Is hypocrisy the greatest threat to human societies?

Asked by: Karadra
  • Hypocrisy is the starting point

    Some would call me controversial to suggesting that hypocrisy is worse than rape, but the fact is that hypocrisy has lead to more people's death than rape ever has. Looking at the quantity of things right now. But I would also argue that more immoral things has happen due hypocrisy than rape, murder, torture etc etc. We shall also not forget that hypocrisy is the starting point for act such as rape, abuse, stealing etc.
    So personally I believe that double standards are the biggest cancer to human society.

  • It depends on what you are calling "hypocrisy"

    Sometimes what people call "hypocrisy" is just "making a reasonable exception". However, when exceptions are being made based on "but I'm the king" or "because I say so" or "because I have money" then that's bad. When exceptions are made for logical reasons AND when the exceptions are applied consistently (unless you have logical reasons for an exception to the exception) then it can be right, because things are rarely as simple as "go by X rule all the time and everything will work out great", there are bound to be circumstances where X rule doesn't work.

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