Is ignoring a friend who betrayed you better than talking him out?

Asked by: Regera
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  • Communication is Key

    Ignoring one person doesn't solve the problem, but more of pushes it away. Communication is very important to the human mind to allow us to speak with each other and to fully understand. If you ignore your betrayal then what will that solve? Do you know why they betrayed you? Could there be a reason behind it? Did they mean it? You see if we are quick to judge and ignore them, then you may have lost a friend that was not meant to be lost. Communicating with the betrayer will allow you to get info on why they did it, and fully give you their side of the story. Now doesn't that sound better then ignoring them without knowing their side? Besides what will you learn if you continue to ignore. Communication has been used less and less in the world. But i believe that if you communicate with the betrayal and gather information then maybe your can decide what to do.

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