• It's too cruel

    Hunting animal is too merciless. Animals are human being's good friends. We should have harmonious relationships with them. Also, hunting animals will destroy ecology balance. If all the animals are dead, I think that the day of human being's death is also near. "Every one is fair and equal" Even animals.

  • Hunting is detrimental to the environment

    Hunting is detrimental to the environment because it affects the ecological pyramid. Animals, and plants are important chains in the food web as well as the carbon cycle. Man hunted down several animals and birds in the past which has led to mass extinction of several species. Unnecessary killing of wildlife needs to be controlled to save the environment.

  • It's Killing Innocent Animals

    I really don't support hunting because it's killing innocent animals. Those animals were put on this earth in order to keep the environment healthy and going, so I believe that we should stop killing so many animals and just let them live. If they're not hurting us and they're helping our environment, then they should stay free and safe.

  • Hunting is an inhumane and abhorrant act

    Hunting animals is a cruel and inhumane practice, and there's no reason that it needs to persist into the common era. In previous times, hunting was a necessity for staying alive and our ancestors made a point to use every part of the animal with gratitude. Hunting, as it exists today, is nothing more than a hobby for affluent men and it serves no environmental benefit.

  • One of the greatest detriment to wild animals is not regulated hunting.

    It is habitat destruction from logging, oil and gas development, road construction, cattle ranching, mining, and urban sprawl.
    Most regulated hunting pays for habitat conservation. Bambi lovers be dammed, you don't know from where you speak. I took over 600 lbs. Of moose meat to feed my family this winter, that is over 3000 dollars I saved, so my family would not have to eat hotdogs and KD.

  • No, so long as it's regulated.

    Hunting pays for the vast majority of conservation efforts and is one of the most efficient and most humane ways to regulate animal populations. White-tailed deer in the northeastern US, for example, are designed to lose a third of their population per year.

    And to say that hunting is cruel is ridiculous. Overpopulation leads to starvation, the spread of disease, and death by other predators (which tends to be slower and more painful).

  • No, its helpful

    Hunting is not detrimental to the environment. Hunting goes back thousands of years. It's how humans survived. There are times when hunting is extremely necessary. At times, deer can over populate areas. Hunting is a natural thing. Animals hunt other animals for food. Humans hunt animals for food. Why is this detrimental?

  • Hunting is an incredibly beneficial!!

    Hunting has been proven in multiple instances to not only save, but even help the environment and allow surrounding ecosystems flourish. Overpopulation is just as big a problem for animals as it is for us, and hunting is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy population of animals.

    There have been times in America's past where hunting has gone wrong *cough* hunting buffaloes to near extinction *cough* *cough.* BUT, as time has progressed the American government has been able to address these problems and use hunting to benefit our wildlife. There are now regulations and licenses required for specific game and seasons, making it safe and healthy for our environment. Not to mention, all profits from licenses go straight back into our ecosystems.

    Through strict monitoring and proper education, hunting is now better than ever for our wildlife. While you may not agree with killing animals, you cant deny the fact that hunting is saving our environment.

  • Hunting Establishes Balance.

    Hunting for sport is jacked' up, let's just get a bunch of people with guns hyped on killing things! WOOO!
    Hunting for good eats is natural. We are the population control of many species.
    Hunting is not inhumane, we are omnivores! Humans have always killed and eaten game!
    Stopping hunting would be worse than doing it more.

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