Is Illegal Immigration an Economic Burden to America?

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  • Illegal immigration is not an economic burden to America.

    Most economists state that whether immigrants are legal or illegal, they still benefit the United States economy. Also, with more competition between workers, businesses in America earn a benefit. Also, it has been proven that in states with more illegal immigrants than other states, skilled workers earn more money because they work for a longer time.

  • The education of our children are negatively impacted, for we are required to provide accommodations to those children that fail to speak the language.

    When I attended high school, we had a large population of students who didn't even know English and openly admitted that they didn't have citizenship. Because they were unable to sit in the same classroom with the English speaking public, the school had to use additional resources to hire teachers that could accommodate these students. As a result, resources became so tight, to the point many of the English speaking students were forced into these non- English speaking classes, for the school couldn't afford an additional teacher. The list goes on an on in many of our government services.

  • Illegal Immigrants Sap Taxpayer Money

    Illegal immigrants sap public resources such as schools, welfare, food stamps and public housing while they pay no income taxes to support these services. Although illegal immigrants pay sales taxes on items they buy and sell, these people take away jobs from hard-working Americans and are a burden on the welfare system. Plus, it costs even more taxpayer money to deal with this influx of illegal immigrants.

  • Economy is booming

    Even though they are illegal they greatly increase the economy, in 2016 illegal immigrants brought in $11.64 billion dollars and it has been increasing ever since. When they take a job, it causes said business to open a new one creating more money for the economy and giving another job. Thank you😏

  • No it is not.

    Although some illegal immigrants get government support when they enter the country the do not do it more than the average citizen or legal immigrant. Also, most illegal immigrants are working. Even if what they are doing is not legal, they do find some kind of work and contribute to the economy.

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