• Yes, hunting is a great thing.

    Why would hunting be a bad thing? Because "innocent" animals get killed? Come on people, they do the same. It is just the life cycle. The strongest survive and the weaker are used as food. This is just nature. Just because humans are the smarter and superior race to animals, does not mean we cannot do the same. Besides, there are thousands of people that rely on hunting to get their food, meaning if there is no hunting allowed, they would die. Besides, is it not better that aggressive people shoot animals, and eat them, instead of shoot people or commit crimes. Hunting is a good thing, not only is it nature, but it also supports thousands of people in the struggle of getting food and surviving.

  • In my opinion hunting is a good and I'm glad it was invented.

    Well first off hunting has helped many people over thousands of years survive. In animals is meat and that's exactly what humans need to survive. I as a hunter hunt deer, rabbit, and pheasent. These are just three of the types of animals I love to hunt during the time of season for that type of animal. During many wars men used guns, spears, and bow and arrows to kill animals. Hunting has helped these people survive. As for me and my friends and family we are for hunting and think that it is a great sport.

  • As a (moderate) animal rights activist I say heck yeah.

    It's great if you can be a vegetarian - not everyone can handle it physically (I tried). The reason I say that, is vegetarians do not contribute to the horrible conditions and torturous lives and deaths of innocent animals in meat factories. But if you're going to eat meat, if you consider yourself a carnivore, then prove it. Hunt. People who are against hunting because "you're shooting Bambi" are cowards when they eat their processed meat. "Bambi" had a normal, natural life, an excellent diet, plenty of exercise, and that meat is a heck of a lot better for you. I'll take a steak that was hunted or grew up in a traditional farm over a Big Mac any day of my life. That's the way meat is supposed to be - that is how we made it to the top of the food chain. And it's far, far more humane. That being said every time I see a decapitated head on someone's wall I wonder about their mental state...I guess humans can screw up any good idea.

  • Indeed it is

    Takes care of many nuisances and animals that could over graze. Over population causes the resources of the land to dry out and leave nothing for the rest of the animals. They would soon die of starvation and some could even go extinct in a dire situation. Hunting also kills animals that could hinder the production of necessary items from livestock, like coyotes.

  • Animal hunting is right..

    The moral case for hunting
    The case that hunting with dogs is not ethically wrong usually includes some of these points:
    1) Being hunted by other animals is a natural part of the life of wild animals
    Opponents argue: Some animals hunted in the UK have no natural predators here, and so have no natural experience of the chase.
    2) Hunting with dogs provides a very quick death - quicker and more painless than the death that many animals would otherwise get animals are not left injured - they either escape or are killed.
    3) Hunting is necessary to protect agriculture and the environment from animal pests or overpopulation.
    4) Hunting is as humane, or more humane, than other methods of controlling wild animal populations.

    Non-moral arguments include these points:
    1) Hunting provides human employment.
    2) Hunting preserves Britain's cultural traditions.
    3) Hunting provides sport and pleasure to many people.

  • I like hunting

    I like hunting because the animals that i harvest are for meat and the animals that i shoot and don't take meat from i shoot them because they have a disease or there an animal that causes problems like coyotes, raccoons, foxes, and i don't just shoot them for pleasure i shoot them to control the population and to keep them away from livestock.

  • All in all, a public benefit

    I'm not a big fan of guns or meat, and game makes me a little queasy. Nevertheless, I believe hunting in an environmentally sustainable way is a public good. Killing a wild animal is far more ethical than factory farms. It provides excellent exercise and promotes environmentalism since hunters are motivated to maintain large, pristine environments. Consider the massive waste of space and water that goes into a sport like golf. By comparison, a conscientious hunter is bit is fiscally smart since the govt charges a fee to reduce animal populations that would otherwise be culled at taxpayer expense. Hunting allows for gun training and marksmanship improvement. Although I'd never own a gun myself, I think it's beneficial for gun owners to be well trained. I really like current trends towards more sporting and environmental options like black powder and bow hunting.

  • For sure a yes...

    Hunting gives you experience to learn to find food without relying on buying food. If you live in the countryside, you can hunt and feed your family without going to a shop to buy meat for example. In addition, there is something unique and beautiful about finding your own meals.

  • It really depends.

    If you're hunting for food then, yes. If you're hunting for fun then, no. Hunting is far more ethical than farming, where the animals are literally born to die. With hunting, the animals live freely and have a chance escape, with farming, they don't. People who are against hunting seem to have this delusion that farmed meat grows on trees and nothing dies to create it.

  • Yes it is...

    Because hunting controls the animal population. In Wyoming when the wolfs were endangered hunters could not hunt them. But now the wolves in Wyoming are over producing and are killing all the wild life. Hunters in Wyoming are now complaining that the deer population is very low.
    Or when you let the gofer population gets out of control the gofers would eat a lot of crops and cost the farms a lot of money.

  • Needs to happen...

