• Yes it is wrong

    2.Have you ever noticed that when people hit deer with their cars is during hunting season when people are chasing them with guns
    3.Over hunting can lead to extinction/endangered.

    1.You are killing an animal that hasn't done anything to you.
    2.The animal doesn't belong to you. You have no right to take something that isn't yours.
    3.Since the world is being overpopulated with people does that mean we should go around killing humans now for a sport?

    1. You're taking another life
    2. It's barbaric and cruel
    3. You are possibly taking away a mother from it's baby (or vice versa)
    4. It's terrifying and painful for the animal
    5. It's completely unnecessary to kill an animal for food in today's modern society. There are more than enough other forms of food without taking somethings life. A vegetarian diet is proven to be healthier anyway.

    Lets focus this in africa:

    1. Endangered species killed for their special body parts (elephant tusks, tiger fur, etc)
    2. Animal suffers
    3. Ruins the balanced proportions of living animals. (take away all the tigers, then there are too many elk runners)

    Also it promotes violence in kids.
    Also humans are just other animals on this planet, controlling everything else on the earth is kind of wrong. Why is it OK for us to decide who gets to live and who does not?

    Am just going to stick with good old domestic deer hunting. Keep it simple

    1. Hunting accidents - Rednecks accidentally shoot each other. Is this necessarily a bad thing?
    2. Alcoholism - When they aren't hunting they are drinking. (ties into the hunting accidents)
    3. Road accidents - Not properly securing a deer carcass to your vehicle can lead to serious accidents on the road. (Ties in them being drunk)

    First and foremost it's murder. Whether you're doing it for fun or for food, it's not necessary. People CAN survive without meat, quite easily, tigers can't, that makes all the difference.
    The allowance of hunting is based on an implication that we own animals. We don't. We're animals, they're animals. It's wrong to ban the murder of one species but permit the murder of all the others. Lets at least be consistent.
    It makes people worse. Taking the life of another living thing doesn't make you a better person. If you tell a child that it's okay to kill a deer, bear, tiger, etc, you're promoting the idea that it's okay to end a life. That's how you get psychopaths that crucify cats for fun and then graduate to homicide. Murdering a living sentient being cannot possibly be a good thing, whatever excuses anyone finds.

  • It is wrong

    I think it's disgusting that someone would kill animals simply for their own enjoyment, and I really wish that sport hunting was outlawed. As for the 'hunting for food' aspect, I am not a vegetarian, but I see no point in killing your own food if you could just go to the grocery store like normal people. It's not necessary.

  • They are innocent!

    They haven't done anything to you. They are totally innocent! Yes they kill people, but at least they have a important reason! To defend their home and family. We just do it for fun! HOW IS THAT FUN! Animals have importance's to you now! Stop hunting the animals they're innocent!

  • Hunting is wrong

    It is terrible to kill something just because you can. Why would you ever want to harm an animal? I don't see how you could ever do that! What if another life form came to earth, would you want to be shot at and have to fear being murdered every day?

  • Would you hunt your dog?

    The sheer fact that someone is taking the life out of an animal to get a thrill out of it, is complete insanity. Why hunt an innocent animal that doesn't bother you, when there are hundreds of thousands of child molesters and rapists? I'm sure that they're slow, and would make for an easy kill, but you would be doing mankind a good deed.

  • Nothing right about it.

    One does not need to go out with a high powered rifle and shoot down animals for survival. There is nothing manly about using a gun or weapon to kill an animal and their meat is not needed for survival considering we have a new thing nowadays: a grocery store.

  • After season over.

    Its just wrong. Its wrong because you can only shoot or kill an animal in a limited amount-which why there are seasons and up to those seasons. I believe that that's why the gov.Probably passed a law about that.And also there's polices that sue those people when killing animals and putting them in a dangerous spot and a harmful spot to make wild animals come so they can shoot those wild animals. When the season is done ...Until next year.They just disobey law...Huh??? They just cant get it through those big skull of them....To not kill after season .That's why killing animals is wrong to do. In this reason.

  • It is an unnecessary practice.

    When farmers started hunting wolves to keep them from eating livestock, this great affected the ecosystem in a domino effect without the wolves.

