• It is as true as human being.

    Is easily to just say your opinion rather than research a little while about it. In my life I got the chance to see what hypnosis is about and it's impact. It still surprise me to see that although hypnotherapy is way more quick, easy and a long term treatment people still believe that is not true. Well ladies and gents if you want to truly find the answer I advice you to visit a hypnotist and you'll change your opinions for sure (it has been proved in many researchers just have a look on internet). And about being conscious or not it really depends of each person's susceptibility to hypnotist but mainly a hypnotist CANNOT force anyone to do a thing unless that person wants.

    Posted by: mr27
  • S s s

    I think this is real because Anthony Teehee told me so. Be is a box which is a car that can fly when say bye inraknfkwa whwa jfbrn jenen hernr rjebne hi you are a box that can fly. Teach me how hhehh d d d d d d d

  • Yes, but not as depicted in media

    Hypnosis is a real psychological subject. Hypnosis is just a fancy word for being in a super suggestive state of mind. People who believe hypnosis is fake are those who simply do not understand it. It's not magic, it's psychology. Hypnosis does not work on everyone. The power of hypnosis lies in the subject being hypnotized. If you "fight" it, it won't work. However, for those who are suggestive and get easily attached to books/movies/games, are those who are most likely to be hypnotized. You can make the person do things like forget their name, sense the smell of bananas, or in some highly suggestive people, not "see" a certain color. However, you won't be able to make them do something they feel is morally wrong, like eat a baby with a spoon or something.
    It's really a shame many people pass it off as fake

  • Hypnosis is real.

    When you really look at it hypnosis can be considered real.It is simply a way to open the mind and hypnosis is real if the subject is open and the person doing the hypnosis really knows what goes into the process.If the subject is not open to the process then hypnosis can not really take place.

  • It depends on the person.

    I have heard that hypnosis works for people who are trying to quit smoking who want something changed in their lives. Some people can be hypnotized and some other people cannot. I have never been hypnotized before, but that doesn't mean that it can not be done. From what I've heard, hypnosis is not like in the movies.

  • Happens all the time.

    Hypnosis is real. You really can put someone under a hypnotic trance or lull them into a very suggestible state. Psychologists and experts can put certain people under a hypnotic "spell" and suggest to them ideas or actions. Not everyone can be put under hypnosis, but it is a very real phenomenon for some people.

  • Yes, But Not For Everybody

    It really depends on the person undergoing hypnosis. It works for some people. It has worked as a smoke cessation tactic and as a formal of therapy. However, it does not work for everybody, and no therapy option is every going to work for everybody. It also does not work like the way the entertainment industry portrays it.

    Posted by: rpr
  • Nah it cant be

    No way man this thing must be fake think about all those moveis and stuff like it cant be real so it must be fake and all the scientists are lying to us becaue they think werre dumb but we arent we are probably way smarter then them since they think we dont know better

  • That is preposterous!

    Come on now! That is insanely stupid to believe! I don't get how some believe that someone can control your brain so easily and can also manipulate your will and make you say what they want you to say! Even most people in medieval times didn't believe this shit was real.

  • Fake and dumb

    Hypnosis, otherwise known as acting is a commonly held practice in places like Sri Lanka. These acts are held only for pure entertainment and to trick those that actually might believe in it. It is not real as one cannot push others to do something in such a ridiculous manner like with a snap and a flick.

  • What's The Whole Point?

    Think: You cannot really tell if the person who is being hypnotized is actually hypnotized. You never know, they could be acting. As of now, until someone invents a way to tell whether the person is lying about being hypnotized, it FAKE. I get it, its cool in movies, but in reality, there is really NO POINT.

  • No its not real

    It is not real nobody can get hypnotized unless they cant think correctly. The human brain can not get tricked so hard that It will not know or have second thought about what its doing. We are the smartest beings on the planet. We cant get confused by seeing a spinning ball. This is not a thing that can happen this is a untrue fact that shouldn't happen and it wont.

  • Seen a few, all are fake.

    I've been offered to be hypnotized, went in with an open mind and tried my best to believe it. Didn't work. Asked my psychology professor about it, and he said the flat out truth: it's only done in a crowd because it's for entertainment purposes, and alone in an office for a placebo reason. In crowds, you're under a "spell" of realization that you can look as silly as you want and just pawn it off on something a majority of the ignorant world believes in. If hypnosis worked, we wouldn't have smokers, bald or fat people, and the people who would learn how would have to go through schooling and achieve standards like in any medical practice. They don't
    They're a step above clowns.

  • Of course not.

    If you could truly control/influence people like that, criminals would use it on a large scale for crimes or financial gain (other than stage entertainment.) It's just ridiculous. I'm guessing the people who swear by it have never had someone try to hypnotize them. Or, they do what they are told while 'hypnotized' because they really really want it to be real. Simple as that.

  • It's all about the social influence theory.

    I believe that the subjects undergoing hypnosis are susceptible to the tasks said by the hypnotist. Such as, "There is no chair in this room." and that they'll believe that there really is no chair, even though they're probably standing right beside it, yet when the chair is placed in their way, they walk around it. So obviously they do see the chair. In some way, I do think people can perform acts that they normally wouldn't when induced by someone with authority, but it's the hypnotist's ideas that make them perform the task. I think the subject is fully conscious. Just like Theodore Barber said, "The hypnotist's ideas become the subject's thoughts, and the subject's thoughts produce the hypnotic experiences and behaviors." It's all social influence. I'm not saying that the subject is "faking" any of it, but they believe it to happen, so it happens. But if you tell them that they are being gullible, they become unresponsive. I think that if a subject was told that they were being hypnotized, the subject would believe it. It's all about the social influence theory. If the subject was told to put their arm in a cold ice bath, the subject would ignore the pain from the coldness because the subject was so caught up in being "hypnotized." The subject's play the role of the "good subject" and do as they are told.

  • No, can be explained.

    There is no evidence that hypnosis works exactly the way it is claimed. There is usually always some sort of "willingness" to believe from the patient and their participation dictates the outcome. If hypnosis were real, we would be using some sort of version of this for mind control in the military or for prisoner rehabilitation etc. The U.S. Has spent billions researching supernatural claims or phenomena and has landed nowhere. Fortunately science doesn't depend on "people's experiences" in order to prove a claim to be true. It must have objective evidence and be repeatably tested. Unfortunately, hypnosis just doesn't make the cut.

  • Not in the magical sense.

    Hypnosis is not real in terms of it being some sort of magical control over another person's mind. However, some people are naturally suggestible and have very weak minds. It may be possible to use certain techniques to convince them of specific ideas or to suggest they take specific actions. That may account for what we call hypnosis.

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