    I live in new Hampshire..And while I don't personally like hunting, I know its necessary for population control..Without it you would see dear,moose and bear population cause potential problems..Like disease and more negative interaction incidents between humans and animals.Where I live, ill sometimes go several weeks seeing a dear everyday..And I knew 2 people last spring alone who hit a dear on a motorcycle ..And my neighboor was attacked by a bear..So I think it is important..Trophy hunting on the other hand I don't approve of.There is no logical reason other than ego for trophy hunting.

    Posted by: rja7
  • Depends on the hunting.

    I can sooner respect someone for hunting an animal and eating it than just ordering a burger from Mcdonalds. The treatment of those animals are absolutely abhorrent. So, I don't mind hunting when it's done for food. In the case of hunting animals solely as a sport or financial profit though, I have a serious problem with it. Animals shouldn't die for entertainment and they certainly shouldn't die simply because a bunch of morally bankrupt politicians who don't understand a single thing about how ecology works decide that killing an animal will magically fix a problem. Hunting depends on the hunter. We get people who respect nature and then we get these sadistic opportunists who go about blaming far more noble creatures from helicopters for money. I vote no because the other forms of hunting leave a very bad taste in my mouth, and because I think of obnoxious people like Ted Nugent who represent it. Though to be honest, my stance is probably more accurately summed up as 'Yes, but restricted to being done for food.'

  • It depends on reasons

    There are some justifiable reasons for acts of hunting wild animals such as for medical purposes or protecting humans from threats of dangerous species like snakes or bears. However, hunting animals with the aim of amusement or meats is unmoral and unacceptable. It is true that someone enjoys eating wild animals instead of livestock because it is exotic foods or simply to show their statement of affluence. The law should be imposed to punish such unmoral acts and protect wild environment.

  • Hunting is cruel and illegal!

    From 2004, the hunting act was passed banning the hunting of wild animals such as deer, hares, foxes and mink. However hunting illegally still goes on. Hunting is a cruel sport that kills thousands of innocent animals. Some people may argue that they hunt for the meat but there is no need to as supermarkets are all over the place! Also some people may hunt because it is a fun sport or it is a family tradition but that tradition when out of date ages ago! To conclude I think that hunting should be stopped because:

    -it is illegal/has been banned
    -it is killing innocent animals
    -it is cruel and barbaric

    p.S. You won't get any friends or supporters for unnessesarily killing innocent animals

  • It is cruel repulsive sport

    Since when is killing a sport? Is wild animal meat only thing you can get? They have super market every where! Save money??? So apparently you have money for bullet and guns while you don't have money to buy a chicken nugget. Control animal number???? Wasn't hunting that destroyed the ecosystem in first place? Hunting is repulsive cruel sport!

  • Whether its for food or fun NO

    Before we start this debate lets not bring god or bible in to this. Seriously is deer meat only meat we can eat? What about beef of chicken nugget? There is super market almost everywhere on earth. Also killing animal is not fun. If you think thats fun why don't you go to someones house and kill them?

  • Hunting is murder.

    I am a huge animal rights activist, and have been a vegetarian for a while now. I say that taking the gift of life from a living creature that can feel pain is not right. It is playing at God, which is a right you do not get. Animals may not have souls, they have basic emotion, such as fear and pain. If it is possible to live without killing living beings, why don't you? Because murder and death taste delicious to you? If you are living in circumstances where it is impossible not to kill if you want to live, then I can see the reasonability in taking the animal's life over your own. But doing it for sport or tastes is cruel, harsh, and unnessecary.

  • If you want to pit man against beast for sport then at least make it a fair contest.

    When the Romans pitted gladiators against rhinoceros, hippopotamuses, elephants, bulls, Barbary lions, panthers, leopards, bears, Caspian tigers and crocodiles there was a good chance the animal in question would emerge from the conflict victorious.

    If a hunter today is prepared to go into battle against a bear or a crocodile armed only with a hunting knife I’d say that was a pretty fair fight but to use a gun to shoot a rabbit or bird from a safe distance is just plain cowardly. Even without a gun, a cute little bunny rabbit or a pheasant isn’t going to put up much of a fight against a grown man.

    Indigenous people in the third world who hunt for food, of course, is a different matter.

  • Never, never and never...

    The population is increasing, and if people keep hunting, the world will not have any animals left. Extinction will increase, and our world will end up lifeless.
    Without a doubt, hunting can be seen as a selfish activity because the hunter is taking lives of living beings. People need to be more friendly towards living beings, including each other!

  • Its killing off species of animals!!!!!!!!

    Animals are going extinct because of animal hunting!!!!!!!!!!
    I hate this website because people are saying animal hunting is right, like get an education!!!!!!!!!This is an outrage i cant believe you have done this its ridiculous. Why is hunting in any way a good thing in these peoples minds ok!!!!!

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sharpshot21 says2015-05-04T18:37:15.957
For me my favorite sport is hunting. That is my favorite sport because you get to be outside and see natur. I also like to be outside because you get two breathe fresh air. It is also a needed thing if we did not have hunting animal populations would go sky rocketing. It would kill our environment just as quickly as big factories and bom testing does. But hunting is not safe and can lead two bad things like for some animals it can make them extinct, or put them on the endangered species list.
Ebear01wolf says2015-05-04T19:06:23.310
We keep the animal population in order and they taste really good.

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