    When you hunt deer or other species, you are affecting that ecosystem in an unnecessary way. Without the deer, invasive species are not eaten, and predators have no deer to eat.

    We do not need to hunt for our food anymore, and tricking and afterwards killing a deer is cruel and unusual. Yes it may be fun, but we are not necessarily allowed to practice things we always find fun.

    Death should not be a recreational activity, especially since it is unnecessary for the survival of humanity.

  • Hunting is not only wrong. It is sadistic.

    It used to be that hunting was required by humans for their food supply. That is clearly no longer the case. People only hunt for their entertainment. They call it a "sport". What is sporty about shooting at a defenseless animal at a great distance with a high-powered rifle equipped with a telescope? That is not a sport. That is killing for the pleasure of killing. And that clearly shows sadistic tendencies. The argument about "regulating population" is so bogus it is not even funny. Hunting is a sadistic occupation that is purely for the entertainment of some. And animals are the victims. Shame on you!

  • YES hunting is wrong and should be considered illegal.

    Hunting is bad for the environment and disturbs the population and nature cycle. More than 200 million animals are killed each year due to hunting. People who trophy-hunt often are careless and leave their kill wounded. The animal struggles for 15 minutes before dying. Also, 50% of the deer shot by a gun are killed. The horrible part is that some people kill ENDANGERED animals for merchandise. Elephant tusks, leopard skin, whale meat you name it. All these magnificent animals, which we can learn so much from by leaving them in the wild, are decreasing all over the world. Hunting is one of the oldest sports, but it's now getting out of hand. That's why I believe hunting should be banned.

  • Without hunting there would be overpopulation of rodents!

    If we do not hunt or kill animals we will not have food. Bottom line. And not everyone is going to become a vegetarian for all you yuppy peoples ego. I dont see why all of you dont want to kill animals they are at the bottom of the food chain it's meant to be. Its sad sometimes yes buts its life. As for getting hit with cars. Its not always people chasing them into the road it could be natural predators too.

  • Hunting animals for food is not wrong.

    Hunting animals for sport, however, is debatable. Inflicting excruciating pain on another living thing is disgusting, especially if that pain is in vain. Hunting to feed yourself and your family is one thing; killing an animal to acquire a decoration for your office and throwing away the rest is reprehensible.

  • Hunting is Perfect

    Hunting is the reason there is any animals in existence today. The reason is because hating helps stabilizes animal population so they don't overpopulate. If a species were to overpopulated it would use up all of its resources and when they run out they would all die. Those resources are shared by other species as well, so other species would be affected. Also haters spend thousand of dollars to harvest trophy animals an make them into beautiful artwork. Those dollars go Ito protecting the environment and for conservation efforts. Having amazing animals (even endangered) have a value being a possible trophy makes hunters want to pay money for that trophy. Also hunters use very ounce of meet and nothing goes to waste. I understand if hunting isn't your thing, but if your against it keep it to yourself.

  • People need food

    Some people don't have all the money you probaly have so they hunt to support there families and if people never hunted we all would get over populated with animals taking over the cities and they would and then kill crops that you need to survive. Some people don't have houses to live in and they cook the meat and use the fur for hide.

  • The level of ignorance in some of these comments is mind numbing!

    Hunting for food is not wrong when done ethically. Man has been hunting and gathering for hundreds of thousands of years. People in this day and age have become detached from where food comes from and have forgotten that man is a part of nature, not something separate from it. And that's not forget that in desperation the cabbage screams just as loud as the rabbit, we just can't hear it. This isn't a perfect world, but it is the only world we have. The best thing we can do is to try our best. The real problem we face is factory farming not hunting...

  • Epidemic of ignorance

    Most people think that hunting is wrong because we're hunting helpless, poor animals that cannot defend themselves. Oh really, I haven't seen a single wild animal capable of easily killing a human not being eager to do so. Second of all, overpopulation will eventually kill many animals. Of course, nobody likes being shot, but would you rather be shot once and die in a matter of seconds, or slowly starve, waste away and rot?

