• What? how is this even a question?

    How is this even a question? In what context could ignorance possibly be moral? Without ignorance, we would have no racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, neo-nazis, anti-semitism, or facism. How much better would any society be without those things? How can one be open minded if one is also ignorant to facts?

  • What if they were your family>

    A small child giggles as he explores the playground, his green hat shields his face from the burning sun. A young girl skips through the lively town, late to her sister’s birthday party she takes short cut down a side street. The sun falls, and hearts sink. “Where were his parents” they yell, blaming the ones who grieve, as the crime is forgotten in their cries. No one knows of what happened to her, she died screaming, as the ones who heard blocked their ears. A girl stands awaiting the arrival of her sister, and a green hat lies abandoned on the grass.

  • Ignorance is not moral.

    People can claim ignorance, but morality has nothing to do with it. Ignorance is a state of mind. It is not knowing right from wrong. It deals with people who are mentally handicapped, but it is not a moral issue. Morality is a way you handle yourself with dignity. It deals with right and wrong.

  • Not If It Is Willful.

    If you purposefully remain ignorant, than you are not being moral. Ignorance is the basis for most racist, sexist, or prejudiced thinking. Bigots are often ignorant about other people and other cultures. In today's society where you can learn more and open your mind, those who choose not to are being immoral by choosing to remain ignorant and bigoted.

  • No, ignorance is not moral.

    No, I do not believe that ignorance is moral and that we as people and a society should be trying to lessen ignorance. Living in a perpetual state of ignorance means that you are ignoring ways to better yourself, possibly even intellectually, and that a known sense of ignorance should therefore be seen as not moral.

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