• Everyone is Different

    Whilst one may argue that human intelligence is a virtue- something to love about being human- it is almost impossible to ignore the downside. As humans, we all have opinions. And the fact is, no one will ever completely, 100% agree or disagree on something. So, as the population continues to grow, so do the amount of differing opinions. Eventually, we'll get to the point where no one can agree on anything and we'll all die in some kind of global war or something. That is assuming we don't die off in a natural disaster or destroy the planet (or rather destroy the planet's ability to support living things). But that's another conversation for another day...

  • Yes, humanity is 100% screwed.

    Humans are savages. Its hard wired into our DNA. We are a warring race. No matter what we do we will find people to isolate and target. That will never change. We believe it's a dog eats dog world. That alone will be the end of us. Instead of working together to find solutions. We are tearing each other down so we can rise and be viewed as better than others. Instead of coming together for the betterment of society. Our leaders send people to be slaughtered or to slaughter. Instead of focusing on important issues. People are focus on whatever celebrities are doing. Our priorities are so far gone and our morality system is all but non existent.

  • We have too much to juggle

    Each nation of planet earth has their own interests. The economic stability of their nation, the fight against social injustices within their societies, as well as local environmental problems. This doesn't even take into account the additional crises faced by corrupt or developing countries. With their own issues to combat, how can our nations be expected to contribute to global crises, such as climate change, international poverty and the like. Unless a mechanism is introduced to effectively manage the coordination of all countries in global issues, it is entirely possible that society will collapse under the weight of its own neglected problems.

    Ha! If only the world's leaders would take some advice from a smartarse high school student. Ah well...

  • We are kind of stupid.

    We ignore climate change. We pollute constantly while ignoring, or actively decrying, viable alternatives. We fight viciously over whose invisible deity is better. We reproduce at an alarming rate. We throw hundreds of billions of dollars at military spending and largely ignore scientific advancement, the possibilities of space travel, and / or improving the lives of the poor or disenfranchised. We bow down to the almighty dollar every second of every day, as though it has any real practical value. Rather than thinking about 'us', most people are only concerned with 'me, me, me'.

    Yes. We're pretty screwed.

  • Climate Change will end it all.

    The overwhelming SCIENTIFIC PROOF of climate change is abundant and obvious and yet we turn a blind eye to the the consequences. Governments, media and corporations have us living scared of war and terrorism, but if you look at the numbers, we live in the safest period of human history...EVER! Disrupting the balance of the planet so the 1% can line their pockets farther, will absolutely be the end of our species. But the planet will recover, and think nothing of us - so that's cool...

  • More or less, yeah

    The Middle East is not fixable. The parties in the United States would filibuster a claim by the other about what color the sky is. China is polluting the planet and doesn't care. So on and so forth. At one point or another, we are going to reach a scenario that a global community that works together is needed, and that just ain't gonna happen.

  • We are screwed

    Humanity judges people on their looks and doesn't care about personality. Our race is controlled by the looks of the person. This is why I believe that humanity is going to be dead in the next hundred or so years. So the people should prepare for the oncoming doom. Prepare to die

  • Yes, humanity is screwed.

    We are headed for the downfall of humanity due to a shift in morals towards pure self interest. This shift away from humanity has been facilitated by consumerism and the explosion of social media. Individuals are purely focused on themselves and portraying themselves as having the perfect self-centered universe and not on what is going on around them.

  • We all will go eventually, but the problem is how

    The truth is that Humans, like any other species in the world, will go extinct eventually. The problem is how we "kill ourselves". The current problem is that climate change is causing disruptions in the current climate. If we continue we will have the sixth mass extinction in the history of the Earth. However, no all hope is lost. If we decide to change we will have a better future. It does not have to be big, but smaller actions like recycling, reducing fuel consumption, and using less power (see phantom power). If we just go around and say that the world is doomed then nothing will be accomplished but depression and anger. Please, for the love of the whole world: change you ways. And to the executives and the people in power in this world, find your way of contributing. People will hate you naturally for what your profession is based of the stereotype of your profession, but if you show them that you are not corrupt and want to save humanity you are doing a huge favor to yourself and everyone else. Sorry if this post seems long but I just don't want to see people give up and say it's over: because the the fight is neither lost nor over.

  • Yes, humanity is screwed.

    It's sad, but people treat other people like animals. We treat our children and elderly without any respect. We yell and scream, and some even hit. People are becoming more lazy and don't want to work. Those whom do work are very underpaid. The rich look down upon the poor, while the richer get richer and the poorer get poorer. We litter, we pollute and we murder. There are more felons in the world than ever. Yes, humanity is screwed.

  • Not just yet. We just need to hope for the future and a well-thought out plan.

    All the negativity from the 'Yes' side doesn't help. There is still a chance for humanity to last, but not on Earth forever unfortunately. However, we also aren't in a very good position currently. All we need as a species is a well-thought out plan. And hopefully with the help of science and technology, we will overcome our problems one-by-one. The climate is always changing no matter what and the only things we could do is either accelerate it or slow it down. If the Earth ever becomes uninhabitable for humans to live on, there is always the option of finding other planets to live on/becoming an interplanetary species. Before all this though, I think we as a species should also deal with moral issues such as war and politics, put them aside, scrap military funding and invest more in NASA and scientific research instead and hopefully other countries and superpowers around the world would follow, unless we ever unify as a race or make some form of international treaty of course. Absolutely none of this would be easy though, but never lose hope.

  • Cynics will lose

    Cynics are afraid. They are afraid to cause a shift. They need training, discipline to help them see a clearer path. Humanity is not screwed. Everything is as it should be. This is all part of a greater awakening. We will learn that we are interdependent and begin to behave as such politically economically and socially or we will destroy ourselves. Thats always been the great test.

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Quan says2013-06-07T14:45:08.723
I wouldn't say humanity in its entirety is screwed. America is screwed, following the exact same pattern as ancient Rome.