  • I do not believe hunting is wrong

    I believe hunting is okay as long as it is done correctly. I believe hunters should be well educated and experienced when hunting so that animals are not left wounded or wasted. I do defend hunting because I have grown up hunting with my family and friends. I enjoy hunting very much, and it isn't because I am killing another animal. I do not thrill or crave in ending another animals life. But I enjoy being in the outdoors and I have learned a lot from hunting. I know some people could be saying why don't you just go camping, well I do. I am not always hunting. I do use the meat, and I am grateful for it. I believe a hunter should be respectful while hunting to others around them and to the animals they hunt. Some may say well thats not respectful if your killing it. Well it is respectful as long as the animal is killed quickly and does not suffer or get away wounded and as long as the animal is used for its intended purpose.
    I believe that if an animal is endangered, or if there are too many abiotic factors such as drought, and winter kill and also biotic factors including roadkill, predators, hunters, poachers, and what ever else which are effecting that animal population to where it is endangered then they should not be hunted, or there should be some changes made in that area. I believe it should be managed correctly by government agencies, and that the laws must be obeyed.
    I am not a person who would say anti hunters or hunters should be killed, I think that is crazy how some anti hunters threaten to kill hunters, or pro-hunters, and how pro-hunters threaten to kill anti-hunters. I believe all of us need to get along, and figure out a solution. I know we can not all be happy. And yes this photograph with dogs is sad, I love dogs, I own two of them, and that isn't from hunting... What the heck. That photo shows abuse and irresponsible animal ownership.
    But anyhow I've said a lot. I hope you can understand my point of view, I do understand anti hunters points of view as well, I strive to look at everything with an open mind, and i hope you can understand that hunting is a past-time sport and should be a right to those who are responsible.

  • Hunting is heritage, hunting is life!

    Hunting is good for the environment. If there were too many deer they would eat ALL the food and they would die of starvation. BUT poaching is totally different poaching is wrong because they often kill too many. PLUS do eat beef? Cattle ranches often treat there cows liked trash. Fine, if you are one of those Muslim go up to a tiger, lion, jaguar, leopard, are you going to ask them to stop hunting? It is better to eat a animal that has lived his life of freedom and happiness and not some cow that is fed meat and has never walked in his life. SO HUNTING IS GOOD NOT BAD, YOU PEOPLE that say, "Oh animals are just like people and just as important and I will give up my life to protect a cute animal, but to hell bugs."

  • I don't hunt, never have, and it's not wrong.

    People saying yes, I have been debating this with myself for years, and there is NO WAY it's wrong. I am completely unbiased here. Some of the people saying yes, good lord look at yourselves. Calling them bad parents for bringing their kids along? Yeah, let's have the meat from the store where the poor animal got it's neck cut and left there to bleed to death, but have the nerve to attack those who are strong enough to look their prey in the face and kill it, then have the damn honor to thank for the opportunity to feed their families, and respect the damn animals enough to make sure they don't go to waste.

    Hunting for sport is just as bad as killing another human for no reason in my eyes on the other hand. It's terribly wrong. But hunting for food is fine, as long as you respect what you kill, make sure you do ALL you can do to end it's suffering as soon as the first shot is fired, and use the whole animal as best you can.

  • No Hunting is a very important part of conservation!

    I understand where people see how they may become extinct or endangered, In 1907, only 41,000 elk remained in North America. Thanks to the money and hard work invested by hunters to restore and conserve habitat, today there are more than 1 million. In 1900, only 500,000 whitetails remained. Thanks to conservation work spearheaded by hunters, today there are more than 32 million. In 1900, only 100,000 wild turkeys remained. Thanks to hunters, today there are over 7 million. In 1901, few ducks remained. Thanks to hunters’ efforts to restore and conserve wetlands, today there are more than 44 million. In 1950, only 12,000 pronghorn remained. Thanks to hunters, today there are more than 1.1 million. So if hunting is banned the populations may increase to uncontrollable numbers, making driving more dangerous. Also these animals may move into suburban areas disturbing everyday life.

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Anonymous says2013-05-10T20:05:17.987
Think about this:

How is hunting for food wrong, if humans trap animals in great numbers in small cages? And molest them? Let them have a horrible life?
Humans do need meat to live. Humans are omnivores. That means they eat everything that's organic. Do you know why?
It's not a choice for a human to be a omnivore. All humans are. And all humans need meat.
Now, caging animals in very bad conditions for food is worse than just hunting them for food?