• Just look at his eyes.

    A person can get lost in his eyes forever and ever! He may not be everyone's cup of tea but he is still extremely attractive! He is a fantastic actor...And he cares about the environment as well all animals. He is always very modest in his interviews. Once again look at his eyes...I mean really he is a work of art! ;)

  • Ian Somerhalder is, and will remain the hottest male actor. Period.

    Ian has the power to dominate people over the world with his azuring light blue eyes. I mean, which girl's is silly enough to not fall for that? He has over 3 million of what you call 'Somerholics' fans which voted for him as the Hottest Male Actor for TCA's. Beat that, suckers.

  • Yes he is.

    Ian is a very talented actor. He portrays all of his characters extremely well and always tries to make them the most interesting as possible. He loves his fans and is a generally nice, down to earth kind of guy. He cares about environment and has created the Ian Somerhalder Foundation to support and keep the environment clean.

  • What the f*ck is a "male actress"?

    Whatever it is, I can assure you that this Ian Somerhalder is not the hottest among them. There are plenty of hot male actors (and presumably actresses as well) who are, in my opinion, hotter than Somerhalder. If we were to be more objective about this, I suppose we could hold a poll and cast votes, but I would bet a sh*t ton of money that someone else would get the plurality vote, male actress or not.

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