• Definitely, especially if it's not really your problem.

    Sometimes just temporarily. But most of the time, yes it is. If you know how you are going to die, you will sweat bullets thinking about it. You will become paranoid. If you know that your favorite family member has cancer and is going to die tomorrow, you will be burdened by negative emotions. If you completely forgot about this person, you have nothing to worry about, provided you will never recall them ever again. It's just strange that you will have negative emotions for something you didn't even need to know and can do nothing about. Also that having more knowledge punishes you with burdening emotions.

  • I strongly, easily agree yes, but of course there are some exceptions

    From personal experiences, I can draw the stubborn conclusion of mine that ignorance IS bliss. However, sometimes it can hurt you more when you don't know something. If one does not know something about a stressful topic at all, it can hurt them much worse later in life in some cases.

  • Ignorance Is Bliss

    There is nothing known in this world superior to knowing nothing at all. After all, when were we all happiest? As young children with no knowledge of the horrors of the outside world. Lacking fundamental knowledge of hairy situations leaves us to believe that these situations do not exist at all, creating a flawless utopian world in which poverty stricken societies do not plague the Earth.

  • It must be easier.

    Yes, ignorance is really bliss, because it must be nice to not have to worry about things that you don't know exist. A person who doesn't know won't spend any time being stressed out about it. Although things might end up worse for the person who doesn't plan, until things implode they are happier.

  • If you don't know about something, you are perfectly happy.

    The things that make us upset in this world are so commonly avoided. What if we just didn't know about them at all? What if we were ignorant to their existence? We would completely avoid anger and upsetting natures and lead a life of happiness. Ignorance of the wrong in this world is absolutely bliss.

  • For Some It Is

    I believe ignorance can be bliss for those in situations where they don't actually have to do anything. I think this works for some people, but for the majority of us, it doesn't matter how ignorant we are, we still have to figure things out for ourselves. All I can say is I'm glad I'm not ignorant.

  • Ignorance is not bliss

    People need to have freedom of choice, emotions, and experience. With happiness there becomes pain, and that’s why people need to face obstacles through their life. Having th freedom of what to do comes many ups and a few downs that every person should face. Deciding things for yourself will strengthen yorderour behavior towards yourself and others. In order to be successful at something that you like to do, you need to be able to problem solve with the things that are thrown at you. Also, in order be truly blissful you have to feel emotions. It may be hard to deal with some ones death or a bad grade on a test. But having th emotions to feel pain comes with th emotions to feel happiness. Once someone dies it could take months and even years to fully recover but even getting the smallest compliment could make your day. Therefore, emotions comes with pros and cons but your the only one that can make you sad, hurt, or happy. Lastly, ignorance isn’t bliss because people need to experience things. If you are living in a perfect world and even just the smallest thing goes wrong, it could turn your whole community into chaos. Experience gives you the knowledge you need to go places in life and the education to gain information. If something burns you, you know that pouring water on it will stop anyone from getting hurt. But if your ignorant and it begins to rain, or if you see something new like the color red it could cause a whole act of stress and confusion. You will never be able to experience fun times dancing in the rain or the creative colors of being an artist. In conclusion ignorance isn’t bliss because people need freedom of choice, emotions, and experience.

  • Ignorance is not really bliss.

    Ignorance is not really bliss. While being Ignorant of the world around you may reduce the amount of anxiety or worry that you have, it is not truly a form of bliss because if you are in danger and not know it, you may feel safe but when the danger strikes you will be aware of it and not knowing what caused a disruption will make your life even more difficult to live.

  • Not at all

    No, I do not think that you could ever call ignorance bliss. I think that people are a lot better off if they know a whole lot about what is happening, so they know if they are getting cheated out of anything that could make their life a bit happier.

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