• Humpty Dumpty was real, but Humpty Dumpty wasn't an egg.

    In the Humpty Dumpty tale, it never states that Humpty Dumpty was an egg. In fact, some people think it refers to a person, but it most likely is talking about a cannon named Humpty Dumpty. The cannon fell off a wall and broke, and it could never be fixed.

  • .........Hi i need three words here

    He could be real but i doubt it unless some little girl drew a face on an egg and said "THIS IS MY PET EGG!!!!! I NAMED HIM HUMPTY!!!!!!! AND DUMPTY!!!!!! BECAUSE HES DUMB....PTY!!!!!!!! AND IM GONNA SET HIM ON A WALL AND STUFF JUST TO SEE IF HE WOULD ROLL OFF!!!! IM LOSING MY VOICE!!!! *cough* Maybe i should stop yelling!!!

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