• Hungary has every right to reconsider refugee quotas.

    I don´t think the EU should be able to dictate how many refugees any single country should allow in. It is not always easy to integrate so many people into a country, especially if that country is small and has existing issues such as housing and unemployment. Each country must decide for themselves how many refugees it can take in.

  • Hungary Refugee Crisis

    I think that Hungary is the right to reconsider the planned refugee quotas they initially stated. Hungary's first priorty should be their own people and the safety of their people. If they think that in any way, taking in refugees would be harm to their own population, they should reconsider.

  • Yes, Hungary Is Right in Reconsidering Planned Refugee Quotas

    While Hungary, with the rest of Europe, should do what they can to shoulder the burden of the refugee crisis, they should also protect their own interests as all other nations should. If they have over-committed their promise to help and/ or come across a rise in issues due to the introduction of so many refugees into their society, they should be allowed to reconsider what they promised, but should not be allowed to completely back out, as every nation is needed to solve this issue.

  • Hungary needs to impose migrant quotas

    European Union plans to impose refugee quotas to ease a worsening migrant crisis that Germany’s foreign minister said was “probably the biggest challenge” in the history of the 28-nation bloc.This would ensure that the migrants are treat in a humane way and in turn the migrants can support the economy instead of resorting to crimes

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