Is "I/We didn't ask to be born/put here." a valid argument to defend suicide?

Asked by: Eqcuis
  • Well yeah, kinda

    It is as valid as any other personal decision or way of behaving that has an impact on others, such as drug abuse etc.
    We were given our responsibilities to others and morals when we were born. None of us got to actually choose to carry those responsibilities or to abide to those socially accepted morals/norms. We were just expected to go along with it.

    In other words, I think the given argument is techically a valid excuse, but it doesn't justify the act itself as we are conscious beings. (still assuming that you're harming others by doing so)

  • You should be able to "opt out"

    If you're an adult of sound mind and wish to undo your parents' drunken mistake, there's no logical reason why you shouldn't be able to. If anything, those who created you should do a short prison term for making you exist and subsequently have to experience death just to undo their mistake.

  • Yes, although the premise is flawed

    The basic premise of the poll has a major flaw in it because it implies that suicide is an action that needs to be defended. Suicide is a person voluntarily choosing to end their own life. In a free society that action is the right of every sentient being if they wish to make it, therefore it does not need to be defended any more than choosing to exercise any other right such as free speech or voting.

    That said, the question's natural progression of "I didn't ask to be put here, BUT now that I am I will make my own determination" seems pretty logical to me (again, assuming we're talking about a free society).

  • Selfish? Really, that's just sad.

    Yes wanting to kill yourself is a mental issue. It's called depression and I don't really think people understand what that feels like. Let me give you an enlightening on it, for some people depression feels so tiring and heavy that they can't do anything without feeling physically and mentally drained, for others, its like waking up every morning and wishing you had died in your sleep. None of us get to choose where we're born. The real selfish part is that those who are privileged think only about who the victim leaves behind rather than the actual victim. Do you seriously understand what's going on in the mind of the victim? The worst thing you can do to a victim is blame them for what happened. "If your life sucks make it better". That's like telling a person who's suffering from depression to just be happy. As if it was that easy. "Don't blame others." Yes I'm just going to kill myself but I'm not blaming the bullies who put my life through a living hell, I'm not going to blame my parents who beat and abused me, etc. Yup, the reason I'm killing myself is not because them. Not asking to be born here is a perfectly valid argument. You're just looking at the problem from one point of view if you actually blame the victim.

  • I agree fuck life

    Like seriously I did not ask for any of this s***, why do I have to participate in f***** up Society, this s*** is flawed, I don't want any part of it and I'm tired of waking up and going to work everyday..... I do not want to do this anymore let me off this ride

  • Why the hell not?

    Sure thing. You have the right to live or die. If your life is shitty, and you're in so much pain you want to die, it's not even close to selfish. Sure, their friends and family would be sad... If they even have friends + family. But they're gonna die one day anyways. Even better if they think it's what's best for them, and they choose the way they die, and when. None of us asked to be born and some of us actually mean it when they say they wish they weren't.

  • Just an excuse.

    Instead of blaming others for your life, try taking responsibility for once. If your life sucks, make it better.
    Look, if those were valid arguments, then everyone should commit suicide. After all, nobody ever asked to be born.
    Personally, I don't care if you or anyone else commits suicide. In fact, I wish some people would. Just don't blame others for your death when it was your decision to die.

  • Suicide more like selfish.

    I'm a firm believer of people that kill them self's have mental issues this could be for a variety of things and problems they have in life but at end of the day your thoughts are to kill your self so its a mental issue because its not normal to want to kill your self do we all agree on that right ? I also think it is selfish not because its your life and you can do what you because here is the major thing its because of people you leave behind that cared about you and you did not seek enough help you always hear oh if only I could of said something or done something or new about it but no the person that kills them self never talks or confronts they problem they act selfishly thinking they have nothing to live for.

  • It is not a valid excuse, though this does not make suicide less of an option, should one choose as much.

    I have attempted to commit suicide 4 times; I never did it, obviously, but that doesn't change the fact that I speak from experience when I make this statement, and it is not meant to be insensitive to those who are considering it. I don't believe that suicide is selfish or cowardly, to the extent that, the choice of the individual is the choice of the individual; at the end of the day, it is your life, and whatever you choose to do with it, is what you choose to do with it. You do not live for anyone but yourself, even if you believe that you do in fact live for others; that's your meaning, but with you ultimately having no purpose, you are not bound to any particular responsibility that you may've taken up while conceding meaning within your life. Never once during my suicidal trips did ever utter the words, "I didn't ask to be born here," mostly because it's a given--no one asked to be born here; and more than this, it seemed counter productive, and in fact, sort of gave me an out to suicide. If I didn't ask to be born here, yet I was, either I'm a special snowflake (not), or I've been given a certain amount of time to do something. It's a matter of wasting an opportunity. To say that you didn't ask to be born here is surrendering what you do have control over, and in this sense, suicide might be seen as a weak move. We don't have any more control over what sex we are born, what eye color we have, what hair color we have, what race we are born into; there are a lot of things to whine about, but that doesn't make one's reason to live any less valid, including your own.

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Gareth_BM says2016-07-05T19:01:02.750
As a moral argument or a practical one?
Gareth_BM says2016-07-05T19:01:17.787
As a moral argument or a practical one?