• Illegal immigration is a big issue!

    Our nation is in serious financial trouble, so abiding by the federal laws that are already in place would help our economy. Illegal immigrants are working without paying taxes, using government funds such as food stamps and sooner care, and they are using up some of our natural resources. My grandmother arrived in the United States in July of 1946 from Ireland, legally. She hates that people are allowed to come illegally and get away with it!

  • Immigration is Still An Issue

    Illegal immigration in America is still a very big issue. Many people do not like that people are in this country illegally. They feel as if they are invading the country and taking up resources without citizenship. Others are unsatisfied with the way America handles the process of getting people to become citizens.

  • Of course it is an issue

    Illegal immigration is still an issue and will ALWAYS be an issue. When illegal immigrant come to this nation and take entitlements that are meant for citizens, they are basically stealing since they did not pay into that entitlement program. Every day, illegal immigrants enter the United States and threaten our security and take entitlements.

  • No, it is still an issue

    Illegal immigration is going to be an issue for a very long time, at least until we get our policies straight in this country. I'm not sure what else to say about this--until people stop trying to come here illegally, there won't be an end to this issue. Hopefully we will be able to get this take care of soon.

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