• Yes, humanity is learning how to get along with Earth.

    I think that humanity is learning how to live on the planet Earth in a more respectable way. I think that there are more and more policies and regulations on industries and companies that make it more environmentally safe. I also think that people are learning more on how to live environmentally safe on the planet.

  • We're getting there

    There's undeniably been big improvements over the last few hundred years, but we're by no means close to respecting/having equality for everyone. Unfortunately, I don't know if we'll ever get there: we'll certainly never live in a world where no-one hates each other and everyone gets along all the time. But perhaps we could just learn to tolerate (for want of a better word) each other? Realise that everyone has the right to live life the way they want to, even if you don't agree with their lifestyle

  • We are trying.

    Yes, humanity is learning to live more respectfully on earth, because we are doing our best to be green. It used to be that birds were found with 6 pack plastic on their necks. We are more careful with our waste. We also use renewable energy. We clean up after oil spills.

  • On the whole, yes.

    If you consider the fact that over the past 500 years we have made a lot of strides across the world when it comes to equality and the end of legalized slavery, then things are getting more respectful. 500 years ago you could enslave anyone without punishment. Now it is illegal.

  • A Long Way To Go

    I believe humanity has made great strides forward in learning to live more respectfully on Earth, but we still have a long way to go. We have groups that value their wealth over other people's health. We have groups that uphold the importance of indulgence over others rights to food. We are not perfect and we are not living in a respectable manner, but we are making small improvements.

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