many people are deceitful, arrogant, malicious, or downright annoying. However your question suggest that the human race itself is unsalvageable, there are still a few gems in this bile and disgust. I have had the privilege of meeting some of them. You question rephrased might say something like "if we removed all of the rotten people, would there be anyone left to continue humanity" the answer is yes. Another question to consider is exactly what level of quality are you searching for in these precious few?

  • Assuming Universal Morality

    This debate can become complicated by definitions, a common issue philosophically. What do we mean by redeemable? This debate assumes that humanity is here to be redeemed which suggests some grander purpose in the universe. There is no doubt humanity creates suffering and absurdity, but we are a byproduct of evolutionary processes, so nature is as much to blame as human beings are, which is to say the question is mostly absurd. We generally assume that animals live without moral consideration and don't question whether they are redeemable or not so why are humans different? Yes, we've attained a higher consciousness and awareness as living beings but it's not because we are better then other creatures in any moral sense. An arrogant human solipsism exists at the center of this question. We are neither redeemable or irredeemable...We just simply exist. Any attempt to answer this question becomes tangled in metaphysical paradoxes and absurdity.

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