• Well, kind of...

    I was scrolling down to the debates that this website, when I saw this debate that had 100% of people saying no. Now then, you ALL might ask why I said yes (or you might hate me for doing so), but hunting is not the solution to ALL of our hunger problems. We could just grow a farm or something, because MANY animals are becoming endangered/extinct because of what people are doing these days. People are KILLING HARMLESS ANIMALS FOR MONEY AND FOOD! Just grow crops, because if I have to DIE FIGHTING against an army of hunters to save a bunch of helpless animals, THEN SO BE IT!

  • Hunting is terribly wrong.

    Hunting shouldn't be limited,it should be banned entirely.I do not think animals as 'poor innocent harmless creatures ' as some of you might.Frankly I believe they are equals.You might say I should end up in a mental hospital for saying this,but that's what I believe in.Lets just pretend that the modern society of toady has gone backwards and upside down.Instead of us hunting the animals,the animals hunt us.And all we can do is sit and stare,praying that our turn won't come.If you think that is right then you have a serious problem.'We stop them from spreading diseases!' one might say.But if humans spread some kind of illness,we don't kill them don't we?We send them to hospitals in hope of them getting well.' But we care about our family!'.Care about YOUR family?Your already taking a mother from its offspring,or vice versa ,for sport or food you don't even need!And if we need to fight to stop hunting once and for all,we WILL do that.

  • Think in wild animals view

    How would you feel if some body comes and kill you and your family in certain season? Not good. Also it is more cheaper to buy the meat since to hunt, you need to buy gun and bullet. And I seriously doubt if that cost less then piece of steak. Only one who truly have right to hunt and eat wild animals are wild carnivores.

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  • It Helps Humans

    Without deer hunting the deer would over populate leading to them eating all animals and then possibly coming for us next. This is life threatening and if you think about it, we are also feeding our families. Think about it, do you want to have to be afraid of deer because there are too many of them and that they are the only animals that will be alive, or do you want to keep their population under control

  • Hunting is not bad

    I don't think hunting is bad. I mean i think its good. Its healthier, and cheaper. People think the more we kill they will all disappear. There wrong. That is why you have certain seasons for certain animals. If you don't know your facts, think before you speak. Its simply common sense. If you don't like it just do not comment or speak your mind. Its that easy. People have there opinions, and you have yours and that's the end of the story

  • "hunting is cruel" *idiotic guy says it*

    The people who say it's wrong dont even know about steaks, gyros and other meat products, so if some one ever says " it is wrong to hunt, it's cruel, and blah blah blah." they don't even know the half of it. But hunting does incurouge poaching, so don't just say "imma hunt a dear"

  • Hunting is far more ethical than farms.

    How is hunting worse than farms? With hunting, the animals live freely and have a chance to live, with farms they don't. People who are against hunting are usually ignorant and ill informed. I know countless people who are against hunting, but then are happy to buy a factory farmed big mac. It's the media making out that hunting is bad so that the greedy factory farmers can continue filling their wallets with your money. You are what you eat, so don't be a sheep.

  • No of course it's not bad.

    Hunting is nature. Humans hunt for food, and thousands of people rely on hunting to get their food. Hunting is a good thing. Animals hunt too, because they want to survive, it is survival of the strongest, that is just the way it is, the cycle of life. People always say that hunting is bad because you kill innocent animals. Those animals are not innocent because they also kill other animals. Hunting is natural and is a good thing that keeps people alive, and makes sure no amount of animals get overpopulated. And yes, some might argue we are killing all the species, but we are not. This is why there are hunting laws and season, and they will get stricter when more people start hunting. Also hunting is moral, the hunters have to sign a paper that says they will not make an animal suffer intentionally.

  • Deer hunt is a good thing

    When people hunt it gives them a chance to be free and be in control of things. Hunting my not be for you but it is a thing for other people. Why would you try and take a sport or hobby away from them. And if people didn't hunt then deer and other animals would be over populated. You would have a zoo in your back yard.

  • If we are bad for hunting, are all other predators bad?

    You are killing cute animals? But there are “cute” animals being killed everyday. "cute animals” like Polar bears, tigers, red pandas kill stuff like worms, seals and antelope . Then people hear about a local deer being killed and then they hate hunting. If you hate us, then hate Polar bears, tigers and red pandas.

  • No its not bad

    Hunting is very important for me and my family. The reason I say this is because I live on a ranch pretty deep in the Rocky Mountains where we raise cattle, chickens, horses, and grow crops. We can't just go to a grocery store every week because the nearest store is a two hour drive away, don't get me wrong we go to the grocery store every once and a while but we mostly obtain our food from our crops, some times our cattle, our chickens, and hunting. Now you may be thinking why would we have to hunt if we have cattle, crops, and chickens, we hunt because the cattle are our main source of income, same with our crops, we eat them but we can't live off of vegetables, so we hunt for a lot of our meat. Also the people who think that deer, elk, moose, and other mountain game will become endangered because of hunters you don't have to worry because on our ranch you can't even go two miles without running into some sort of elk, deer, and sometimes moose (moose are really dangerous by the way). Also elk, deer, and moose eat our crops and hay we grow for our cattle which doesn't help anyone but the moose, elk or deer. We use just about all of the animal and never waist it. So bear in mind that some people need to hunt to survive, although I am against poaching and hunting endangered animals, but that's a completely different topic. Thanks for reading this.

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